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Takes well to shearing. Withstands heavy snow. These fast-growing shade trees bear golden-yellow foliage in autumn and have an attractive bark. Full Sun-Part Sun | Zones 7-9 | 4-6’H x 4-6’W. Head over to Pretty Purple Door's Facebook page to share your thoughts! You may also be interested in checking out more of my favorite evergreen shrubs, great privacy picks for narrow evergreen trees or even more deciduous shrubs with a medium stature. Summers are backing hot and winters really cold made worse by strong winds. Most pine trees (Pinus spp.) Item #6548 Excellent Windbreak, Juniperus scopulorum 'Medora' First identify your goals. What could I plant as a short shrub or a strong cover crop to fill that area but not take over my perennial border next to it? Stand by! Sunny yellow new growth matures to chartreuse and bright green transitioning in winter to glowing orange. No plants are truly deer proof, but among the more deer-resistant hardy evergreens are Junipers. Fast to 20 ft. tall and 6 ft. wide; to 30 ft. tall with age. David Beaulieu. What’s your favorite? Zone: 5 – 8 Lustrous, dark-green, puckered leaves and early spring pink buds that open to lightly fragrant, creamy white flowers. 5 year transplants $49.00 ea Whenever you connect with nature, connect with us! Windscreen? We’re here to help! Meanwhile, West Coast gardeners swear by the plant's landscape versatility, too. Zone: 4 – 8. Two exceptions are the Swiss mountain pine (P. mugo) and the white pine (P. strobus). It can reach up to 20 feet high. Moderate growing up to 15 ft. tall and 6 ft. wide; larger with age. Item #7281 Year-Round Interest, Thuja occidentalis 'Art Boe' Plant Patent #22,174 Fir trees are evergreen conifer trees that are native to mountainous regions of Europe, Asia, North America, and North Africa. Thank you! River birches can be grown across a wider swath of zones in temperate regions than can paper birches, which are less heat-tolerant. The white pine is fast growing and prefers full sun, although it will tolerate light shade. Golden leaf tips of the pyramidal shaped ‘Sunkist’ Arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis ‘Sunkist’) absolutely glows in the landscape. North Carolina State University: Tree Index, Tree Care & Design: Best Privacy Screen Trees and Shrubs; Arbor Day Foundation; February 2011. Hello! ‘Little Red’ can be grown in full sun or partial shade and all hollies like well-drained soil with an acidic pH. Item #40698 Dramatic Foliage Color, Thuja occidentalis 'Yellow Ribbon' I dig roots about 3 days a week and if I miss a week due to other yard responsibilities there is a host again. Evergreen trees keep their foliage year round.Deciduous trees' leaves change color in autumn and then fall off, leaving bare branches until spring. You might also check out this companion post for more […]. Hi! Photosynthesis, the process in which plants use sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water to oxygen and sugars, occurs in leaves.In evergreens, this process continues all year. The fallen petals create a beautiful blanket beneath the dark green glossy evergreen foliage on this perfectly medium-sized bush. Dwarf Mountain Pine (Pinus mugo var. This variety can be shaped into a perfect hedge. […] more tips and ideas regarding hedge plants for privacy: Zone: 3 – 7 and Zone 8 – […]. Prized for its brilliant, silver-blue foliage, use for large-scale screening or a serious windbreak. Spread more holiday cheer with these beautiful plants that can move from indoors to outdoors and in again, year after year. Wow. I live on the coast of NC. Before writing, she worked for several years as an English and special education teacher. What would you recommend? A short and stout variety, October Magic Ruby grows a bit wider than it does high. Item #7505 Excellent Winter Hardiness, Thuja occidentalis 'Starkie's Gold' That 5-6 foot size is the “sweet spot” for evergreen shrubs in the home landscape. This gardenia makes a nice hedge or specimen shrub. ‘Burford’ can be grown in full sun or partial shade and all hollies like well-drained soil with an acidic pH. Narrow evergreen trees are a must if you want privacy and year-round interest in a small garden or side yard. Tall, thick, and dense evergreen shrubs on the other hand, also provide that sense of solitude, but do so with a leafy-whisper. —Justin, Monrovia Horticultural Craftsman, I am looking for the best eveergreen shrub/tree in an area that does freeze in the winter. October Magic Ruby Camellia sasanqua (Camellia sasanqua ‘Green 02-003’) flowers heavily in fall opening small, Christmas-red, fully double blossoms. It has large, purplish-pink to white flowers. This tough evergreen tolerates salt, cold winters and even drought (once established). Slow growing, about 1 - 3" per year to a mature height of 8 feet; spread to 4 feet. Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! ), When you need a hardy, tall hedge and you need it fast, there are few choices better than this durable, handsome conifer. are a diverse species that may be deciduous or evergreen. Quickly reaches up to 30 ft. tall and 10 ft. wide. We us Leland Cyprus as it grows very quickly every year and is a great bordering tree. How fast do boxwood grow and how big do they get? Combine it with other evergreens to create a living tapestry of year-round color. Also, many communities have height restrictions for hedges as they do for fences. The side adjacent to his driveway has a small incline. The arbo vitae, north pole , which I am interested in . Up to 6 ft. tall and wide. Thanks again for your time and consideration. Dwarf Burford Holly (Ilex cornuta ‘Burfordii Nana’) grows to a perfect 4-6′ high and wide in full or part sun. are coniferous shrubs with berrylike cones. Lots of privacy? I don’t see the Leland Cyprus in your list or am I missing it as you might be using its scientific name. This perfectly medium sized evergreen looks great in foundation plantings or as a hedge. Discover new plants and design ideas for your garden, 817 E. Monrovia Place Azusa, California 91702-1385. Hi Monrovia, Here then are ten excellent tall shrubs to consider when landscaping for privacy. Quick Tip: If you like the Sunkist Arborvitae you may want to check out more narrow trees for small yards that pack a punch! This hardy evergreen shrub has rich, deep green foliage on a dense upright to rounded plant. I hope I’ve uncovered some really great options for the illusive medium-sized 5-6 foot evergreen shrubs that you can use in your landscape. The Canadian Yew (T. Canadensis) is a slightly smaller variety that grows only to 6 feet in height. Please visit my site policies for more information. It has shown an invasive tendency in some areas. Rich-green glossy leaves are decorated with bright red berries in fall and winter, and it needs no male plant to produce a full crop that brings color to the holiday season. Hey, since you're already signed up for my emails, you may be interested in my. pumilio), Sweet Tea Gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides ‘PIIGA-II’), August Beauty Gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides), ‘Valley Valentine’ Lily of the Valley (Pieris japonica ‘Valley Valentine’), ‘Sunkist’ Arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis ‘Sunkist’), Maney Juniper (Juniperus chinensis ‘Maneyi’), Dwarf Burford Holly (Ilex cornuta ‘Burfordii Nana’), Little Goblin® Red Holly (Ilex x ‘Little Red’). Full Sun-Part Sun | Zones 7-8 | 3-5’H x 3-5’W. 5-6 foot evergreen shrubs for your landscape, Last updated Jul 24, 2020 | Published on May 9, 2020. Sets bright berries without a male pollenizer. All Rights Reserved. Moderate growing up to 25 ft. tall and 8 ft. wide. It’s always a good idea to check with your city for guidelines. One of the hardiest and most dependable rhodies, is both sun and shade tolerant, but thrives as an understory shrub in dappled sun. Quickly reaches 10 ft. tall and 8 ft. wide. Full Sun-Part Sun | Zones 3-8 | 4-5’H x 5-6’W. Drought-Tolerant Trees For Zone 5 & 6. Up to 30 ft. tall and 4 ft. wide. This evergreen produces attractive red berries and has a moderate growth rate. First Editions Sweet Tea Gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides ‘PIIGA-II’) unfurls tennis ball size double blooms on a medium-sized evergreen shrub! Although it’s a bit taller than some of the other evergreen shrub options, Mountain Pine (aka Mugo Pine) is still compact enough to fit in a home landscape while adding some height and interest to the planting scheme.

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