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Vegetable oil, 2 Mix into a smooth consistency with a whisk; Melt a 1/4 cup of coconut oil in a non stick frying pan on medium heat. Let me know you like them. Others in the family have tried, but they just don't come out the … Spoon some of the batter into the frying pan and fill the pan with spoons of batter (don’t overcrowd). DIRECTIONS. Hi, I’m Tanya, attorney, busy wife and mom, and lover of quick, easy, and delicious meals. Add the remaining ingredients until the consistency is thick enough that it drops slowly of a spoon. Posted on Published: July 3, 2019 Categories Breakfast, Caribbean. I know it’s not traditional but it sounds like such a good combination! If it is too thick, it will be too airy, like pancakes. Add sugar, vanilla, milk, salt, and flour and mix until the "batter" just barely runs off of the spoon (just a little thinner than the consistency of pancake batter). Lose weight by tracking your caloric intake quickly and easily. Add oil to a 10 inch skillet over medium-high heat. We then sprinkle these over any fritters before eating or sending a plate to our neighbors. Per 1 fritter - Calories: 54kcal | Fat: 3.20g | Carbs: 5.46g | Protein: 0.88g, Per 2 fritters with syrup - Calories: 297kcal | Fat: 9.03g | Carbs: 48.00g | Protein: 4.50g, Per 1 medium - Calories: 105kcal | Fat: 0.39g | Carbs: 26.95g | Protein: 1.29g, Per 1 fruit - Calories: 65kcal | Fat: 0.24g | Carbs: 16.67g | Protein: 0.80g, Per 1 cup - Calories: 177kcal | Fat: 0.36g | Carbs: 39.48g | Protein: 6.42g, Per 1 piece (1/12 of 10" dia) - Calories: 323kcal | Fat: 7.85g | Carbs: 61.06g | Protein: 3.74g, Per 1 cup - Calories: 218kcal | Fat: 0.81g | Carbs: 55.96g | Protein: 2.67g, Per 1 banana - Calories: 163kcal | Fat: 0.47g | Carbs: 41.78g | Protein: 1.56g, Per 1 cup - Calories: 175kcal | Fat: 0.30g | Carbs: 44.98g | Protein: 0.95g, Per 1 slice - Calories: 158kcal | Fat: 4.82g | Carbs: 27.03g | Protein: 2.29g, If you can't find the item you're looking for, please help out by, Puerto Rican Style Bread Fritters (Torrejas, Galician Fritters), Heaven Strawberry Waffle Cone Light Ice Cream. I lost it, now I remembered today, what I could do with my ripe bananas Wheat flour, 4 banana fritters, 58 gram. No-bake triple chocolate mousse plumcake: chocolaty and decadent! Generic. 10.2 g My wife who don't like banana in cakes ate up most of the fritters. Everyone enjoyed the chicken, even if I probably made it less hot than it should be… a real treat that I served with some rice and beans. Copyright © 2020 My Forking Life | Trellis Framework by Mediavine. This recipe of Jamaican banana fritters is quite unique and versatile as it is a cross between the doughnuts and pancakes. Try these out: I had 3 huge bananas that were going off and had to eat all three. Homemade. Every Saturday morning there was Beres Hammond or Bob Marley playing in the house as we cleaned and if we children were good, mom made us these delicious fritters. Growing up in a Jamaican household has its perks. If using a cast iron skillet, reduce heat to medium rather than medium high. Smash them with a fork until they start to get somewhat runny. ( Log Out /  Repeat with the remaining batter. a member? in. Homemade. Let me know you like them. Cinnamon, 2 Add brown sugar, vanilla, extract, cinnamon, nutmeg and a pinch of salt. Plus, it's a great way to get dh and the kids to eat a fruit! Your batter should not be too thick or thin but should flow easily off a spoon. Log In. The fritters should be a medium-brown color, not light and not burnt. thanks, !! salt fish fritters. Whisk it all up until the ingredients are well blended. The riper your bananas are, the sweeter your fritters will be. My Ma (grandma) has been making these banana fritters for me all my life and she's never given the recipe out to any one but me! Add the mashed banana, egg yolks, nutmeg, cinnamon, powdered sugar, honey, and salt in a bowl. 3 %. Please enable javascript to get the best experience on Eat This Much. Total Carbohydrate 2 medium (7" to 7-7/8" long) Banana 1 cup Wheat flour 4 tbsp Sugar 1/8 tsp Baking soda 1/4 tsp Salt 1/8 tsp Cinnamon 2 tbsp Reduced fat milk 1 tbsp Vegetable oil 2 tbsp Maple syrups Nutrition 276.0 calories 57.0 grams carbs 4.2 grams fat 4.1 grams protein 2.4 grams fiber 0.6 mg cholesterol 0.4 grams saturated fat 190.8 mg sodium 26.3 grams sugar 0.0 grams trans fat

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