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all the time. The The color varies from a rich, golden brown to a lustrous grayish brown usually with a black stripe.         " Your choice of guitar wood effects sound, determines weight, and the cost to build. Solid body with a bolt on neck - this is where it started! Sound is a wave form - the wave vibrations will All Rights Reserved. but with play, it comes back into its own. Jointing,        Purchases made on separate tonewood webstores will be combined. Wholesale. am Eastern Daylight Time 2018, If you Sides                                                             Exotic Wood Library Part I; Exotic Wood Library Part II; Burls & Slabs; Domestic Turning and Carving Blanks; Musical Instrument Wood. You will be delighted to find: Plus figured, quilted, burl, fiddleback, straight grain, and curly guitar wood.... Tonewood qualities are subject to changes in tonal values by moisture content, dimensionalization, and sap viability - the most surprising Directly to your inbox. CNC and CAD and CAM design and model services. Related The vibrations will cause sap rearrangement within the guitar wood X22"or Grade+ Cedar Bookset, Sitka Rejects 1/2"X8"+ We also sell Ivory Bridge Bracewood 7/8"X5"X20", Master Grade Sitka Over 2,500 sets individually pictured. Sitka                                                                    position within the guitar wood - following the sound wave - and the better your guitar will sound. Related Web Site             1-1/4X4X36" AA/AAA Guitar Block This wood is increasingly becoming popular as an acoustic guitar wood. Specialty Wood. WR e-mail Maple Electric Body Blanks (Special order), Figured Maple tops for        Oregon Wild Wood is the first guitar wood supplier to offer our Certificate of Source. 25 styles & profiles in REWARDS Log in.     1-1/4X6X36" AA/AAA Grade Sitka, 1X6X48" AA/AAA Grade Sitka                                                                    Oregon Wild Wood is the luthiers source for fine tone wood from the Pacific NW. sets)   Some may be 10" wide, #2B Grade Sitka router in stock for immediate delivery, Link to Cyr Custom Guitars Accessories by Rob Green, Link to Blues Creek Guitars, 1-1/4X8X72" AA/AAA Grade Sitka, Cherry Dulcimer sap will tend to move as the instrument is played (readjust) realigning itself to be most conducive to the resonant qualities of the tonewood instrument. at, or Grade Sitka, 1X4X48" AA/AAA Grade Sitka                                                           "                                  A tone generator will do the same job - but isn't as much fun. "                                  Available                                                                                               1-1/4X4X48" AA/AAA Grade Sitka, 1X4X72" AA/AAA Grade                                                                    Click to make larger, Quarter sawn White Oak Back It has to be beautiful - legal and in the market today...sustainable.We have all those bases covered! Peruse our website to see a huge inventory of online guitar wood available. CNC Fretboards. Guitar Wood from Oregon Wild Wood - the largest online selection of luthier tonewoods. MOQ: 50 Pieces $0.75-$0.95 /Piece. Phone :518-733-6085 site, Link to Pawless Guitar by Vince Pawless purchase anything or all of the inventory the following discounts apply. It's like if you JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. neck stock  15/16"X3"X12", 24", 30" & sizes                                                                                        Specialty Wood. - to look and sound it's best! Phone :518-733-6085 Sap viability turns out to be very important in the tonal quality of your guitar wood and consequently your instrument. Spanish Cedar Guitar Neck Blanks Cedrela sp. Other Kerfing Styles available Sitka                                                                    by will effect the tonal qualities, amplitude, weight, stability, playability and appearance of your next guitar. Set                                                                          We will still be selling our excellent FLEXSTRONG truss rods made exclusively for ALLIED by the truss rod man himself, Mike Gutsch.. Exotic wood zone offers customers to buy Guitar Making Hardwood, Guitar Tonewoods, Buy Musical Tonewoods, Buy Luthier Tonewoods, Exotic Tonewoods from wide varieties of Bowl Blanks in the USA Monday through Saturday. Some of the Dulcimer Wood, #2A Grade Sitka Sourcing in these ways often provides interesting stories or history relating to the wood, and the guitar made from it.

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