who has completed the north american super slam

No player has ever completed the Super Slam in a single season. Chuck Brewer(Archery #23)121. Capra World Slam, Copyright © 2017 Grand Slam Club / Ovis - All Rights Reserved, Below is a complete list of registered Super Slam. Rick Edelen98. Mark’s goal is to become the first person to do the slam three times, once each with a Bow, Muzzleloader and Rifle. Thomas LaVictoire114. George Harms(Archery #16)80. Chase Fulcher(Archery #25-A)133-B. J.Y. Elgin Gates (D)2. Thomas L. Zimmerman117. Prince Abdorreza(D)28. Joe Sisca153. Alexander Egorov145. William “Bill” Bricker91. Susan Tuohy165. David Harrison132. along with his other bowhunting aids and hunting, His long involvement Only a few hunters have managed to complete the North American Super Slam of hunting. Dismiss. Look great and feel comfortable on and off the mountain in our outdoor lifestyle gear. Rusty Blyler171. Only one player has completed the Super Slam in a period of twelve months: Steffi Graf (1987 Virginia Slims Championships, 1988 Australian Open, 1988 French Open, 1988 Wimbledon Championships, 1988 US Open and 1988 Olympic gold medal) Mark is currently pursuing the completion of the Super Slam three times, 29 big game species with a bow, muzzleloader and rifle, and the Waterfowl Slam. Casey Brooks(Archery #20)96. bowhunters for decades. NORTH AMERICAN BIG Game Super Slam Silver Proof Collection Complete 27 Coin Set - $765.23. Herman Lawrence (D)8. Concluding Word Ethel Leedy82. Herb Klein (D)11. Ed De Young(Archery #29)142. Directors Randy Liljenquist(Archery #12)68. Kevin Dettler120. Danny Danell106. Harry Koch (D)39. To bowhunting aficionados, the words “Chuck Adams” and “Super Slam” go together like — well, like “bow” and “arrow.” In 1990, Adams became the first hunter ever to attain the Super Slam by killing all 28 North American big-game species exclusively with archery tackle. Skip Kelsch76. Don Thompson172. Paul Wollenman161. Videos A total of 22 states are visited if the three trails are completed. Alan Stone29. Michael Traub(Archery #21), 101. Richie Bland(Archery #9)61. Ken Wilson112. Al Maki123. Out of the 10 categories of animals, there are subspecies of these animals. Super Slam of North American Big Game. Tom Place44. Growing up near Lake Michigan, in the rolling hills of Oceana County, Mark developed a love and passion for hunting and the great outdoors at an early age, fostered by his father Earl, who is an avid wingshooter. Chuck Adams(Archery #1)25. Mark is also the host of the Pursuit Channel series Mark Peterson’s Expedition Series & Mark Peterson’s Triple Threat. Lee Adam50. Tony Gioffre66. that have Advanced the Sport of Bowhunting. He began his business career, His well known expert on hunting whitetail deer was inducted for his bowhunting excellence. Jay Link131. Larry Epping (D)24. Joel Johnson(Archery #34)168. Bill Bond (D)9. North American Hunting Super Slam. Nathan Andersohn(Archery #30)148. Dean Baumann109. He spends about two-thirds of the year out in the field. Dennis Campbell (D)78. These are: bears, cats, deer, elk, caribou, moose, bison/muskox, goat, antelope and sheep. Dan Duncan54. Bob Speegle (D)(Second Slam, Archery#11, 2007)26. U.S. Super Slam — Harvest one wild turkey subspecies in every state except Alaska The NWTF’s wild turkey records database accumulates records on all wild turkeys currently or previously registered to determine who has achieved Grand, Royal, Mexican, Canadian or World Slams. Jay Furney111. Rex Baker42. Archie Nesbitt(Archery #6)46. American big game. View the categories Lloyd Ward (D)12. Benefactors Leave A Review On Any Product, Service Or Outfitter and WIN $500 Of Your Choice Of Gear! Everett B. Pannkuk, Jr.48. Jake Ensign recently completed his 30 year quest for the archery Super Slam by taking a great Barren Ground Caribou. Bill Keller (D)14. His long career of Tom D. Arthur118. Jones62. Contact Info, Chuck Adams Walt Palmer(Archery #15)77. Charles Herron125. Below is a complete list of registered Super Slam® recipients. Bruce Tatarchuk130. Lou Misterly53. Jim Horneck(Archery #24)122. Russ Underdahl20. Hubert Thummler51. His foresight into an amazing lifetime achievement was the forerunner for what is today part of GSCO’s family of Slams as the Super Slam of North American Big Game. James Brogan105. A: What was the goal of the North Pole expedition? Elgin Gates (D) 2. Rick Ferrara147. Nyle Swast70. Alan Sackman65. NORTH AMERICAN BIG GAME SUPER SLAMPROOF SET27 BEAUTIFUL WILDLIFE COINS27 OUNCES OF 142495082185 Warren Strickland(Archery #25-B)135. Darren Collins(Archery #8)57. No American has ever completed the Adventurers Grand Slam unsupported. American deer, and hold five Pope & Young World Records. in history. Chuck was the first archer to complete the "Super Slam" - the taking of all 27 species of North American big game. Tom Hoffman(Archery #3)32. To qualify for the Super Slam of North American Big Game®, a hunter must have registered the legal taking of all 29 of the traditionally recognized species of big game animals native to North America.For the big game hunter, there is no greater achievement and many have labored a lifetime to reach this astounding accomplishment. Basil Bradbury (D)10. Category A - Bowhunters showing Excellence in the Field of Justin Ragazzine115. Mark is currently pursuing the completion of the Super Slam three times, 29 big game species with a bow, muzzleloader and rifle, and the Waterfowl Slam.Mark has successfully completed the Grand Slam of NA Sheep, Triple Slam, World Turkey Slam, and Upland Slam. Soudy Golabchi124. Fame and SCI Bowhunters Hall of Honor. Robert Logan83. Phil Williamson (D)4. Chuck was the first archer to complete the "Super Slam" ... more: Chuck Adams ... Larry started his Bowhunting in 1961 and since has harvested 14 African and 15 bi game species of North America. Directors The Journey Within – A Bird Hunter’s Diary is Mark Peterson’s quest to hunt and harvest the 43 different species of waterfowl. Videos C.J. In bowsite.com’ s … His dedication to the outdoors allows him to also be an outfitter and TV host. Rick Duggan(Archery #10)63. Hugh Jacks100. Bob himself was one of the first people to achieve that accomplishment. Pete Studwell34. David McGiffert143. With only a candle for heat, he’d listen to hunting tales from around the world and dreamed that someday he would create stories of his own. Roy “Doc” Schultz38. Pat Garrett93. Non-calendar year Super Slam. and nomination procedures here. Chuck was the first archer to complete Below is a complete list of registered Super Slam® recipients. Jim Wondzell(Archery #22)108. Robert E. Mays, Jr.169. Dennis Kallash173. Allyn Ladd(Archery #33)164. The Members of the Hall of Fame Ry Tipton56. Randy Luth167. Super Slam Kent Deligans(Second Slam, 2014)59. Cory Smith170. Tom Miranda(Archery #17)87. Grancel Fitz (D)3. Alain Smith95. He has also bagged 111 Pope & Young record-book Gail Holderman (D)19. Jack Frost(Archery #4)37. Hobson Reynolds151. Daryll Hosker73. Remo Pizzagalli47. The time and effort required to reach this milestone is incredible, and for most it represents a lifetime commitment to their pursuit of big game animals. For the past two decades, Mark’s hunts have continued in Michigan but also expanded to other areas around the world. Ernie Sanders16. Category C - Bowhunters who have shown Literary Excellence Ralph Brockman35. Jesus Yuren31. Grancel Fitz (D) 3. Mark completed the World Turkey Slam in a single season, tagging all 6 species across the US and Mexico. FOR SALE! RW: I wanted to do … Brad Black104. Dennis Harms157. Milton Schultz154. helping bowhunters with his unique turkey and elk calls, were inducted in one or more category. Paul Rochester18. Ben Seegmiller129. Don Corley21. The archery Super Slam (all 29 species of North American Game Animals) has only been accomplished by a few bowhunters. McElroy (D)5. Bill Nye137. News Greg Oliver97. Gary Ingersoll15. Watson Yoshimoto (D)13. Mark Wayne166. Jimmie Ryan(Archery #2)27.

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