white scars army

Drawing upon the wealth of strategic lore he had amassed in the libraries of Quan Zhou, and consulting for long solar days with the Chapter's Stormseers, Khajog Khan at last settled upon a stratagem. However, their damage bonus in the Assault Doctrine provides a benefit very unique among all of the Marine chapters. White-armoured gunships strafed the artillery until their ammunition ran dry and their weapons' barrels glowed white-hot. The endless pursuit of velocity came with its costs: gunnery captains had been heard to complain of reduced Lance range, and it was well known that a White Scars warship would not carry as many troops or dropships as the equivalent vessel in a standard fleet, but such factors carried little weight in a Legion drenched in the wild-riding tradition of the Chogorian plains. It was at this point that the White Scars learned of the Codex Astartes, in which Roboute Guilliman stated that all of the Space Marine Legions should break their forces into 1,000-warrior Chapters. An example of scarification: Hmar Khan of the Desert Fire Brotherhood, commander of the infamous "Razorbacks" tank hunter squadron during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy era. Though spread thin, the Vth Legion remained a sizable force, mostly due to the opportunistic recruitment patterns practised by many of the companies of the Legion to offset the relative scarcity of reinforcements received from Terra. Suboden darted around the Warboss like a bloodwasp, stinging with his blade before At the kurultai, their elaborately worked armour and weaponry stands out even amongst the masterwork wargear of the other champions present. Though each brotherhood was a unique formation, most were formed of a core of Jetbike-mounted troops, although these were sometimes known to fight dismounted in the style of more standard tactical units. Turning away, rage still pulsed through the Khan's veins, laced with the heavy grief of betrayal. But the truth of the matter was that everyone in the Imperium had been deceived. While some planets were battered and bloodied but remain in Imperial hands, Gartuli and Thaxis fell to the Traitors' assault. In the wake of his victory, the Khagan showed mercy to his foes and left their cities untouched. Six of them were Legionaries. Taken first from the technomadic tribes of the Thulean Basin, whose hardy stock had traversed those icy wastes in vast mechanised crawlers throughout the long years of the Age of Strife, and later from the wider stock of Terran recruits drawn from all racial and geographic origins, these would account for the minority of members by the time of the Ullanor Crusade on the cusp of the 31st Millennium. Though Arvida seriously contemplated becoming a part of a Legion once more, he eventually refused -- he would would remain, always and forever, a Son of Magnus and a loyal servant of the Emperor. He prosecuted the same strategy that he had employed among the horse tribes, but on a grander scale. Quan Zhou is the spiritual home of the White Scars Chapter, and it is truly a formidable and magnificent sight to behold. The results were not encouraging -- no Vox signals were detected and there were no transports nor energy-trails. The warning had been voiced by Kulek Senn, a senior Stormseer of the Vth Legion. Perhaps that had always been a foolish hope. Not like we are Talskar. The khan then sent out small bands of warriors, travelling aboard commandeered civilian bulk haulers and charged to observe and assess the Drukhari threat. Those numbers available in these latter years are mainly drawn from the personal journals of various khans and other officers of the Legion, and were not generally known in those last few years before Horus declared war on his father. Bearing the ritual scars of bravery, these fierce warriors fight with all the tribal savagery that define the fierce steppe nomads of their homeworld Mundus Planus, known to them as Chogoris, bringing swift death to all of the enemies of the Imperium. At their side fought supporting elements of the 1st and 10th Companies, while aerial support was lent from the Chapter's Armoury. Yet Khajog, the khan of the 2nd Brotherhood, recognised that new hunting tactics would be required if this deadly prey were to be defeated and another massacre prevented. However, for some Chogorians these tactics could be difficult to understand. When they were in position, he led his brotherhood in a daring orbital assault by launching specially modified Sojutsu Pattern voidbikes. Here was the perfect instrument with which to strike a mortal blow against any exposed prey. Whether mounted upon his famed Assault Bike, Moondrakkan, or hurtling into battle in the armoured hold of a Rhino or Stormraven gunship, the khan runs his prey to ground with the unfailing tenacity of a born killer. The walls curved upwards steeply, terraced like an auditorium and striated with bands of metallic ore. Brass instruments lay about it, each one smashed or warped. Legionary fought Legionary, full-blooded and committed. White Scars Chapter Colour Scheme as displayed by Primaris Marine Intercessor Brother Jaghali. No wonder, then, that the sons of the Great Khan are considered some of the Imperium's foremost hunters and trackers. To the White Scars, the lightning bolt that serves as their Chapter badge is a potent and important symbol, representing both their style of warfare and echoing the warrior Honour Scars that they bear on their faces. Adapted from the traditions of the Chogorian steppe tribes, "the Blooding," also known as "the Ascension," is a simple ritual, dispensing with much of the shamanistic pageantry of the original. None of them would move before the order was given, though; they were the extension of the Khan's will. The White Scars and their allies were as a stick to a nest of stinging insects, and their attack's ferocity was met by a deadly ambush of dozens of bands of warriors, pain engines and all manner of hideous Drukhari creations. It died upon his blade, but the explosion of aetheric force unleashed was very nearly his end too.

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