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Upon completing their mission, Papika and Cocona are sent to yet another world in Pure Illusion. Papika and Cocona land in a world that is stuck in a loop. They set off on an adventure in “Pure Illusion.” In the pursuit of the “Shards of Mimi,” obstacles arise, and the shards enable them to transform. Meanwhile, Salt and Papika try to stop her only to be overwhelmed by their memories. Cocona’s world is turned upside down with the appearance of Papika. Become a subscriber and access all of these great features: We're always adding new content. Leave the hard work to us: just send us a screening request, Cocona is having an average day until a girl with a hover board takes her into another dimension. Simulcasts straight from Japan, tons of dubs, subs, OVA's and the all new DUBCAST editions! Cocona refuses to meet with Papika, and she's afraid to let her true feelings show about their last adventure. Check back soon for updates. You can also watch Flip Flappers on demand at Amazon, Vudu online. But as they try to defeat the creature before them, three others with powers from a rival organization enter the fray and slay the creature, taking with them a fragment left behind from its body. Cocona and Papika must learn to harmonize their feelings. The girls and Yayaka must work together if they want to get out alive. We have a high number of series, the best and most popular of all and of them are for free, so you can enjoy your anime whenever you want. Dragged along by the energetic stranger, Cocona finds herself in the world of Pure Illusion—a bizarre alternate dimension—helping Papika look for crystal shards. Simulcasts. Flip Flappers is available for streaming on the AT-X website, both individual episodes and full seasons. Watch Flip Flappers online, here on AnimePlyx. Browse Amazon Prime! We’ve partnered with Sentai Filmworks so you can shop for Blu-rays, premium box sets, merchandise, and stuff. The girls find themselves fighting against Yayaka and her group. connected with the people who can. Have a nice day. Stream thousands of hours of anime on HIDIVE. Meanwhile, Cocona must fight her way out of a terrifying illusion. Don't worry: their store will open in a new tab. Watch and stream subbed and dubbed episodes of FLIP FLAPPERS online on Anime-Planet. Cocona is a model honor student, cautious and slow to embrace new opportunities. Cocona demands answers as Asclepius attacks Flip Flap. Cocona and Papika get thrown into Pure Illusion, entering a futuristic city. HIDIVE can’t give permission for you to screen our titles, BUT we can totally help you get Browse the latest Amazon Prime from with Yidio! Welcome to AnimePlyx. Papika isn’t about to give up that easily! And she who has yet to decide a goal to strive for, soon met a strange girl named Papika who invites her to an organization called Flip Flap. To start chatting with other HIDIVE viewers, please update your profile settings. And she who has yet to decide a goal to strive for, soon met a strange girl named Papika who invites her to an organization called Flip Flap. The girls realize that their adventures in Pure Illusion are starting to bleed over into the real world. Start a 30 Day FREE Trial, and enjoy all of the Premium Membership perks! Afterward, the girls realize that to stand a chance against their rivals and the creatures in Pure Illusion, they must learn to work together and synchronize their feelings in order to transform more effectively. Meanwhile, Yayaka reveals a little bit more about Pure Illusion. Stream FLIP FLAPPERS on HIDIVE. Please sign in to the primary account in order to make subscription changes. Meanwhile, a portal opens and the girls end up being sucked in. Watch episodes of FLIP FLAPPERS right here on HIDIVE. and we’ll contact that show’s licensors on your behalf to get permission. HIDIVE and the logos ™ and © HIDIVE, LLC. Cocona starts to feel unsure about their travels. Stranded on a deserted planet, Papika is trying to find Cocona. Mimi poses a threat to the world. Yayaka's usefulness comes into question, and as Cocona and Yayaka face off, their friendship and lives are put on the line. You can watch the anime online or download all episodes in one single click. Synopsis: Cocona is an average middle schooler living with her grandmother. As things get better between Papika and Cocona, there is still the lingering threat of Mimi, and other secrets are lurking in the shadows. As they follow Mimi and Cocona, they must fight their way through Pure Illusion. With nothing but their wits, their adventure begins. Watch Flip Flappers full episodes online English dub kisscartoon. As a result, Cocona ends up staying over at Papika’s "place" but, as always, nothing goes as expected. Cocona's world starts to crumble as the truth is finally revealed. As a dangerous creature besets them, the girls use their crystals to transform into magical girls: Cocona into Pure Blade, and Papika into Pure Barrier. Legal and free through industry partnerships. Yayaka and Papika have teamed up to save Cocona from her mother. Cocona is an average middle schooler living with her grandmother.

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