what to pack for korea summer

Google maps is great to use on how to get there from your apartment. I am sure that your parents must have felt a bit nervous at first. Bring the pile of needs clothes and bring half of the. Also keep in mind I live in Gwangju which is not touristy at all. I didn’t pack any heels except for one pair of heeled booties. In the video we only spoke about credit cards, because if you’re visiting from outside Korea, a foreign credit card will most likely work fine here, but I wouldn’t trust that your debit card will. I’ve read posts saying not to pack too much work clothes, as most the attire for most of the time is business casual (aside from opening/closing ceremony at orientation). Korea can get fairly warm in the summer (30 °C | 86 °F), so pack some light gear if you’re coming between June and August. If it’s your first trip to Korea, or Asia, or even overseas, it can be a bit overwhelming. Forget packing a ton of sleeveless options unless you wear a cardigan with them. For this type of atmosphere, if you’re a lady, a nice little black dress is a no fail option. You can buy most day-to-day things in Korea. Of course a light jacket will be nice especially if it starts to rain. Bring a fluffy soft towel from home. Duvets aren’t as common unless you buy one online but they have lots of comforters and blankets available. Also if you have a rain jacket I suggest that as well. I am a size 9.5 and I have bought shoes in Korea from Zara, H&M and converse store. I wear them ALL and I feel like even after 6 months they are pretty worn in. The voltage is different and I don’t think it’s worth bringing it as you can buy one here. This will be very helpful. I brought a dress and light sweater. Incheon airport has a ton of banks open around the clock (I think) to exchange money right there when you land. Use every space possible meaning you can even roll things up and stick them inside of the boots or shoes you are bringing to save space. You can find brands like Dove, Aveeno, etc. If you have a winter coat then bring it. What makes you think that you will wear it more in Korea?”, Koreans dress very conservatively. Bring a few months’ supply of deodorant. I wish someone would have told me “If you have only worn this blouse once in the past year…DON’T bring it. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. You may need to hunt a little as there’s only one type of brand next to a million pads. It’s fun to show friends pictures of family and to have photos around to make my apartment homey. I am sooo glad I brought mine. I have bought at least 15 coats (in two years) and a billion other clothing items because I think their style is incredible and I don’t even want to wear half the clothes I brought so keep that in mind. (If you are moving to Korea, you will soon learn the term Fighting!!! Your body will be adjusting to a lot when you first arrive…new climate, new foods, jet-lag, stress, etc. Hi Betsy! I was lucky enough to find out the size of my bed before coming so I packed my own bed sheets but don’t bring sheets if you don’t know the size of bed you will have. Or sundress if you feel so inclined. It pretty much means “You can do it!”) So Fighting! I think they are stylish and comfortable for everyday walking but that’s just my style preference , I made the biggest mistake and packed way too many clothes. Types of Clothes to Pack for Korea. It’s hot in Korea in summertime, especially during the middle of the day. So don’t spend your time stocking up on a billion tampons. I brought a good amount of tampons as I was worried they wouldn’t have them in Korea but I did find that Olive Young, Home Plus and a couple other places carry tampons. This will make your life SO much easier at orientation and then you won’t have to touch the other bags you packed. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. We walk everywhere here so your shoes get worn in quickly. Thank you so much for the information. So you’re planning a trip to Korea this summer, but you’re not sure what to pack? ( Log Out /  I think I underestimated the amount of items Korea has to offer. Korea obviously has medicine. Will you be over-packing if you bring four pairs of pants? I also wouldn’t recommend wearing too much white, as sweating may occur especially if you’re walking around from place to place such as tourists tend to do. I also ended up buying a charger for my Iphone with a Korean plug and then bringing an extra cord that I plug in at work or into my laptop if I travel. If you can order a converter online I would do that.

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