what makes a good gf

He never speaks about you in bad light to his friends. So how many of these 25 signs and qualities of a great boyfriend do you see in your guy? If you expect him to speak to you in the same way you communicate with him then you’re going to be disappointed. Surprise her with flowers. It will make her feel protected, valued, and honored. These men on Reddit have been sharing what they consider to be the traits of a "good girlfriend" and if anything, it goes to show that we're all looking for similar things, regardless of gender. #8 Your friends and family. Never forget to show your gratitude or appreciation whenever she does something special or thoughtful for you. [via], 13. She's supportive. He may advice you and may try to convince you about why he believes something is right, but he won’t try to manipulate you or threaten you into doing something he wants you to do. But she one time not love me back. But if he’s missing several qualities pointed out here, you’re probably better off dating someone else! A guy may just not know what a girl likes, even if he tries to understand her or please her. [Read: Why some men choose porn over having sex with their girlfriend]. and what you’ll need to say yes and no to in order to get there. Take responsibility for your own enjoyment and you’ll both have a more fulfilling sex life! 17. If he lacks a few of these 25 signs now, you can talk about it with him. I was sad , I always do that to my girlfriend but now am broke she is nolonger the one l know .if l don’t say hi to her she will be quite. So hot. Make her laugh. Compliment her. Show her some enthusiasm when she talks about them. She will appreciate it and will make her feel cared of. He makes promises and keeps them. It will make your girlfriend feel that her boyfriend always misses her. 4. #17 He’s great in bed. #5 – When I get home after a hard day at work the last thing in the world I want to do is talk about my day. Men and women see the world in different ways. You shouldn't feel pressured to strut around the bedroom in lingerie and high heels like a Victoria's Secret angel every night, but you should feel comfortable in your own sexuality... and expressing that sensually to your man. Always remember that every girl deserves a man who will fill their heart, mind, and life with joy and gladness. Thank you for being creative to this tips……arigato gozaimasu, i love my gf so much but i mean sometimes its like she dose not love me back i dont know what to do with this i dont even know y im putting this online ive been with her for a year now i just dont know ive tried every thing, You shuld get new gierlfriend. He grooms himself when he comes to meet you because he wants to look good in your arms. … I’m checking this list out because I want to keep her forever. Value her point of view. Compromises and sacrifices are a part of making a relationship work in the long run. [via], 6. It by any means anything bad or good or whether or not you should take my advice if you'd make a good or bad girlfriend. As much as he loves you and misses you, he’d still want you to have a life of your own. And if we start saying no, then we look like we can’t handle the work—at least, that’s the common reasoning, In fact, it’s the opposite—explain to your boss that by taking on too many commitments, you are weakening your. Hello Marydel Mitch Flores, 3. Make her feel special. To him, it's a total turn-on. Always be chivalrous around your girl and learn to treat her like a princess. If you need to continue saying no, here are some other ways to do so, How to Say No When You Feel You Can Only Say Yes, 30 Self-Care Habits for a Strong and Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit, How to Declutter Your Life and Reduce Stress (The Ultimate Guide), How to Say No: 3 Steps for People Pleasers, 7 Ways To Say No To Your Boss And Keep Your Job, How to Set Long Term Goals and Achieve Success, How to Say No When You Know You Say Yes Too Often, 9 Ways to Build and Keep Healthy Personal Boundaries, What to Do in Free Time?

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