what is pascal programming language used for

if you check the Tiobe Index. Both are Perl-ish. How is that possible if it has “wide use”? Actually, I have used combinatory calculations and a lot of time to figure out how to not use every combination possible and still have the full coverage of possibilities. They should have given Perl 6 another name as it has led to an amazing amount of confusion over whether Perl is maintained or not. Seneca, better known as Oberon-2 is an extension of the Oberon programming language. But if you go to the Embarcadero website, you’ll see that they mainly promote Delphi’s C++ support. Semicolons are also used to terminate the statements. Its actually growing in popularity. Perl should definitely die. Following that though, the programmers usually do choose the language in my experience… maybe not directly, but I doubt a C#.Net shop is going to decide to pop up a Java or RoR app even if it is a better language for the product, unless C#.Net simply cannot do what they need it to. It is a high-order computer programming language similar to ALGOL. Well, back to sleep. I’m not a user or defender of Ruby or Rails, but they’re clearly not going away any time soon. I too am biased because I learnt on Pascal, but Delphi was a godsend if you needed to distribute an windows exe. Try Rad Studio from Embarcadero, best thing since sliced bread. Maybe too long, but it is getting in shape to make a whole lot of young programmers very happy. Some implementations were good others garbage, but all offered that quick UI advantage. The guys at Booking.com would also find this article amusing being that their company uses Perl. And you can also define which parts are not visible to others and thus are private to the unit - this is called the implementation part. Another reason employees (typically employees closing in on retirement) like these languages, is job security. And even if Flash disappears from the internet completely, it is showing no signs of decay in its other major purpose: animation. The reason it’s going away is because Win32 is going away. This article does not touch on any of the reasons that programming languages stick around. Perl – not to mention _numerous_ tools that are used to interacts with MySQL (monitoring, benchmarking, etc) are written in Perl. Delphi is not only alive and kicking but with The Node is currently the world’s most popular technology that is opening up infinite career possibilities for any developer who is looking for potential for growth in this field. It extends the Z programming language by adding object-oriented features to it. I suppose, as in COBOL, it all depends on the current code base in use and how well it meets the needs of the entity using it to determine a language’s actual death. Nobody loses for choosing Microsoft. If you think some language is legacy, lousy or needlessly complex, take a look on Intel’s and AMD’s architectures, beasts raised in the name of backwards compatibility and pseudo-improvements. Given their strange over 20 year obsession with BASIC, this isn’t happening anytime soon. I still program wirh Delphi 4. It is developed for creating dynamic web pages and supports a command line interface capability. I see very few Perl jobs, most (all?) Not being based on .NET, it probably won’t find a home in the Enterprise anytime soon (if ever). For 9 years it hasn’t been profitable enough to publish a Delphi book. in 2002. But that’s life. They are not used in between the control flow statements but are used in separating the conditions in looping. His response was “But it’s cross-platform!” Why wouldn’t it be cross-platform? It is easy to understand and maintain the Pascal programs. unlike most other languages and cross-platform frameworks like Qt. The only real question to be answered is “is it fast enough”? Just because some diehards still use it or a new version is released doesn’t mean the language has any traction. Hard to mix .jar’s from different sources. This programming language is used for business applications. Programs in Nemerle are compiled into an intermediate language bytecode. The operative word here would be viable (able to live, be alive, survive, not going to die). I´ve been hearing about the Death od Delphi for 15 years,the only years that I regret were those that I wasted trying to go to Java,c#,Asp.net and even Dart.Although I really think Dart a good language but without any databasing support. It is an ISO standard metalanguage that can define markup languages for documents. I’d love to have some good examples of decent Java apps that have C/C++ counterparts where the Java app is just as good as its counterparts, but I don’t really see such a thing in the real world. And nobody mentioned TCL/Tk?

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