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However, none of those schools have such intensive co-op programs as Waterloo. Got a question about student life? Do you want to write/edit for the blog? I would definitely recommend Grade 12 students to apply. At the internationally renowned David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science, you'll study computer algorithms and programming, and explore exciting areas such as artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, networks, databases, Looking back, I would spend more time preparing for these components by reflecting on my post-secondary goals, interests and thinking about how I would answer classic interview questions. If you're looking for a very rigorous and prestigious education then go into ECE at UofT. Doesn't really make much sense why you're asking this here. -my I.B. Which one, in your opinion, is better in terms of difficulties, job prospects…etc. View majors in the Faculty of Math. On UofT's side, ECE is considered the most prestigious engineering program in Canada and one of the most prestigious in the world. One is the Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath) and the other is a Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) and they combine with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). An education in advanced math also provides a strong foundation for Computer Science, since many concepts stem from Mathematics. Current UW undergraduate students wishing to apply to CS or to add a CS Joint to their current program should review the following flow chart for your next steps. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Whoops. In 2015, I got rejected with a 94% average, a terrible Euclid score, and a non-existent CCC mark. Research programs of interest and think about how these programs will allow you to develop your skills. It was really hard to migrate the info from one system to another, but thanks to some developers the information from Jira to Zendesk migration is really easy. Lost your password? The second question was actually a written component. For example, as a Computer Science student, you may wish to add an Artificial intelligence or Business specialization to your degree in your second-year. What this shows universities is that you are going to continue these passions and bring in a different perspective to their program and, ultimately, represent them well. The quality of education for undergrad is not stellar, but it's "just" undergrad, you are going to get the same level of education in any rigorous program. I have a 96% average. Plus, uWaterloo students get to try a different city every four months anyways, so why care at all? Do I have a good chance of getting into CS? If you are transferring from outside of Math, This is the impression I'm getting from the people I know that go to waterloo so I want to know if this is really the case. Which one? That’s why I use https://www.annotatedbibliographymaker.com whenever I have problems with assignment writing. Im starting to panic because Im so anxious of whether or not I can get into waterloo CS. I think 40 for CCC. It also doesn’t matter whether you have extracurricular activities related to the programs you are applying to. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, alum - B.CS/SE 2012, (should have done eng), https://cemc.math.uwaterloo.ca/contests/statistics.html. Visit our homepage to learn more! In fact, my application consisted of a few extracurricular activities in which I held leadership positions and had been a part of them for quite a few years.”. You can choose to major in more than one area this allows you to focus on two main areas of interest. They also have a plethora of extracurricular activities that showcase their interests and skills. :), I’m not sure about current marks but I got into CS in 2015 with a 96% average, a horrible Euclid mark (literally no prep since I was the only one taking it), and I don’t even know what a CCC is. The first question is a classic interview question (along the lines of, “Why are you interested in this program?”, “What are your strengths/weakness?”, etc.). So what ultimately sets you apart from other students is the supplementary component since that is the most standardized method they have to weigh you. We’re always looking for interesting stories from students. Edit: I meant Waterloo. I will say however that we have a larger buget for research , more world renowned professors (hinto, cook, Mann, etc) and a fantastic teaching staff. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It was a similar case for Computer Science. Computer science encompasses topics related to computers, software, and their application to today's most challenging problems. Probably a lot of this is just that people will complain about everything. My ECs are average. Most employers don't care/differentiate. The computer science program at Waterloo offers students the opportunity to customize their studies by enrolling in a regular or co-op option But how do these options compare and how do you decide which option works best for you? Learning the mathematical theory behind computer science concepts allows me to appreciate and understand these applications better.”, “Both U of T and Waterloo require you to fill out your extracurriculars. Hopefully, that'll help because I've heard it's getting pretty bad in CS. Computer Science at Waterloo offers a different kind of focus. The thing about UW is that “mathematics” is not specific. They have coop, they have amazing profs who actually have time for you, they have reasonable exams, they have SPACES in their classes (impossible to get into all the classes you want at uoft), they have a better campus (winter at uoft sucks because the campus is so huge and you must walk in thecold), waterloo is more student focused. Its going to be non-stop work and school every 4 months with at max 1 week between terms. "There's no better place than Waterloo to learn to be a snob." You wouldn’t be able to declare your area of concentration until after completing freshman year. https://reddit.com/r/OntarioUniversities/. You keep posting the same questions everyday and getting responses from the same person. I was interested in it because it offered a unique experience that allowed me to focus on all of these subject areas in depth. For some reason, the admission rate for CS has dropped to 5%. Honestly u waterloo > uoft. The following interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity. Waterloo definitely has better employer reputation, mostly because of their co-op program. A joint in Math refers to a plan that requires more courses than a minor but less courses than a major. Also never heard of the co-op being bad, my friends have worked at Facebook, Google, Amazon etc.. for co-ops from there. software engineering. that is with stuff like 700 freshman class sizes it's very easy to feel like you're just a faceless entity in a huge system rather than a contributing individual at the university and it cut deep into my mental wellbeing.

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