wampler ego compressor vs mxr dyna comp

For guitarists who tend to play a wide variety of styles on a number of different guitars, this might not be optimal, but for folks who want to set it and forget it, it’s great. Now, as if three versions of the Dyna Comp alone weren’t enough, MXR makes a further five compression stompboxes. Both sides share the Threshold and Response knobs in the middle, which set the level at which the compressor kicks in and the combined attack and release times. Prices don’t dip too much on the used market, but you can still save a few dollars by searching for a pre-owned one on Reverb. Again, kinda weird, but at least it’s something different to consider. This is a fine studio-style compression unit in a traditional pedal-sized enclosure with controls that focus on guitar playing. Like the Keeley before it, the original version of the Ego compressor from Wampler made quite an impact on the scene. There are sample settings for these, so you can easily get these where you need them and leave them alone after that. They also make the CP-1X, which competes more directly with modern studio-style compressors. A brighter Tone knob setting can be applied with a fast Attack setting to put in a quick squeeze while not overly blunting your pick attack during fast runs. Set it to about 11 o’clock for the flattest setting. We felt like it merited inclusion both for the novelty of having no surface controls, but also because the original is a pretty distinct sound. Enter the compressor. Because these are shared between both sides, you might find the pedal a bit limiting on the whole, since you can’t change the speed on the fly. Though it lacks the blend control, this is a very modern guitar pedal compression with enough flexibility to dial it in exactly as you want it. EarthQuaker is typically known for being not at all subtle, so for them to roll out a compressor means that there must be some character lurking in this box somewhere. Let Andy Martin show you what’s great about the modernized classic. One of the challenging aspects of designing an OTA compressor is maintaining the signal integrity as it’s being compressed. The decision to buy a compressor largely hinges on what problems you're trying to solve. This is adds a germanium drive circuit to the signal. J.Rockett Audio Designs Archer Review – Best “Klon Centaur/KTR” Pedal? Curtis Kent offers a solid demo of The Warden. Launch price: … Based on the legendary Urei 1176, and on its own predecessor Cali76, this pedal is probably the finest pedal-based compressor going. The jewel light LED works as a visual readout for the amount of compression taking place. The answer, 90 percent of the time, is at the front. A little digging should find net you a savings of nearly $50 for a used version on Reverb. When evaluating which to choose, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the parameters of compression so you can identify the control set you want. It somehow manages to avoid boosting the noise floor in a lot of situations that other pedals would not. It’s not uncommon to save up to $20 on used versions of the Mini on Reverb. This shapes and compresses your tone directly from your guitar and delivers that pristine signal to the rest of your effects. Brent Kingman offers a demo of this strange device. The Level knob can also achieve quite a lot of boost. Adding an Attack knob to the old 2-knob compressors was one of the first modifications to be made, and it’s an essential aspect of dialing in your compression sound with the Ego Compressor. Anything from singing, sustaining solos to country fingerpicking, a good compressor – much like a good overdrive pedal – is useful in a wide variety of styles.

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