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VMware Cloud Director lets you improve efficiency by calibrating every single resource for each virtual server, optimizing the costs of your IT infrastructure. The Private Cloud solution differs from the Public Cloud (Server Pro) service in that you can purchase part of our infrastructure specifying all the values of your resources, and manage them using the VMware Cloud Director software. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. VMware Cloud Director service allows cloud providers to leverage their investment in VMware Cloud on AWS infrastructure, rapidly expand or burst their cloud footprint to new geographies, and support customer lines of businesses as well as new customer segments in an asset-light, pay-as-you-grow model. Re: vCloud Director pricing IamTHEvilONE Sep 13, 2010 1:04 PM ( in response to kmsmith ) There is also the need for a single installation of Red Hat 5.3 (or higher) 64-bit. VMware Cloud Director service brings VMware Cloud on AWS under the management umbrella of VMware Cloud Director – the leading service-delivery platform for VMware environments. Provisioning and managing your own Private Cloud infrastructure is just as simple and fast with VMware Cloud Director, which lets you adapt the infrastructure to the speed of your business. There are many more innovations in VMware Cloud Director 10.2, too many to include in this blog, so why not check it our yourself and head over to the product page at www.vmware.com/go/vcd, Also check out our new partner free VMware Cloud Director business enablement training covering a number of key topics; VMware Cloud Director service strategy, GTM model, packaging and pricing strategies and monetization examples, Your email address will not be published. ** "Changing computational resources" not available for Cloud Server Smart. They may be hindered by the high investment costs of purchasing new hardware or renting data centers as well as the challenges of meeting local compliance and government requirements. VMware Cloud Director service is now Globally Available. VMware Cloud Director service enables cloud providers to leverage VMware Cloud on AWS in multi-tenant modality with enhanced VMware NSX-T support, allowing provisioning of custom-sized, tenant-based, isolated and secure VMware Cloud resources. With VMware Cloud Director you will be able to manage your Private Cloud infrastructure in minutes, as though it were your very own virtual data center. VMware Cloud Director is a leading cloud service-delivery platform used by some of the world’s most popular cloud providers to operate and manage successful cloud-service businesses. Virtualization. Digital Application delivery and transformation is now simplified indifferent to the predefined infrastructure and security, allowing customers to focus on their business and transformation strategies all in one platform. This not only reduces operational overhead but also helps cloud providers deliver a consistent experience to their customers, regardless of the underlying infrastructure. Some customers struggle to expand their cloud footprint to new geographies and introduce new lines of businesses. This ability to service multiple smaller and medium sized tenants on the same infrastructure, offers flexibility to right-size the VMware Cloud on AWS environments to meet customer needs and requirements of all customer tiers. It’s here! VMware Cloud Director is integrated with the network virtualization platform for the Software-Defined Data Center VMware NSX. Cloud providers are also often bound by their own geographies and investments, making it hard to accommodate customers with multi-region demands. IT departments are being asked to bring new solutions to market faster and with greater flexibility. VMware Cloud Director continues to be a market leader, delivering highly scalable and NSX-T backed secure cloud infrastructure. Broaden business opportunities with secure, flexible multi-tenant cloud resources for organizations of all sizes on VMware Cloud on AWS. The Private Cloud virtualization infrastructure is based on  VMware Cloud Director and on VMware vSphere. 10.2 is now GA, the second release of VMware Cloud Director this year ! Find out why our VPS are in fact Cloud Servers, Guides on how to create and manage your Cloud VPS, Hypervisors, Operating Systems, Templates, Networks and Internet, Configure your Cloud Server and plan the costs of your infrastructure, Find out how to use all the Cloud PRO management tools, Create your development environment thanks to the PaaS model, Find out about the main benefits of Jelastic Cloud, To manage and autoscale your WordPress website without worryingabout the infrastructure, With a modular architecture and multiple integrated features, it's easy to customize your e-commerce website, Run your applications with container technology, Choose all the applications and Add-ons that you need, Learn more on how to use the Jelastic Cloud service, Discover all the features of Private Cloud, Pricing for computational and network resources, Manage your Private Cloud with VMware vCloud Director, Guides on how to manage your Private Cloud management in the Control Panel, Protect your Private Cloud infrastructure, Create backup copies of your Private Cloud, Choose the plan you prefer for your Cloud Backup, Guides on how to manage Cloud Backup through the control panel, A Cloud service that solves all your storage problems, See all the Cloud Object Storage features, Flexibility and security in managing your data, Some examples of how Object Storage can be applied to your projects, Guides on how to use Cloud Object Storage, See all the features of the Domain Center, Register all the domains that you want and easily manage the related DNS, Prices and costs of the domains and of the DNS management service, Guides on how to use all the tools for managing the Domains and the DNS Control Panel, See the features of the Cloud Monitoring service, All the protocols and functions of the Cloud Monitoring service, Prices and costs of the Cloud Monitoring plans, Create your infrastructure with VMware Cloud Director, Manage your private infrastructure with VMware Cloud Director, #3 Guaranteed service (SLA) and clear costs, #4 The best hardware for the best services, #6 Maintain full ownership and control of your data. ... the minimum sizing for a SDDC cluster in VMware Cloud on AWS set a bar that was rather high for some Cloud Providers. Cloud Director service reduces time to provision new virtual data center resources and services, and makes multi region expansion simple with the worldwide reach of VMware Cloud on AWS. vCD Extender – Warm Migration Setup – 1 of 2, vCD Extender – Warm Migration Demonstration, Moving from Infrastructure Deployment to Cloud…. Cloud Director Service (CDS) will operate now as a managed service, by VMware. VMware Cloud Director Service is our evolution of providing VMware Cloud Services. With isolated multi-tenancy, automation and orchestration core to the solution, cloud providers can deliver more economical services faster than ever. The service, available through VMware Cloud Partner Navigator, helps cloud providers gain better economies of scale and generate new value and revenue for their cloud businesses. Lots of preconfigured templates available, including: Pursuant to EU Directive 2013/11 and Regulation EU 524/2013, if you are a consumer residing in Europe, you can use the ODR platform, available at following link, to submit a request to resolve disputes relating to contractual obligations out of court.

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