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Pyrex Patterns. “You see them a lot, but their popularity makes them hard to find and more expensive.”, Yellow & Black Gooseberry Pyrex Mixing Bowls, Capp says she has heard rumor of solid-colored Pyrex mixing bowls being painted to appear a rare color, like pink, and sold for more than they’re worth. In one color version of the "Town & Country" pattern, the 400 series mixing bowls are in solid colors with no decoration, while, in the other, they are unpainted opal with the "Town & Country" graphics applied. To be even more confusing, patterns which were given no official name-- usually promotional pieces-- have had a variety of names made up for them by collectors and eBay sellers. The decorative design or color scheme appeared for a year or more, but only on a specific set of bowls or on a selection of pieces far fewer than those of a more complete standard pattern collection. These include Butterfly Gold '72, Spring Blossom Green '72, and Snowflake Blue. The original set came with a large Cinderella bowl, a small Cinderella bowl and a metal bracket to attach the two so the small bowl hovers over the larger one. The Pyrex Pink Stems pattern was released in 1968 as a promotional item. This main purpose of this picture guide is for quick Vintage Pyrex pattern identification. Some patterns' decorations are dish-only while others are lid-only, with a few seen on both.  Privacy & Legal Some American-made pattern collections were sold in Canada under a different name. Accessories were a big deal with promotional Pyrex. “Casserole dishes, coffee pots, tea pots and mixing bowls—it was mass produced and no one ever thought it would become the collectable it is now.”. Finding super-rare patterns is largely a matter of luck and being in the right, A Guide to Finding the Perfect Vintage Valentine, The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Christmas Decorating. In the tests of this pattern, the green grass bled through the light pink hearts. The casserole is in near mint or mint condition. They’re one of those flea market finds you shouldn’t pass up—along with these eight items. You don’t have to go back to colonial times for a good recipe, though. 6362. The pattern also features a large rooster. Promotional Pyrex patterns were sometimes referred to as “non-standard” and were usually offered for a limited time. These included white butterprint on a pink background, and pink and orange butterprint on the opal background. Excellent condition. It looks better when it's not all jumbled up in my cabinets. If you’ve got Butterprint at home, or another vintage Pyrex dish you love, learn the best way to take care of it—and keep using it, too. Capp says she has heard rumor of solid-colored Pyrex mixing bowls being painted to appear a rare color, like pink, and sold for more than they’re worth. The bowl itself is now going for a couple hundred dollars, and I imagine it would cost much more if you could find it complete with the carrier and lid.” Manufactured in the 1950s, the bowl does not feature a Pyrex stamp or any kind of marking, and the name “turquoise diamonds” is non-standard. This pattern holds great significance for Pyrex lovers, so much so that the company re-released it in March of 2018, although the newer pattern was on clear glass and didn’t have the same pastels as the original Lucky in Love. Butterprint Pyrex was discontinued in 1968, but not before some very special promotional patterns were released. Most rare patterns were promotional or test patterns released in small quantities versus standard patterns produced for years.”, “Pyrex comes in a whole myriad of different patterns and there is a pretty large range on price points between patterns,” says Alexandra Barclay of, . The company often marketed them as gifts for holidays. Released in the 1950s, some of the bowls feature a Pyrex stamp while others don’t. This floral print was one of Pyrex’s first. Pyrex produced this floral pattern for almost a decade, which means you likely have seen this one often at rummage sales, vintage shops and even right here at Taste of Home. This set is a favorite in our Test Kitchen. No ’80s kitchen was complete without a set of Butterfly-printed bowls or dishware. Gracie's Pyrex has uploaded 790 photos to Flickr. The special, limited-edition Pyrex often came with a trivet, carrier, cradle or candle warmer. “The midcentury modern style has really had a strong resurgence.”, Teresa Mackie of PyrexKitchen retired four years ago to start selling Pyrex full-time. Pyrex, a product of Corning Glass Works, dates all the way back to 1915. Vintage Pyrex Bowl Woodland Pattern Vintage Pyrex 10” bowl in Woodland pattern. The Butterprint pattern was first released in 1957 in turquoise on white and white on turquoise. Maybe, but that’s all the more reason to do it. Crazy bowl lady has uploaded 465 photos to Flickr. Condition is a major concern when shopping for rare Pyrex patterns. Other standard patterns, while not exact duplicates, were marketed as coordinating with various Corelle patterns. “Patterns such as Dots, Solid Pink, Pink Gooseberry, Pink Scroll, Solid Turquoise, Turquoise Butterprint, Friendship, and the Balloons chip and dip sets are popular and in high-demand, so these sets go for $200 to 300 or more depending on the condition.”, The turquoise starburst space saver is very popular and I think now costs around $400,” says Capp. “It is well worth investing in a reference book or two, as they should tell you the correct stamp for the type of piece you are looking at.”, It takes time and patience,” Courchesne says of the rare Pyrex hunt. That is to say, the decorations did not always appear on the same style pieces across them all. 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