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I knew that I wanted to make these at home so I picked up a couple of cookbooks with local recipes while there so that I can make some of my favorites right at in my own kitchen. Stir in 500g potatoes, cut into 2cm chunks, 1 halved, deseeded and finely sliced red chilli, ½ tsp black mustard seeds, ½ tsp cumin seeds, ½ tsp turmeric and ½ tsp salt and continue cooking and stirring for 5 mins more. Trinidad is a small country in the West Indies where I spent a small part of my life when my Dad was working there. and so versatile. Gobi Matar Masala - Cauliflower and peas in a creamy Indian spiced tomato sauce. Made with coconut milk, this dish is filling, creamy, and suitable for vegans. Cook until the sugar has dissolved, then remove from the heat and allow to cool before serving. #carrots #roastedveggie #sidedish, This is a simple, foolproof, and tasty Sweet Crepes recipe. Tamarind Chutney for Doubles and Aloo Pie, Boiled Mango Chutney for Doubles, Aloo Pies, Pholourie. Dampen the edges of the dough with water and press to seal to form a half moon shape, then deep fry over medium heat until golden brown. On my last trip to Trinidad I made sure to give a try while I was there. Find a step by step video for this homestyle paneer curry. It's one of the main condiments enjoyed in doubles, aloo pies or drizzled on fluffy balls of pholourie. #potatoes #dinner #lunch #mealprep #vegetarian #vegan #whole30 #curry #reciepoftheday, 4th of July or summer picnics just wouldn't be the same without a tasty helping of potato salad, and this recipe for classic Southern Potato Salad is perfect! I have this love-hate relationship with Paneer as I love the way it blends with any other ingredients and hate its effect on my waistline. Check out all these recipes on this site. I miss living in Richmond Hill and being able to have all that good food readily available. I grabbed aloo pie from a shop on Liberty Ave this past Saturday along with a boneless choicken double. Tamarind Chutney for Doubles and Aloo Pie Jump to Recipe Jump to Video Print Recipe Made with tamarind, sweet or sour varieties, peppers and spices, this popular condiment is enjoyed with aloo pies, aloo roti , pholourie, kachori, saheena or doubles. Enjoy! Follow my step-by-step photos or video instructions to make this scrumptious treat at home.I make these Sweet Crepes for breakfast every Sunday. And then you just bring the two ends together to create a crescent shape or a half moon and make sure you press the ends and really good because when it starts to fry, you don't want the ends to open out in the hot oil and then you squeeze it down. To make the tamarind sauce, add tamarind pulp and water to a pot and bring to a boil; make sure to break up the pulp with the back of a spoon. (Kachori recipe coming soon)   Tamarind Chutney... Boiled mango chutney is a popular sweet and spicy condiment in Trinidad. Aloo pie is fried dough filled with savory mashed potatoes that’s seasoned simply with bandhania (culantro), cumin, onion and garlic. Thanks Natalya! To make the filling, mix all ingredients together in a bowl and set aside. This snack (or meal) is right up there in popularity with doubles, pholourie and bake and shark. Here are two recipes for stuffed peppers one the way mom made them Bari style with boiled egg, the other are traditional meat and rice stuffed. But then there is no. Separate dough into 9 pieces then roll each  piece into circle about 1/8 of an inch in thickness. Place a heaping spoonful of the potato mixture in the middle. via @gritspinecones. To serve cut a split length wise and fill top with tamarind sauce or channa channa or any type of meat curry. This recipe is a must try! What is aloo pie? A Trinidadian friend introduced me to it and I fell in love with it instantly. Place between 1 and 1 1/2 tablespoons of the pie mixture in the middle of the circle. Perfect vegetarian meal or a great side dish to your grilled chicken. For the Aloo Pie: Take one dough ball and roll out to about a 6 to 7-inch circle. 1 pepper, seed removed and finely chopped. Add sugar, garlic, salt and pepper and return to the heat. An absolutely delicious, authentic Indian chickpea curry.

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