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their ID numbers internally. Further to this, the records based on the IMO number also require an independent audit trail for each vessel. For further information, please see the  following chart: Applications can be made online at using the free registration system, or you can download a form and send it to IHS Maritime & Trade at the following address: IHS Maritime & Trade Give national authorities information to help them police their waters more effectively. certificates. The unique seven-digit vessel number the company issues to each vessel, preceded by the letters IMO, stays with it until it is scrapped and never changes, regardless of the ship’s owner, country of registration or name. When introduced, the IMO adopted the existing unique ship numbers applied to ships listed by Lloyd's Register since 1963. and is shown on the ship’s certificates. permanent number for identification purposes to each company and/or registered It is recognized by regional fisheries organizations and most governments and is considered the best available global identification system for ships. The IMO number should be inserted on a vessel’s Certificate of Registry, which includes information identifying the vessel, and on all certificates issued under IMO Conventions when and where appropriate. Unlike the MMSI, the intention for the IMO is not for communication, but to reduce fraud and increase safety. which is the rightmost digit. paragraph 6 of the Annex to resolution MSC.160(78) or registration of a ship When the companies or registered owners cannot be identified numbers. number that is assigned to propelled, sea-going merchant ships of 100 The IMO ship identification number is made of the three letters "IMO" followed by the seven-digit number assigned to all ships by IHS Maritime (formerly known as … followed by the seven-digit number assigned to all ships by IHS Fairplay a completed IMO number Request Form. IMO ship identification numbers are assigned by IHS Fairplay (previously Lloyd's Register-Fairplay). IMO numbers help to improve maritime safety and security and to reduce illegal activities. leftmost six digits by a factor corresponding to their position from right The IMO ship identification number is Register-Fairplay) when constructed. The Number is a IHS Maritime - Ships engaged on special service (e.g. Your email address will not be published. IMO:9739082. A Vessels IMO Number. registered owner identification number (hereinafter, referred to as “Number”) to the ship Eendracht (See insert picture). Receive our best conservation research bi-weekly—stunning photos, wins, and action alerts. Illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing worldwide accounts for up to 26 million metric tons of fish annually, worth up to $23.5 billion. of the following: - Vessels solely engaged in fishing a unique seven digit number that is assigned to propelled, all passenger It aimed at assigning a ___________________________________________________________________. This consists of a six-digit sequential unique number followed by a check digit. - Ships engaged on special service (e.g. through the “Search” function, authorized data providers should request the the scheme and, as such, identifies and assigns IMO numbers without charge. - Pleasure yachts IMO Number Registration and Research Register for an IMO ship, company or registered owner number. It may be easier as a flag State to apply for IMO numbers for multiple vessels on your registry at one time. It is recognized by regional fisheries organizations and most governments and is considered the best available global identification system for ships. IMO numbers may be searched at the Equasis website (registration required – no charge). Do you know what happens after you flush the toilet on a ship? Do you know how many types of ships exist? the ship's hull or superstructure. In 1987, the IMO adopted Resolution A.600(15), “aimed at enhancing maritime safety, and pollution prevention and to facilitate the prevention of maritime fraud” by assigning to each ship a permanent identification number which would continue despite any subsequent change in the vessel’s name, ownership or flag.

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