vegan carrot cake recipe

Just made this this evening. It could have done better with another frosting I feel. Hey there….. I did my own spice mixture I am going to make it as is, but I was wondering (since I didn’t see any feedback in comments), has anyone used an all purpose gluten free flour? Thank you for sharing! So you should have used 175 degrees. This looks amazing! The best. I’ve been looking for a vegan carrot cake with a traditional cream-cheesy frosting flavor, and I don’t use those disgusting (IMHO fake cream cheeses, so I’m very excited to try this recipe for a birthday celebration this week. Thank you, Hi! Easy Vanilla Wacky Cake — Best Dairy Free Cake! Yay!!! I ended up using a vegan frosting from the grocery store and made the batter into mini cupcakes (baked for 18 minutes). I have a question, though: can I use soy milk instead of almond milk? Looked great too! So for all the people trying to eat a lower-fat diet, I highly recommend dairy-free yogurt as a perfect substitute for oil, it tastes just as amazing! Stir together the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl. I’m so sorry, maybe it’s a difference between internet browsers? I have since figured out how to make a fabulous vegan cream cheese frosting using a homemade vegan cream cheese! You’d have to go with a more traditional cream cheese frosting recipe (sub in vegan cream cheese if necessary), that can be made in a mixer. Made my own apple sauce with this recipe using two small royal gala apples (made 3/4 cup) This carrot cake looks so delicious! – added 1/2 cup each of chopped pecans and golden raisins. Thank you! I read the comments before I started baking this, and I decided to add half a cup of flour. Combine the plant milk, dates, ¼ cup of the raisins, the banana, and vanilla in a medium bowl. . I don’t think it would freeze (and thaw) well, but you could make it a day in advance and chill it in the fridge. Every time I make this I ask myself what is green that I put in the recipe? Cool in pan 10 mins & transfer to cooling rack. I was reading some comments and saw that it’s use is to help replace eggs. I am making that frosting at the weekend. Your email address will not be published. The recipe yielded 20 cupcakes. Thank you Marly! Copyright © 2020 Love and Lemons, LLC. Usually if you just let your batter sit for a few minutes, the carrots will release more water into the batter allowing you to mix it properly. I’ll try the recipe as is written for next time. ), Hi, Yes I substituted the same amount of Silk Dairy free yogurt for oil, 1/2 of a cup, or almost an entire 5.3 oz container. cream sugar into butter first) as opposed to the “quick bread method” featured here (read more here: : I’m so glad you liked it! You made my day! Also, just wanted to add that I topped my cake with toasted pecans. Sigh… Just the thing for an afternoon treat with a cup of tea. I used half spelt and half almond flour and 40min on the oven but it’s still raw outside and inside . I will definitely be looking at your other recipes in the future. And made the almond milk into ricemilk which was 3/4 cup ( because of the agave syrup). Thanks! Hi Jeanine, Note I’m not vegan neither is my dad who tried it – we both loved it. I want to make this for my bday coming up in a couple of days. Be sure to use a tester in the center to see if the cake is done. This looks lovely. i discovered this website recently so i’ll be trying out a few more! Everyone loved the cake. This cake was amazing it was a big hit in my house. Great recipes! We made these as cupcakes with a vegan cream cheese frosting and they were amazing! Required fields are marked *, Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Yes, you can leave out the walnuts. Preheat the oven to 350°F. great alternative to the classic carrot cake! Dealing with allergies to all nuts, & coconut! My cake is now in the oven and it’s been in for about 40 minutes, still looking quite wet and oily. However it is delicious nevertheless and texture is similar to store bought banana bread. Super Delicious…I used oat flour and gluten free flour mix. Cathy Fisher is the creator of, a website offering free recipes and information on eating a whole-food, plant-based diet free of salt, oil and sugar. I would like to ask you what do you think went wrong with the cake batter – I’ve baked two times with this same recipe in my country and one time when I’ve come to New Zealand and everything went really well theses three times but yesterday I’ve had to throw away the cake batter twice because the batter was so salty… The thing is that I’ve used the same ingredients… What do you think I’ve done wrong? I was worried about how the frosting would turn out, but I was patient and blended for quite a while, and added a splash more almond milk and it turned out beautifully. Cover the top cake and sides with frosting. Are there any comments by those who actually made this? It is moist and flavorful! Along with the shredded carrots, it adds enough moisture to eliminate the need for flax eggs or other unconventional ingredients. You can find the full printable recipe, including ingredient quantities, below. How can I adapt this cake for different cake pan sizes? Lastly add the chopped walnuts if you want to add them. I’m getting ready to try out this recipe for a friend. Will definitely make this again. of coconut oil to reduce the oil content of the recipe. Let stand for 15 minutes or until dates are softened. Thanks a lot from Barcelona, Have just shared this on my blog! Perfectly moist and studded with raisins, this vegan carrot cake is sweetened with dates and banana and gets its rich flavor from cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and vanilla. I ran my specific ingredients through a recipe nutrient calculator and if you cut the cake into 15 pieces instead of the 12 the recipe suggests – it’s 260 cals / piece. This looks amazing. Or can I use “fake eggs?”. I created this alternative vegan cream cheese frosting that holds up better. Kate x. I am shocked at how amazingly delicious it is. So excited. Can I use soy flour for this recipe? Light and airy, with good flavor. . Thrilled beyond! Thank you so much! I feel like you may be missing the purpose of dessert. This recipe is amazingly delicious. The nutrition information shown is an estimate provided by an online nutrition calculator and should not be considered a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice.

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