vandal savage vs deathstroke

But after a short while of being consumed by the Anti-Life rage, he returned to his senses the next day. Deathstroke on top for the moment. Unfortunately, it's the day that Cyborg accidentally brought the Anti-Life Virus to Earth. Deathstroke - winner, Vandal Savage - chicken dinner! Given how that series ended with the few remaining DC heroes and humans escaping on giant arks into space and leaving behind a near-dead Earth, it's unlikely that the villains are going to pull off some miracle and save the planet. RELATED: Jason Todd Finally Gets Revenge on Batman and the Joker in DCeased. Valiant Hero Of The Week: It’s The Eternal Warrior vs. Batman, Deathstroke, and Vandal Savage! Even Deathstroke looked at his phone and was seemingly overwhelmed by the disease. No limits, you can arrange the Battle including each and every known Hero, God, Character or real person! I think that the Eternal Warrior is more likely capable of doing more serious damage to Vandal Savage in a random encounter based on what you see Savage typically carry, and the Eternal Warrior’s tendency to take any advantage he can. Will the Eternal Warrior leave Batman alive when the dust has settled? It's possible that the Creeper isn't immune to the disease, or that Deathstroke's healing factor is only delaying the disease from fully taking hold of him. Although if Gilad takes enough damage he can die, he will always return to a fully healed body – but he can take a lot of damage; he is used to being impaled, cut, stabbed shot and burned. NEXT: DCeased, Suicide Squad Writer Tom Taylor Reveals How He Chooses Who To Kill. Heroes from all around the Universe, let the Battle begin! Making purchases through these links helps support the site. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Along with Deathstroke, Creeper has an advanced healing factor that theoretically could make him immune to the Anti-Life Virus. Vandal Savage is an immortal warrior who intends to conquer the planet. Leg kick scores for the champ. Martian_mind. Team Punisher vs Ra's Al Ghul & Vandal Savage. Deathstroke denies it and takes it down despite Vandal Savage’s underhooks, scrambling through into top position. He can take and ignore a lot of damage and pain. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. Team Batman vs Team Vandal Savage. Vandal Savage vs Deathstroke. When it comes to two skilled fighters going at each other, one unarmed and one not, then I think the outcome is heavily weighted in the favour of the man with the axe and sword. It's the Anti-Life, a collective ideal of darkness and death that's fascinated Darkseid for decades. Deathstroke and Rose are soon greeted by Mirror Master, who reveals that a small band of villains have been assembled by Vandal Savage. It’d be a fight that could last for a long time, and if it was a comic book it could span thousands of years as the two face off across the years. Transmittable through electronics and passable via bite or scratch, much of the world was transformed in an instant by the virus. Given this cruelty, the virus could simply be biding its time before fully consuming him. Vandal Savage tries to cling again before the end of the round but can’t get ahold of Deathstroke. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. But given the death and destruction that's come to the planet, it's really not clear if the world is even still saving. The Hulk: What Happened to Bruce Banner’s Team of Asgardian Gods? Rip Hunter (CW) vs Vandal Savage… But as he proves to his daughter Rose, he remains in control of himself. Does the Dark Knight have enough equipment on him to defeat Gilad? Vandal Savage tries to cling again before the end of the round but can’t get ahold of Deathstroke. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Two of Vandal Savage's recruits, Deathstroke and the Creeper, both have healing factors - which might make them the key to stopping the Anti-Life Virus. Vandal Savage vs Mister Sinister. Deathstroke: * Artificially Enhanced Metahuman Physiology: Due to receiving a serum during a military enhancement procedure, Slade Wilson's physiology was changed permanently. Young Justice 3x09 - … Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. One thing’s for sure – if Batman loses the first encounter, and survives, then he’d be more likely to win the second once he knows who and what he’s up against. X-Men Reveals Who X of Swords' Biggest Losers REALLY Are, DCeased: Two DC Villains Might Be the Key to Beating the Anti-Life, DCeased Reveals Which Gotham Heroes Survived DC’s Zombie Outbreak, Jason Todd Finally Gets Revenge on Batman and the Joker in DCeased, DCeased, Suicide Squad Writer Tom Taylor Reveals How He Chooses Who To Kill, Batman Beyond: Bruce Wayne Has a New Role In Terry's Origin. But in a random encounter? The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. 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