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Students who want to earn a second bachelor’s degree should not apply to the Graduate School. Students will be considered undergraduates until the bachelor’s degree is conferred, at which point they will be officially admitted as master’s students, be charged at the graduate tuition rate, and be eligible for graduate assistantships. See the School of Music and Dance section of this catalog for details. Please refer to the Master's Degrees and Doctoral Degrees sections below for details about residency requirements for each type of degree. Because the minimum registration requirements for the Graduate School may not satisfy some agency requirements, it is the student’s responsibility to register for the required number of credits. A four-year program for students interested in international human rights, this program provides background in legal theory and instruments sensitive to social, cultural, economic, and political realities against which international human rights law is implemented. Visit the Graduate School website for deadlines and submission instructions. Additional details about on-leave status and how to apply are available on the Graduate School website. Contact information, related policies, and complaint procedures are listed An applicant who has been denied admission to a departmental graduate program at the university must have departmental permission to use that department as a program area. Doctoral students must have a minimum of 18 credits of Dissertation (603) to graduate. International students must carry health and accident insurance for themselves and their dependent family members living in the United States. The total tuition and fee waiver, GE salary, and associated insurance benefits can be found, here, on the Graduate School website. An undergraduate student working toward a bachelor's degree must request permission to register for a graduate-level course. Credit for thesis is given pass/no pass. The student may, at the discretion of the department, be required to meet departmental admission policies and degree completion requirements that are in effect on the date of reenrollment. Except in the School of Music and Dance, courses of a highly technical nature that count toward a professional degree only, not toward advanced academic degrees such as an MA, MS, or PhD. The program is designed for students with specific, well-articulated goals that cannot be reached through established departmental programs. Students who earned their undergraduate degrees from institutions outside the United States may substitute an additional 12 credits in the professional concentration for the 12 credits of geographic focus. A former University of Oregon student must be admitted formally to the Graduate School in the same way as a student from any other college or university. IST 608. In close consultation with a faculty adviser, the student develops a program that combines expertise in a specific professional area with interdisciplinary training in Global (International) Studies. In some cases, these materials will be collected electronically as part of the online application. The PDF will include all information unique to this page. Basic graduate courses in sociology are not offered during the Summer Session. We also regularly inform students of other GE opportunities on campus. what is Area, Ethnic, Cultural, Gender, And Group Studies program? Salaries vary by department, and also depend on the student's past degrees and status within their academic program. For graduate students, there are two sets of policies regarding incompletes on the student record—the first is departmental, the second involves the Graduate School. Formal, public defense must take place on campus at a date set by the committee chair and approved by the Graduate School. Scores should be sent directly from the testing agency to the University of Oregon. Geographic Focus. By bringing diverse individuals together to engage in intellectual activities, graduate programs engender respect for intellect, regardless of source, and help to build a community whose members are judged by the quality of their ideas. Subsequent changes in the program must be approved by both the advisor in the area involved and the IS:IP director. These summer students also must complete all degree requirements within the seven-year time limit. Students should become familiar with these requirements before applying and address inquiries about graduate admission to the department or school in which they plan to study, not to the Graduate School or to the Office of Admissions. The time and place of the defense must be publicly noted. what is Natural Resources And Conservation program? The student is responsible for material directly covered in completed graduate courses and for additional independent study in his or her field. Mastrostefano's research interests include contemporary American popular culture, film and media studies, children's studies, women's and gender studies, and feminist studies. Research at the University of Oregon is designed to keep student researchers at the forefront of chemical science. International students may do their internship or research in the United States. Students take 4-8 credits of required proseminar courses. Eugene, Oregon 97403-1219. Students must pay all or most of the costs of most internships and research experiences. On-leave status does not extend the seven-year deadline except when the leave is for the student’s serious health or medical condition or for parenting needs during the 12 months immediately following a child’s birth or placement in the home. Broadening the talent pool from which graduate students are chosen enriches the educational and scholarly activities of all students and faculty members and is good academic practice. Graduate students should become familiar with both sets of policies. University of Oregon offers 147 graduate programs - 79 Master's, 47 Doctorate, 11 Post-bachelor's, and 10 Post-master's. Supervised College Teaching. The 18 required credits in Dissertation (603) do not count toward the residency requirement. Our students come from 75 countries outside of the United States, Scientists find climate may be changing ocean food webs, UO doctoral student was part of an international project that studied predation, UO-led project maps human, climate impacts in the Amazon, Study illustrates human impacts and climate effects in forest-savanna transition zones, UO researchers show why heat stress damages sperm, Project using a roundworm model finds a mechanism that can lead to male infertility, P: The core is composed of GLBL 655 Global Studies Graduate Core Seminar, and one additional 4-credit seminar course. As noted above, some departments require more than 45 credits. Educational Leadership and Administration, East Asian Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, Romance Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, Classics and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, Human Development, Family Studies, and Related Services (other), Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law, Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Law. The master’s program may be a more generalized study of cultural, physical, or environmental geography. Graduate School petition forms are available on the Graduate School website. In the case of a student who has already taken a 400-level course and the corresponding 500-level course is required for the master’s degree, the student may be required to take the 500-level course. Master’s degree candidates must fulfill the requirements of the Graduate School, which are listed below. An undergraduate student in a graduate-level course will be evaluated under Graduate School policy. 1-16 Credits. See the Graduate School website for details. If a doctoral dissertation is being completed, registration must include at least 3 credits in Dissertation (603). Program offerings are listed in the Graduate Majors and Specializations section of this catalog. But Filo sheds light on the ways that early modern poets reveled in sex and the idea of a less-than-stable self: Analyzing these alternative ideas about sexual pleasure, Filo adds, can give modern readers ways to rethink how "natural" their sexual practices and ideologies are: Reeb's "Captions: Reading between the Lines" is a provocative dissertation that explores the intersections of gender and closed captioning in American film and television. As many as half the program’s graduate students are international students. A master's student who attends the university only during summer session must obtain on-leave status for each ensuing school year. At University of Oregon, 109 students are enrolled exclusively in online courses and 151 students are enrolled in some online course. Graduate study in English at the University of Oregon includes traditional literary history and textual study, as well as coursework in critical theory, ethnic literatures, gender studies, cultural studies, rhetoric and composition, postcolonial studies, ecocriticism, folklore, film and television, and popular culture. The degree of doctor of philosophy (PhD) requires distinguished achievement in both scholarship and original research. JC 610. Graduates of the Department of Global (International) Studies serve as international technical advisers, career diplomats, community development professionals, international business and trade experts, analysts in developing countries, international educators, administrators of international programs, and cross-cultural communication consultants.

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