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Illuminating Paraffin Version 2.01 Revision Date21.01.2019 Print Date 21.01.2019 100000006279 6/13 Advice on protection against fire and explosion . 0000001463 00000 n 1426 0 obj <>stream 0000025695 00000 n 0000001202 00000 n startxref Load, transport, storage together is not restricted. 0000003687 00000 n ��/r%��ŧ�W?r�=SK�>+wK|���+�B�T� l��. 0000005575 00000 n Little Pro on 2016-01-07 Views: Update:2019-11-16. Packing group 14.5. Proper shipping name is the standard technical name to describe the hazard properties and the composition of dangerous goods.You need to choose a UN number (usually, 4 digits) and a proper shipping name from Dangerous Goods List that can most accurately describe your … no longer in use) Cigarette lighter or Lighter fluid or Lighter fuels or Lighters (UN No. It works completely offline and provides much more advanced functions than the website. ������~J3. endstream endobj 50 0 obj <> endobj 51 0 obj <> endobj 52 0 obj <>stream ��6�>��{�F�qO��;���Z��[\Ws��c13���;k�Oc����̤���rG���ءW�֌8>����Ly'����-!�&Йt��}�L�)�s���B���Z�]L-Ҡ��4�)~��s���9+Va��0'e* 0000002891 00000 n h��Wmo�8�+�x�г�%À$�� 0000006170 00000 n 0000007216 00000 n #ôՊ�Gǣ�0]g�����p��Y�x ��5���h8��.W7� ���G�N*ɻ� Q2`��{%�t� TY4�y�E�~��"-�h�Һ�m���K���e�� ��h�����W��JF�d��H�8�ӫ5�x�(����#�@� .H:No��ϿF��mz�E'�?�F����p9�$aR��bv����3�yt\��l���g�GI�ݜ��. 0000002732 00000 n h�b```���ܩB ��ea��h����8tHɰ�0�68/�9��0Ձ��DŽM��ˁջW�ݵjD)��5�%Y�U#�2�h��x�%E��E�l_����v�Np*\���7G�@� .F�pm@C+::�;��a3�AL0� �W� ���@�9\��� �-�L�� ia ��Q�A�������>����4H\�`����i���;�t,��u�G � ����d yiy�@���!�Xx�@U� ��b� endstream endobj 1390 0 obj <>/Metadata 45 0 R/Outlines 56 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 1385 0 R/StructTreeRoot 61 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 1391 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 1392 0 obj <>stream (UN No. It is widely used as a fuel in aviation as well as households. Don't have a Premium subscription yet? 0000004983 00000 n $(document).ready( function() { The UN numbers from UN1201 to UN1300 as assigned by the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. <]>> You can find more information in our Terms and conditions, where you can also revoke your consent at any time. trailer %PDF-1.5 %���� UN 1201 to UN 1300. \ wa�`�L���hO����h�Pq��C�,&Ǵ������9F~hi�!�ChWg�&�9f�Kl{�sh���pB. In this table a statement is contained for each hazard class whether the loading, transport or storage with other hazard classes is allowed, is not permitted or is restricted. : 263 DATE: 12/07/02 DISCLAIMER: The foregoing data has been compiled for safety information only and does not form part of any selling specification. 2 0 obj<< %%EOF III (6) Labels (7) Special Provisions (§172.102) Subscribe now using PayPal, or Keep away from heat and sources of ignition.Use explosion-proof equipment. It is widely used as a fuel in aviation as well as households. Advice on common storage. Laurel Paraffin 1 SAFETY DATA SHEET Revision Date : 23.11.2015 1. `�q���;��S�����/���Kr�����V%�OXn���IT&q�F��T׶%�`ޖ��y,�LE�4�0�߲��� Load, transport, storage together is allowed under restrictions. Environmental hazards 14.6. 0000004332 00000 n Wikipedia. ,[7g�����k��I�x���GҖc�N��vk��(����B�8ZH&高��fBY� ,3Z��1Kx&�78��O���֢T PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Product name : Laurel Paraffin Chemical name : Kerosene Synonyms : Paraffin Product use : General purpose fuel UN number : 1223 Supplier : Engen Petroleum Limited (Tel: +27 (0) 21 403 4911, a/h: +27 (0) 21 403 4099) Health Emergency Telephone : +27 (0) 21 689 5227 (Red Cross Poison … Scan the QR code using the Swish app in your phone or tablet. 0000002926 00000 n You can find more information in our Terms and conditions, where you can also revoke your consent at any time. It is sometimes spelled kerosine in scientific and industrial usage. no longer in use), Perfumery products with flammable solvents. no longer in use) petroleum spirit (UN No. 0000008397 00000 n >>stream 0 endstream endobj startxref if (!$("link[href='/ecosuite/css/eco_sk_common.css']").length) h�bbd```b``����������˦"�Y��kɴ�^ &'�E��0��2��"�`�* �+D������@�#+H�L�g�;�@� �^V Kerosene, also known as paraffin, lamp oil, and coal oil (an obsolete term), is a combustible hydrocarbon liquid which is derived from petroleum. }����@�oH��3jA/Z�1^��0�s_A�%g���.�[�p�x�ъB8�q���,�SڸJe���;�%{�S���J���&Y�I˭W��#�d����=D��j�����Unkg7�fع�fy�i���( �H@J�g6��5�o�!��0�C|����ӴG���_��>d�`%ꬍ��߶��ѢZ�^�F�E�am������M�1��'�=f�)#���I1�cɖ]��uN����@u�[$I�/1n�J�����0���Y������{�����*���DՔn��9#1�y�-�N��9q!���9�'8���wҪ� ����3�h ��g!��ɥ�uX�6��n�}�=�)K��9�4�!�I�%�|ˁ��z ��4!^�i�e��Q��s��\{]�`�Rs"޳�\����(S�X�u��L�~�-�'@����� \��j2^�n�qrw��=�4v�K�T��ؿ�����2�K@k4��yH�p�@�+�m�6���]v 0000000876 00000 n 1410 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<4EBC2DDEEC0BCE42851F349E00F026E9><3318EBF89EC8B3459440E7C7FC3FF940>]/Index[1389 38]/Info 1388 0 R/Length 102/Prev 265737/Root 1390 0 R/Size 1427/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream //in case the css didnt load, load it here The table is based on U.S.-Code 49 CFR §177.848. LIQUID PARAFFIN 1 IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/PREPARATION AND COMPANY/UNDERTAKING PRODUCT NAME: LIQUID PARAFFIN ... CAS Number 8042-47-5 ... UN MUMBER . ���2�QCE��!͑�>iȽ��c�.��$6'���Hwf����t�식�}@�!�L��B�[�m�TJ%N�b�qN�bWzi����Ģk�?�m�v��v��k��3�� O�a����褝���.+���y3z8��Na�d�����_�0���(Mr�����d��3�����S?4S?�Cs�lb�F]�sϻh��)S��d����[��aʘ���ž��;Α��e��V�����a��VZ���+?׈ UN Markings Guide How to Read and Identify UN Packaging Codes. >> endobj $('').appendTo("head"); 0000028388 00000 n C1 Kerosene/Premium Paraffin CAS number 91770-15-9 EC number 294-799-5 Composition comments UVCB Substance 4.1. 36 29 Petroleum distillates, n.o.s. x�b```���,���ce`a���40\�%����Fa������IYf1�d⚐D+t��.��N;����)u4Z�x�mI���Bl����n� 2�Qؼl*;�bG���4�q ��p+�20�[ ���X,������5����L Ǚ x��DY�^�v2`�������5;��8�~��H3�-�(F^��� ��LW Special precautions for user 14.7. �2]��F�ºCX�L�/���p}&�� H�tS�n�0��+�H嚤�ҵH)zPފT[J��ta�h��]��N’���}0~nV1:P�FcкI�:Nz�ⶑ����a����Sl�A� bQ0!g�u�C36cӡѾpֈ(m��d��CL5 A؀�wćF��RgQ &��8�`S����*i�q $('').appendTo("head"); UN proper shipping name 14.3.

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