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We value your privacy. We wrote the book on transformer maintenance. All tests are conducted in accordance with ASTM, IEEE, IEC and NETA standards in the RESA California laboratory. 21419 Kratzmeyer Road Accurate transformer oil test results are an excellent indicator of the condition of your transformers. SDMyers has combined popular features of Transformer Dashboard® with four premium features to create the most powerful and dynamic transformer management tool in the industry. Infrared inspections play a pivotal role in preventative maintenance programs. We are electrical engineers that perform circuit breaker testing, transformer testing, relay testing and calibration, switchgear cleaning and testing … Please try again later. Take the Survey! Your transformer’s insulating oil should be free from moisture, dissolved gases and particles that accumulate as the oil ages. Routine testing of transformer insulating oil is an essential maintenance function that ensures a safe working environment and helps eliminate the possibility of disrupted production resulting from a transformer failure or explosion. When looking for transformer oil testing companies, PetrolinkUSA specializes in analysis, quality testing, and oil distillation for the power generation industry. Instant Access to the Information You Need. The replacement fluid (polyethylene glycol) needed to contain less than 3% total volume of the existing fluid at the end of the project. Learn More. Remove the moisture from your transformer’s fluid and paper to prevent further damage and to limit potential faults. Our transformer preventive maintenance includes the latest in transformer oil testing equipment. We have increased the size of our transformer oil analysis laboratory to include highly trained personnel and the best analytical equipment available. We will never sell your information. Maintain fluid levels to protect your transformer against the dangers of overheating. Samples can be mailed into our full service laboratory or drawn by one of our highly trained field service technicians. Let us know how we are doing. Working with MVA means you have selected a company experienced in all aspects of the transformer life cycle: from installation, to oil testing and diagnostics, to field repairs and oil maintenance. If we ever need flushing services again, we know who we’ll call. It informs everything we do. Our laboratory can perform the full range of transformer oil testing in addition to the standard oil screens and DGA. Through our network of field sales engineers and field technicians, RESA currently performs work throughout North America. Find out how we can help develop a Moisture Reduction Plan utilizing proven DryMax technology. All equipment will be photographed and photos are made a permanent part of the records and added to the finished test report. Depending on the type of transformer in service, any combination of different gas concentrations can indicate potential problems that must be avoided. As electrical engineers, we have the knowledge and expertise to properly analyze and test your facility’s entire electrical system. Our certified lubricant analysis technicians provide the following services for power plants: We have the knowledge and field experience to be your go-to reliability partner. Keep up to date with the latest from Trico. Bakersfield, CA 93312, 3890 Pheasant Ridge Drive - Suite 170 Trico is committed to providing quality oil analysis services. Testing Services: Transformer Oil manufacturers, service companies and distributors are listed in this trusted and comprehensive vertical portal. Our transformer preventive maintenance includes the latest in transformer oil testing equipment. From maintenance and analysis to power studies and training, RESA  Power Service provides all of the services you need. Our transformer preventive maintenance includes the latest in transformer oil testing … Drum pumps, storage systems, color fittings, and funnels, Desiccant breathers, filter carts, and hydraulic reservoir kit, Vented oilers, closed system oiler, and expansion chambers, Sampling ports, pitot tubes, vacuum pumps, and accessories, Automatic grease dispensers, grease meter, and grease guns, Oilers, applicator brushes, and manifolds, Liquid level gauges, viewports, and sump bottles, Spray coolant systems, micro dispenser, and lubricants, Wear Particle (Ferrography) Analysis Training Class. Expert transformer condition diagnostics backed by five decades of data-driven wisdom. PowerCom is an electrical testing company in Chicago Illinois. Following some methods for Transformer oil testing: 1.Color D1500(standard): C olor is determine meaning of transmitted light and give a numerical value based on series color stranded.Therefore Transformer oil testing … Faults in transformers occur in areas immersed in the insulating oil and/or are in close proximity to cellulose insulation. Improve safety and operations with RESA's training programs. Your transformer’s insulating oil should be free from moisture, dissolved gases and particles that accumulate as the oil ages. RESA can perform all necessary switchgear inspections, relay tests, electrical equipment cleaning, and calibration needed to keep your electrical system in optimal operating condition. In addition to a comprehensive test report that details all test analysis data, also included will be recommendations for possible corrective actions detected by the test analysis and inspection(s). Do you have a need for lube oil quality testing and dissolved gas analysis testing for your transformers? Analysis of the concentration of various gases within transformer insulating oil and the monitoring of physical properties will indicate the condition of your power transformers. Sample Guard comes with all the necessary hardware and is easy to install. Visual comparison of oil before and after flushing. Located in Chicago, we are electrical engineers that specialize in electrical testing, maintenance, electrical infrared inspections, and engineering services. PetrolinkUSA completed a very thorough removal of the existing fluid, exceeding the power plant’s expectations, fixing the existing equipment reliability problems, and meeting the project budget. From maintenance and analysis to power studies and training, RESA Power Service provides all of the services …

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