transformer oil bdv test standards

A leak will allow moisture and air to enter the transformer, which could degrade the insulation and oil. The transformer oil is filled in the vessel of the testing device. Hard barricading the area to ensure that only authorized personnel are within the filling and processing area. At certain Voltage the insulation level gets breakdown according to the insulating property of oil. Temperature of dry air entering the transformer shall be at least as high as that of the transformer and at least 10° higher than the dew point of the outside air. 7. Their formation is particularly rapid at operating temperatures above 75oC. Periodic tests for acidity, sludge and flash point are very essential in the case of large-sized transformers. A plant which provides for heating filtration and drying under vacuum is to be preferred as filtering alone cannot remove moisture and dissolved air. The actual period may be varied depending upon the severity of the service and observation of results. Electrical and thermal stress or chemical contamination can cause failures and reduced component life. ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) has developed the standards for oil testing. This value is noted down which must be 30 KV (RMS) for 4mm gap and 20 KV (RMS) for 2.5 mm gap. Leaks in the temporary piping and connections lead to danger of drawing moisture into the tank if it is under vacuum during periods of high humidity or during rain. The following tests can be adopted before using the insulating oil. thick, sharp edges with no more than 0.254 mm (0.01 in.) Proper record of breakdown strength of oil will be a good guide to the state of oil as oil with moisture and impurities has low breakdown voltage. Acids are formed in a transformer during operation. The cup is then filled with sample oil to be tested. – 145oC. The pressure-vacuum gauge indicates the tank gas space pressure relative to atmospheric pressure. The cup top is covered with a clean glass plate. The following tests we recommended for a complete analysis of a transformer’s oil: Dielectric breakdown (ASTM… PREMIUM Membership Required. maintain insulating properties of the material such as paper, winding, etc. Unsealed drums be set aside and not to be included in the filling. The sample containers should be kept tightly covered throughout the period before the test. This step is necessary to ensure that the oil, core and winding in the transformer get more additional drying. IEC 60156 is an international standard that incorporates the use of either brass ball electrodes (Fig. Transformer Oil BDV Test Kit with IEC standard  is apply to test the insulating oil's dielectric strength, which is designed as per the requirement of IEC165 Testing Method of Insulation Oil Medium Strength, which via proper programming, has got functions of auto boosting, step down, stirring, display and print out. The “dielectric breakdown test” is calculated as an average of five breakthroughs achieved in a standard discharger with two electrodes submersed in the oil at 2.5 mm distance from each other. The oil should be drawn from near the bottom and delivered back into the transformer tank at the top. After breakdown of oil medium, HV break off will operate within 10 seconds to enable an auto isolation of control system partly; this effectively safeguards the personnel security and equipment safety. The breakdown voltage is that voltage at which sustained arcing takes place. The maximum tank pressure at which the pressure relief device will remain sealed is stamped on the relief device nameplate. Measurements are made by the amount of potassium hydroxide (KOH in … Please be cautious and check with your supplier if this product is for virus protection purposes and if the coronavirus (COVID-19) will affect your order. Operation of all alarm, control, and trip circuits shall be verified from temperature and level indicators, pressure relief device, and fault pressure relay, if applicable. This test shows the dielectric strength of Transformer oil. Two different electrode gap separations can be chosen – either 1 or 2 mm. BDV or Break Down Voltage is the Dielectric strength of Transformer Oil. It is expressed in terms of the number of milligrams of potassium hydroxide (KOH) required to neutralize the total free acids in one gram of oil. Your email address will not be published. Stirring is constant during the test, even during the intervals between breakdown measurements, with a two-bladed impeller having a defined pitch and operating speed between 200 and 300 rpm. Specific gravity – 0.85 to 0.88Acidity at 27oC max. This is typically used for liquids in which insoluble breakdown products easily settle during the interval between breakdowns (petroleum oils, hydrocarbons, natural and synthetic esters). The vacuum time is based on the transformer rating, voltage and the Company Specifications. BDV Test is an very important testing procedure for the insulation oils in transformer. Never ever take chances for any unsealed drums, a small amount of solvents, hydraulic and engine oils, diesel fuel and water will eventually jeopardize the whole process. The supplier’s transactions conducted via in the past 6 months. Sampling of Oil received in bulk container should be taken one sample for  each container. This is also used for silicone liquids or to establish the breakdown value of a liquid where an ASTM specification does not exist (new liquids, R&D, etc.). Can store 99 groups’ oil testing data which is convenient to reading and print. ASTM D1816 is the most widely used standard in North America. Transformer oil is crucial in the cooling process of a transformer. This is typically used for liquids in which insoluble breakdown products do not completely settle during the interval described in Procedure A. | The temperature gauge is furnished to indicate to top liquid temperature in the tank. In this article check out some important keywords: transformer oil, transformer oil testing, oil used in transformer, bdv of transformer oil. June 5, 2016 by admin. The diameter of spheres or test electrode has been specified as 12.7 mm and air-gap between the spheres as 4 mm. For measuring BDV of transformer oil, portable BDV measuring kit is generally available at site. Correct liquid level shall be verified in all tanks and bushings. Lastly, take approximately (1) litre of oil for dielectric strength test and other test required to ascertain health oil. The transformer oil or insulating oil is used in transformers as well as some electrical equipment to: This oil should be clean, free from moisture and other harmful contaminants and possess the following characteristics: Dielectric strength (one minute)- 40 KV (RMS) with a 4 mm gap.Viscosity at 27oC in centistokes-max.– 27Pour point-max. Simply operate: automatically (can be finished just press on key). Therefore, the dielectric strength of the oil at the bottom may be lower. OIL LEAK REPAIR TRANSFORMER OIL LEAK TEST. Six breakthroughs are achieved in the test and the last five are averaged. In general, if breakdown cannot be achieved at 2 mm, then the gap should be decreased to 1 mm. To take the sample, the glass tube is lowered in the drum, and it’s open end is closed firmly with the thumb while withdrawing the tube. the quantity of test sample should be drawn from the bottom of a drum, transformer, or other apparatus. Double Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine, Insulating Oil Purification Equipment, 3.

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