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Fantastic!! It looks so pretty in the glass pitcher. What changes would you suggest to make a bathtub full? Omitting the sugar? Great for summer, great for winter, try it hot and add some sp… Everyone who tried it loved it. You can add almost any fruit you like. and then I wake up to this. Refreshing New Sangrias To Chase Away Bad Memories. Our FREE 49-Page Fan Favorites e-Book has 20 recipes we think you’ll LOVE! For fruit, we used oranges and leftover frozen blackberries. Traditional Easy Red Wine Sangria Recipe + Video - Whiskaffair Add red wine and stir to incorporate, then taste and adjust flavor as needed. Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! I’ve already told my Spain companions about it and I’m bringing some over to them this weekend because they’ve also been searching for a recipe that captures what we drank in Spain. Flavor formula: red wine + rum + lemon + lime + orange. I had this at a friend’s party last summer, and then again about one month ago, and loved it. So excited to try this!! Hi Dana! So the’re not necessarily doing “it” right, but I get it. If you don’t mind, where did you get it? Thanks for sharing! We just purchased a rather blah Pinot Noir. Hey there! How would I make this in bulk (particularly 6 litres)? We basically made the recipe as described, using rum (about 1/4 cup) plus about 1/4 cup of raspberry liquor, orange juice, and brown sugar. I added strawberries and pineapple to this one and some Triple Sec to sweeten. Lovely. I know this is almost a year after you posted – I’m always late to the party! For an easy but no less delicious non-alcoholic version, swap the red wine for chilled grape juice. Thank you for this very simple and tasty recipe! Thanks, I made this with a bottle of red wine I won at a tombola added pure orange , lemonade no fruit as didn’t have any fancied a sangria and it was lovely ? Wonderful! I would suggest making ice cubes ahead of time using the same wine. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. This sangria is my new go-to summer drink. Next time will use lighter Spanish wine as suggested above. Can I use this for base of sangria. Can I use Albero Spanish Rose for this recipe? I added a bit more brandy, orange juice and brown sugar. I personally love it and think it’s on par with a higher end Spanish restaurant rather than the cheap and cheerful ones that merely combine red wine and orange Fanta. This is the best basic sangria recipe i have tried, and i made it a couple of different ways! I want to make it tonight for tomorrow night. I did not like it. I am hoping to make this tomorrow for my Moms 60th birthday bash! She travelled to Spain last year and said it reminded her so much of the sangria she had there. Hola! I’m with you on the brandy – for me, it’s just what’s used in sangria. I remove the fruit from it after 24 hours so it keeps a little longer in the fridge. Mix half and half with red wine. I added a dash of cinnamon once for a wintery version and it was perfect. Years ago, we shared a recipe for Easy Traditional Red Sangria, and you all have loved that! THANK YOU!!!! Garnish with freshly cut lemon or orange wheels if desired. Basic Sangria: A very simple, basic sangria recipe. I love this recipe! xo. Wow these look delicious! This drink is not be be drank lightly as you will get drunk very easily with it (been there, done that, got the Tshirt). I made this exactly per the recipe except I threw the whole orange and apple in verses just half of each. How long did you leave it in the large 2.2 gallon jug? We are so glad you enjoyed it! 6 people. I love sangria but had never made it. We made this recipe for party this weekend times 6, or 6 bottles of Anciano Tempranillo wine along with Christian Brothers brandy, in a 2.2 gal mason-style jug with spout from World Market. I doubled the recipe, used rum, and everyone drank the whole bowl for christmas dinner. So as you rightly say the best wine for a Sangria is strong wine. Always love looking your recipes UP. (Kept all the oranges though) Moderately priced spanish red and moderately priced brandy. Feel free to tag us in a photo on instagram =) Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Having recently returned from a Spanish holiday where I drank copious amounts of authentic Spanish sangria, I was keen to have a go at making it myself for a barbecue today. I always use this one now! We were in both northern and southern Spain but the sangria was always the same – always delicious! My daughter had been to Spain in May and said this Sangria was exactly what she had in Barcelona! Thanks for sharing, Becky! Or make and serve? Lime —Eric Asimov. I can’t wait to spice it up with cinnamon sticks and star anise and make this for all my holiday get togethers :). I did add a little bit of sprite as well. Thanks for sharing! I don’t think so, unfortunately. I too had just returned from Spain where I had the most delicious red sangria I’ve ever had. I used a bottle of Apothik red and a Rioja. Everybody loved it! Thanks for sharing, Devine! I made it exactly as the recipe ~ well, triple though ;-)))) and I’m going to add the ice when I transfer it to the serving pitcher. Wine and peaches in syrup. I left the sugar out because I wanted to taste it without sugar first. We also add a mixture of liquors, which may not be the wisest thing, but sangria is usually drank to get drunk. Thanks for the recipe! The mixer only costs about $1 each in Spain. And this one looks perfect. Often drunk at parties. Add some light red Pinot noir,a touch of agave syrup,plenty of fruit and some brandy or I like a more spiced flavoured rum ? Hey y’all…here in NORTH CAROLINA we make something very simular to this… we call it P.J. I use about 1 cup of orange juice and 1/2 cup of brandy and definitely use 4 tablespoons of brown sugar. We then transferred to a punch bowl with frozen fruit ring to keep it chilled (water plus fruit maxed out, made in a bundt pan), then added ice to each glass when served. Thanks for the recipe and happy Sunday to me! I followed recipe pretty close, although I didn’t muddle the fruit…it still was super yummy!! While this sangria is delicious as is, this recipe intentionally leaves ample room for improvisation and additions, and should therefore be used as a springboard to create your own unique sangria recipes. We were out of orange juice, so I improvised with an all-fruit no-sugar-added tangerine popsicle. Thanks for sharing! Subscribe now for full access. I love a classic sangria! ps: I only had blackberry brandy on hand, but I think I’ll stick with blackberry in the future as it’s pretty yummy ;-). Found your recipe, which was super easy to make with minimum ingredients, gave it a shot and voila! Thank you. Whoa!! Also, although cheap wines are used often, using mid priced wines is recommended. Thank you so much for this. Amazing recipe. Just like the one you have in Spain in a hot summer day. Could you clarify what you mean by “muddle”? Start with a little less first, then work up. Raise a toast to sunny days with our fun, fruit-filled pitchers. Made this sangria today and it is fantastic! Will definitely make this again. We used Apricot Brandy and made it the night before. Easy to make and very refreshing!! This is DELICIOUS!!! Adjust the sweetness by your choice of wine, adding or subtracting sugar, and your choice of fruit. !” :-)))), Awesome recipe made it tonight it was a huge hit. Good set of ingredients, should be good as a drink. It only took a few days to get two 1.5 L bottles to Los Angeles but the shipping is $40. Just made this for Thanksgiving dinner! I have spent a lot of time all over Spain and honestly, the wine they use in sangria is often the cheapest. Brilliant recipe. Squeeze the lemon and orange wedges into the pitcher. Thank you so much for this! Used entire apple and orange, plus added some strawberries. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Bev!

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