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Despite the incredible combination and hearty nature, Chapli Kebab is often enjoyed as a side dish to the main course. The pieces are brushed with ghee (clarified butter) at intervals to increase its flavour while being continuously fanned. Dum pukht or slow oven cooking is a cooking technique, in which meat and vegetables are cooked over a very low flame, generally in sealed containers. Meat is the prime ingredient with rice, being chicken the most common type. It is spiced with freshly grounded cumin, coriander, and pepper. Other ingredients may include cashews, kismis and fruits, such as apples and pineapples. What does it taste like: The soup-like gravy has a predominating taste of garlic and onion, offering a subtle effect on your taste buds. The spice level in this recipe is mild so add more green chili if needed. What does it taste like: The dominating flavors of lentils and spices subdue the raw taste of meat, making it a staple food for all. Haleem is a hearty concoction of several different kinds of lentils, barley, chickpeas, and wheat. Try it, this will become your go-to mince recipe. I’ve taken this particular pizza out of my oven on many occasions, mostly for guests, because such pleasures must be shared. You will easily find Biriyani everywhere in Pakistan or in any Pakistani restaurant around the World. What is it: A chicken preparation cooked in “karahi”( hence the name) along with spices. So, while exploring the beautiful cities of the country, don’t miss out on the local delicacies! However, the second main ingredient for Korma is actually the meat (chicken, mutton, beef) which is slowly cooked and infused with spices. They are often garnished with dried nuts such as almonds to enhance flavour. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. The spice content in the Karahi can be varied whereas the tenderness of the meat can go from soft to well done to meet personal preference. What is it: Deep fried golden brown potato cutlets. To start this list off right, I just have to talk about Nihari. Share it! I'm a full-time traveler and freelance writer. The very spicy yet super delicious roast is generally made in a big cooking vessel called Degh but this recipe makes it easy to make at home. It is also gluten-free. This fine-tuned tehari (spiced rice and potatoes) recipe consists of the perfect blend of spices for a fragrant and delicious rice experience. Another iconic barbecue delight from Pakistan is the Seekh Kebab. What does it taste like: The aromatic rice, enhanced with cardamom, saffron, and other spices, goes well with any spicy side dish and condiments like raita. In some styles, the meat (chicken, mutton or beef) becomes one of the many layers that are added individually. It’s stuffed eggplants baked on broil, and then placed in a tomatoes infused curry. Some basic ingredients like onion, curry, and spices are allowed to cook for several hours and often overnight. What is it: Beef, mutton, or chicken slowly cooked along with rice and spices. What does it taste like: The finely cooked chicken offers a spicy and subtle taste due to an amalgamation of turmeric, coriander, ginger, and other spices. This clarified butter flatbread is indulgent and tasty. Haleem is also a very popular stew that is cooked overnight. This is an easy but loud chicken recipe that calls for tikka masala, ketchup, and mayonnaise or cream. Nihari is basically a heap of dry spices fried in vegetable oil and animal fat. Despite our love-hate relationship with our neighbour, Pakistan, there's no ignoring the connecting thread between the two nations. The balls are then soaked in a light sugar syrup flavoured with green cardamom and rose water, kewra or saffron. Chicken Karahi. Just marinate mince meat and pan fry it. Also known as gajar ka halwa, this dish is made using a combination of grated carrots, nuts, milk, sugar and clarified butter. Naan, kulcha, paratha, roti, chapati, shermal, tandoori roti, taftan, double roti, pao are few to name. It can be made with lamb or beef but chicken biryani is a favorite. A brightly colored sweet rice that's a Pakistani favorite. The koftas are soft, full of flavor and melt in the mouth. Which means this will be a huge and grand collection. The unique style of cooking curry in a wok (AKA Karahi) will take your heart. Onions, garlic, ginger, and other seasonal vegetables are commonly added as you travel further south. However economical restrictions make daal and sabzi more common food enjoyed by all strata of society. Bitter melon is thought to have a range of health benefits including purifying the blood, lowering blood sugar and boosting the immune system, which is why most Pakistanis have childhood memories of being persuaded to eat it by their parents despite its sour taste. What does it taste like: The enthralling combination of meat and spices lure you with its peppery and savory taste. A quick and simple chicken gravy recipe with delectable flavors and aroma. You just can’t go wrong with this. The exact origin of the dish is uncertain, but it was developed in the Muslim areas of the Indian subcontinent. What is it: Spiral juicy fried dessert prepared with flour, yeast, soda, and sugar. In every event from anniversaries to ceremonies, public meetings, public voting, religious gathering or niyaz culture, food, and snacks hold major attraction and driving force. The locals go for quality as much as the quantity and the love for food is ingrained in the culture. [Wikipedia]. Shahi tukda not only makes a quick dessert, but it is also a great way to utilize leftover slices of bread. The very authentic Pakistani bakery style chicken patties. Best served with a scoop of ice cream on the side, this flavorful but light dessert often makes an appearance at weddings and parties. Serve with some ketchup on the side for best taste. Oozing with flavour, this savoury dish is bound to leave you satiated. Lab-e-Shireen is a rich Pakistani ‘custard and fruit’ based dessert that is both highly refreshing and incredibly delicious. Bitter melon or bitter gourd is a notorious vegetable  in proverbs and sayings for its bitter flavor like ‘karwa karela’, ‘karela si batein’ but the bitterness has sweet effects on health. I like this version more than the above version because it sets very well. Dhal (Lentil Stew). Simple and easy to prepare, it has a distinct flavour of saffron and cardamom, and tastes delicious whether warm or chilled. What is it: A traditional kebab using minced beef and spices, garnished with parsley, tomatoes, and onions. Probably the most famous restaurant in the capital is Monal, which is uphill with an outstanding view of the city. A common item to be found in local sweet shops, jalebis are a part of meals during months like Ramadan. What is it: A curry preparation consisting meat (mutton or lamb) or gosht and potatoes or aloo, garnished with coriander leaves. If you are owner of any restaurant, cafe or a street food stall and you are serving Pakistani traditional food, we are giving you a platform to present our rich taste to the world. White biryani is full of juicy and spicy masala but the look of this biryani is white. Finally, the creamy cheesy veggie sauce. It is now commonly seen in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region as street food. A unique and delicious chicken that can be eaten with rice or roti and even alone without any carbs. The skewer is then held aloft a bed of charcoal which slowly sears and cooks the meat. Imagine you are craving a decadent chocolate biscuit pudding and you want to enjoy it immediately. The step by step pictorial make is so easy. Biryani. When a yummy filling is wrapped in mashed potatoes and coated with bread crumbs, the filling taste even better. There is no much information online neither. The traditional meat for kebabs is most often mutton or lamb, but regional recipes may include beef, goat, chicken, fish, or more rarely due to religious prohibitions, pork. This is really easy peasy and tasty recipe of Aloo palak. One of the most famous and popular dish in Pakistan. Shhh…. Subscribe our email newsletter for future updates. Tandoori Chicken Pizza (Tea for Turmeric). It is served with a bowl of spicy tamarind dip. It is prepared with rice fried in oil where the chef continuously adds dry spices during the cooking. A Pakistani Recipe To Nihari. This popular street food was once sold by cart-pushing vendors who would sing out their presence while hawking their wares. The piece of meat is then barbecued traditionally on coal to give it a smoky finish before being served hot off the barbecue. Pakistani dishes are generally easy to make but often very difficult to truly master. Although the dish varies from region to region, it always includes wheat or barley, and sometimes meat and/or lentils. Paratha. It is usually accompanied by a side dish of raita (light yoghurt). The recipe is quick, just add everything in the pot and let it slow cook for 30 minutes. I had been making this Vegetable Biryani for years. This dish is truly a game-changer for … It used to be left to simmer and cook overnight to be served at sunrise.

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