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var sc_project=7829091; Regular price €749.00, On Sale "); Dynamites. Packaged Explosives Emulsions. //-->, Water Gel Explosives > Inert Simulants > Inert “SAK PAK” Water Gel Chub Pouch Type Cartridge, WATER GEL EXPLOSIVES—INERT SIMULANTS - KEEP, Inert Ammunition: Complete Cartridges, Primers, Cartridge Cases, Projectiles, Anti-Personnel, Anti-Tank, and Stake Mines—Inert Replicas and Improvised Models, Artillery Projectiles and their Fuzes—Inert Replicas, Aviation Security Training Aids Mounted on Display Boards, Barometric and Altimeter Armed/Initiated Devices, Binary Explosives (Kinepak, Kinepouch, Slurry, Texpak—PLE, FIXOR, Dambuster), Body Cavity Insertable Aviation Threat Devices, Body Cavity Insertable IEDs Internally Concealed Devices, Bomb Disposal Tool: Remotely Operated Pipe Bomb De-Capper, Boobytraps Victim Initiated Devices – Improvised, Boobytraps Switches Demolition Firing Devices – Military, Bulk Plastic Explosives Inert Simulants for C4, PE4, Semtex, DM12, Cast, Flaked and Pressed TNT – Inert Simulant, CBRNE Dispersion Devices Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive, Circuit Boards and Sensor/Initiator Circuitry, Commercial High Explosives Main Charge — Inert Simulants, Concealment Devices for IEDs and Smuggling, IED Components, Ammunition Ordnance, Cutaways Exploded View, IED Training, Ordnance Training, Firearms and Drugs, Manuals and Data Sheets, Cutaways IED Components, Military Ordnance and Ammunition – Inert, Detonating Cord; “Dogbone” Detcord Connectors, Detcord Relays—Inert Simulants, Detonators, Squibs, Electric Matches, Bridgewire Assemblies—Inert Simulants, Firearm Inert Look-alike Training Aids for X-Ray Training and Metal Detector Training, Grenades—Hand, Rifle, Parachute and Launcher Types—Inert Replicas, Improvised Boobytraps, Victim Operated and Anti-Handling IEDs, Microtrace Explosive and Pseudo Drug Marker Pens for K9 Training, Military Demolition Blocks and Charges Sheet Explosives, Magnetically Attached IEDs and Mines—Inert Replicas, Movie Props for Feature Film and TV Program Production, Power Sources, Solar Devices, Batteries, Transformers, Capacitors, Converters, Pipe IEDs (Pipe Bombs) including Steel, Plastic, Copper, Glass, Brass—Inert, Radiation Detection and Remediation Personal Devices, Propellant Simulants for Black Powder and Smokeless Powder; Inert Ammunition, Pyrotechnic Blast Simulators: Grenades, Vests, Belts, Mortars, Pipe IEDs and UVIEDs, Rocket Launcher, Rocket Grenade, RPG—Inert Replicas, Radiological Dispersion Devices (RDDs-–-“Dirty Bombs”)—Inert Replicas, Semtex-H, Semtex-S1A, Semtex-10 Inert Simulants, Sensor/Change—Electronically Initiated Devices, Safety Fuse / Time Fuse / Blasting Fuse—Inert Simulants, Sheet Explosives, Detasheet, Flex-X, Sheetex—Inert Simulants, Shrapnel Types: Exemplars, Wound Illustrations and X-Rays of Victims, Shaped Charges, Platter Charges, Explosive Formed Projectiles (EFPs), Sheer Wire, Spring and Rubber Band Initiated Devices, Suicide/Homicide Belts, Vests, Chest Packs and Backpacks, Signal Flares; Highway and Railway Fusees—Inert Replicas. Due to the security nature of our products required fields are marked.
You can see one in the movie 3:10 to Yuma. Tovex is a water-gel type of explosive used to splinter boulders in mines and gouge out foundations at construction sites, and the 220 half-pound tubes found near … Non-Electric. €339.00, On Sale Im not a Terrorist just starting to collect weird antiques.Thanks,Tyler By the way Ive tried Ebay. Sold Out. Due to the security nature of our products required fields are marked. Regular price (water gel explosive). It is a wooden box that makes the TNT explode (ignite). Biafo Industries Limited having its registered office at 1st Floor, Biafo House, Plot No.


Timers—Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Chemical, Technical Manuals, Articles, Books and Publications, Vehicle-Borne IEDs (VBIEDs) and Under-Vehicle IEDs (UVIEDs), Training Kits of Inert Explosives, Grenades, Circuitry, Landmines, IEDs and Components, Underwater Devices; See also Limpet Mines, Security Training Videos, Security Courses, Refresher Courses, Presentations, Exercises.


Regular price Partnerships with actual explosive manufacturers allow us to supply premium quality factory OEM inert materials that offer unmatched realism. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND TENDER FORM, FOR TENDER SALE ON SE 07-466-17 By bidding for any items included in the sale the bidder confirms that he accepts and is bound by the following terms and conditions: 1.

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