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Sri Subramanya Swami Thirukovil, Tiruttani Special: Tiruttani Tiruppugazh Tiruvizha (New Year Step Festival) The beautiful temple of Lord Muruga at Tiruttani crowns a single rock 700 feet above sea level. Thiruthani. There are 365 steps to reach this hilltop temple of Tiruttani Subramanya Swamy.There is also a motorable road to reach upto the temple. The temple has a three tiered tower facing the east direction. Lord Subramanya is said to have offered to return the white elephant, however Indra refused to accept a gift that he had made and instead requested that the elephant face his direction, hence the image of the elephant in this temple also faces the east. They took charge of a school and an orphanage in George Town locality. He has participated in many Temple Functions all over India and Malaysia. The east facing sanctum enshrines Shiv Linga called as Neelakantheswarar. Lord Subramanya is said to have offered to return the elephant, but Indra refused to accept it and insisted that that the elephant face his direction. Then he went All over India, and also participated in Temple Function held at Nepal, and Singapore. SRI SIVASAILANATHAR PARAMAKALYANI TEMPLE – SIVASAI. It is one of the six holy abodes of Lord Muruga popularly known as Arupadaiveedu, The hill has 365 steps indicating the number of days in a year.      Dashami(Durga) This place represents the site where Subramanya stayed after destroying the demon Surapadman. Tiruttani Subramanya Swamy Temple situated in Tamil Nadu is one of the famous temple dedicated to the Lord Murugan. The hill temple can be reached by road, and also accessed through a flight of 365 steps. Sivachariar Started His Service in Sri Karpaga Vinagayar Temple at Pillaiyar Patti.      Pratipada His Five generations had served Vilathikulam Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple and Arulmigu Sankaranarayanaswamy Thirukkovil Temple in Sankarankoil. Virtual tour of Subramanya Swami Temple Tiruttani(Padai veedu-5) : A 360 degree Photo view of a Subramanya Swami Temple Tiruttani(Padai veedu-5) Temples. There are 365 steps to reach this hilltop temple of. Another legend has it that Skanda married Deivayanai the daughter of Indra, the King of the Gods. This school ultimately became the historic Church Park campus of schools, the prestigious convent of the city, where many prominent citizens did their education. It has four prakarams and a series of towers. It was there even during the Tamil Sangam age.      Dwitiya      Ashtami(Durga) Tiruttani Temple Accommodation Current Booking. According to legend, Devayani, daughter of Indra married Lord Murugan and was presented Indra’s elephant Airavatam as part of his dowry offering. This temple stands among the 6 Padaiveedu’s of Lord. The first pair of dwarapalas are called as Jaya and Vijaya whereas the next two are named as Sumukha and Sudeha. Temple Inside darshan is suspended until further notice, Check virtual puja schedule under Upcoming Events, Preorder Your Temple Calender 2021-Click on the paybee link to order, 5th Annual Gala, Dec 5 2020 at 7PM - Click on Donate and Track to purchase tickets, Saturday, Nov 29: Karthigai Deepam Celebrations, 10AM - Sri Shiva Murugan Abhishekam & Aarathi, 1PM - 3PM - Virtual Murugan Thirukalyanam, Zoom link to Join the Virtual puja: https://zoom.us/j/96445525176.      Sankatahara Chaturthi(Ganesh) Instead of Kartikeya's regular vaahan peacock, the elephant is found in this temple. Tiruttani station code is TRT. Tiruttani Lord Subramanya at a distance of 13 km from Arakkonam, 44 km from Kanchipuram, 86 km from Chennai and 65 km from Tirupati, Thiruthani is a holy town located in Tiruvallur District of Tamil Nadu and is famous for the Murugan Temple. Near the entrance, the image of. In 1904 CE, the sisters purchased land in Thousands Light locality. The hill temple is reachable by a motorable road and is also accessed through a plight of 365 steps. Around 9 kms from Tambaram railway station, between Padhuvancheri and Madurapakkam villages, a small village named Kovilancheri is situated. In 1910 CE, Sacred Heart school was inaugurated in the newly purchased land. By Air. Arulmigu Subramanya Swamy Temple or Tiruttani Murugan temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Muruga.It is located on Thanigai hill in Thiruttani, Tamil Nadu. It looks like that the Vijayanagara kings have constructed some part of the current structure. +91-44 2788 5303. Number of Months Skanda imparted knowledge of Tamil to the sage Agasthyar and hence he is regarded as Veeramurthy, Gnanamurthy and Acharyamurthy in this shrine. Main Deity : Sri Subrahmanya Swamy Temple Ambal : Valli, Devasena Holy Water : Saraswathy Theertham, Indra Theertham, Saravana Poygai, Nallangulam, mada chettikulam Temple Tree : Maguda Tree Prominence of the Shrine : Tiruttani Murugan temple is one of the abodes (sacred house) of six houses for Murugan. The crowd will be high over the weekends and on Special days so advance booking is advisable. The wall surrounding the sanctum sanctorum has the Koshta images - Ganesha, Skanda on peacock, Skanda holding discus and conch like Vishnu, Bala Murugan and Vishnu Durga. Tiruttani Lord Subramanya at a distance of 13 km from Arakkonam, 44 km from Kanchipuram, 86 km from Chennai and 65 km from Tirupati, Thiruthani is a holy town located in Tiruvallur District of Tamil Nadu and is famous for the Murugan Temple. At the foothill of the temple, the 'Saravana Poigai' tank is located. There is a shrine to Aabat Sahaaya Vinayakar who is said to have come to the aid of Skanda in winning Valli's hand in marriage. Thiruchendur Murugan temple is known as the second Arupadai Veedu of Lord Muruga. Vratha Indra planted the rare plant called as 'Karunkuvalai' near the pool Indrasonai adjoining the temple. Lord Muruga won the battle with the asura, Surapadma and worshipped Lord Shiva in this sacred place. The sandal paste used in worshipping the Lord on special festivals has a divine significance. Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple Timings - Tiruttani Venkat05. The stone images of Surya, Bhadra, Arunagirinathar and Nava Veeras are located outside the shrine of Vinayaka. However, the current structure is very small without any major signs of Chola period. There is another legend which states that Lord Subramanya bore the discus thrown by the Asura, Tarakasura on his chest. ie. And many of them are located within the campuses of educational institutes. Homams for Spiritual & Materialistic Elevation.      Pradosham(Shiva). Chennai Airport is the nearest airport form the temple, which is 85 KM away from the temple. Take a Bus from Chennai to Tiruttani.      Trayodashi The sanctum sanctorum has the presiding deity Subramanya.      Thiruvonam(Vishnu) Upon the elephant's departure Indra's wealth started waning. Let us explore that temple in this article. The temple is situated along the shores of the Bay of Bengal. The inscriptions from the Pallavas and the Cholas are found in the temple. It is believed to be gifted by Indra. Along with the steps upto the temple, there are many small shrines mostly dedicated to Lord Ganesha are found. The locality has an ancient temple of Lord Shiva. The Family has been known as samhitha Apasthamba Poorvaaparaprayogam and Bhodhayanam. Muneeswaran is a village deity popular in the northern part of Tamil Nadu, especially in and around Chennai. It is one of the six revered shrines of Lord Skanda, Muruga or Karthikeya and represents the place where Subramanyar rested after destroying the demon Surapadman.

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