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[Click image to fade - javascript required] Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. United States Army trucks and jeeps drive through the ruins of Saint-Lo in July of 1944. Photos taken in August 1985 and September 2010. Click to fade to a view of Omaha Beach on May 7, 2014, near Colleville sur Mer, France. Unlike most glaciers, Hubbard has been thickening and advancing toward the Gulf of Alaska. #, The British 2nd Army: Royal Marine Commandos of Headquarters, 4th Special Service Brigade, making their way from their landing craft onto "Nan Red" Beach, JUNO Area, at St Aubin-sur-Mer at about 9 am on June 6, 1944. Click to fade to this street scene on May 7, 2014. A woman is walking away with two pitchers while three children are watching the scene, and an old man is fetching water next to a GI expected to wash his bowls. #. • #, Troops of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division landing at Juno Beach on the outskirts of Bernieres-sur-Mer on D-Day, June 6, 1944. Record-breaking rainfall on May 1 and 2, 2010, caused the Mississippi River to swell along the borders of Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas and Missouri. The melting of the Northwestern Glacier in Alaska between 1940 and Aug. 4, 2005. A woman is walking away with two pitchers while three children are watching the scene, and an old man is fetching water next to a GI expected to wash his bowls. The melting of the Qori Kalis glacier in Peru from July 1978 and July 2011. In the spring of 2011, heavy rains and snowpack resulted in near-record flooding along parts of the Missouri River. The town was almost totally destroyed by 2,000 Allied bombers when they attacked German troops stationed there during Operation Overlord. The melting of the Qori Kalis glacier in Peru from July 1978 and July 2011. U.S. troops on the Esplanade in Weymouth, England, on their way to embark on ships bound for Omaha Beach for the D-Day landings in Normandy in June of 1944. However, now that we can take pictures of everything, we are able to witness the passage of time in a truly powerful way. Even today, the planet is in a constant state of flux, and while some of the changes it has undergone are caused by mankind, many others are not. Prolonged drought and water withdrawals have caused a dramatic drop in Lake Powell's water level between March 25, 1999, and May 13, 2014. [Click image to fade - javascript required] Dramatic changes have occurred in the area of the Great Salt Lake in Utah over the past 25 years. If you have a complaint about our editorial content, you can email us at or write to Complaints Manager, TI Media Limited Legal Department, 161 Marsh Wall, London, England, E14 9AP. Click to view a transition to the same view on April 5, 2014. Such is the reputation of Los Angeles that it hardly needs an introduction. German prisoners are gathered and an American flag is deployed for signaling on Omaha Beach, Normandy, France. Child actress Anna Chlumsky known for the classic film My Girl has grown into a real beauty. Nearly 200,000 Allied troops boarded 7,000 ships and more than 3,000 aircraft and headed toward Normandy. Hamburg, Iowa, as depicted in the photos taken on Sept. 24, 2010, and Aug. 2, 2011, was one of the hardest-hit communities. That is now one of the largest airborne landings taking place at Arnhem to put a swift end to the war in Europe. Some things that always pique his interest are old technologies, literature and all sorts of odd vintage goodness. Click to see a view of Greenham Common Airfield on July 15, 2013. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Jun 24, 2012 - Explore Billie Poss's board "PEOPLE-Then & Now", followed by 2201 people on Pinterest. Click to fade to May 12, 2014. Hannah became a successful actress, playing Abby Maitland in the hit show Primeval, and is now taking part in the reunion tour with the other members of S Club 7. Katie Holmes doesn’t look like she’s aged much since her days on Dawson’s Creek. Shane Lynch from Boyzone, you can’t say his style hasn’t evolved over the years! Renee Zellweger, known for her role as the hopeless romantic Bridget Jones, caused a media storm in 2014 when she appeared at an awards ceremony looking almost unrecognisable. Click to view the same location on August 22, 2013. [Click image to fade - javascript required] #, Three soldiers of the 23rd Field Ambulance, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, 3rd Canadian Infantry Division, place flowers on graves in June of 1944. American craft of all styles at Omaha Beach, Normandy, during the first stages of the Allied invasion. Time is a concept that, prior to photography, was nearly too abstract to document in a concrete manner. Published 2 months ago. Click to view the same location on August 22, 2013. Photos taken on June 2, 1994, and July 8, 2013. Click to see the same beach on May 6, 2014. The melting of the Imja Glacier in the Himalayas, as seen from a point above Amphu Lake between autumn circa 1956 and Oct. 18, 2007. In the four temporary graves are a Scottish, a Canadian, and two French civilians, in Saint Georges de Basly, Normandy, France. Lava and ash engulf much of the surrounding landscape in the Aug. 19, 1980, photograph. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. The world has evolved so rapidly over the last 100 years that it's difficult to imagine just how much things have changed during that time. Getty photographer Peter Macdiarmid and Reuters photographer Chris Helgren gathered archive pictures from the 1944 invasion, tracked down the locations, and photographed them as they appear today. Click to view the same location on August 23, 2013.

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