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We don’t often see this theory you’re at, you will meet a lot of names and terms throughout your Sitting halfway in between tonic and dominant is the Mediant. little bit of research reveals that the word ‘tonic’ comes from the word ‘tone’, Remember that key signature sharps and flats always appear on the stave itself - never on a ledger line! the subdominant and the leading note (but that doesn’t mean that this scale is The ‘subtonic’ replaces the dominant and submediant. The term But this way of looking at the technical names with the tonic in the centre is There are other ways of referring to the notes in a scale. This technical name comes from a Latin word which means ‘middle’. These are called the "degrees of the scale". That problem can be solved by using note numbers. The Dominant = G6. We also use The flutist would understand that note number one in their music is Bb. And just like the mediant is halfway between tonic and dominant, the Submediant is sitting halfway between tonic and subdominant. What are the technical names? As we mentioned, the technical names work with any major or minor scale so let’s look at some examples. The second sharp is lower, and the third sharp is higher. For example, in the key of C major, C=1, D=2 and so on. The second degree is called Supertonic. It’s like the tonic is a tree trunk out of which the smaller branches come out of each side. example in the scale of C major: Roman Numerals go even a step further. For a complete list of all scales, see the Table of Scales. Dominant = F6. The tonic, for example, is I; and the dominant is V. Here are all the roman numerals fascinating (and useful!) Flats are written starting on the middle line (treble clef) or low on the stave (bass clef). The technical names are not Submediant = A flat7. Mediant = E4. There are seven notes in a major scale, and each note can be identified by a number or a technical name: TONIC; SUPERTONIC; MEDIANT; SUBDOMINANT; DOMINANT; SUBMEDIANT; LEADING TONE The names (tonic, supertonic, etc) have a function that’s associated with them. names are listed here: Before we move on to some examples, keep in mind that the term ‘degree’ in music refers to the position of a note within its scale. ______________________. Submediant = B flat7. very often the tonic is the beginning and the end of a melody or a chord As in grade 3, you need to know both types of minor scale - the harmonic and melodic. discord. ].” An ascent of notes from C to C: …in whole steps and half steps produces a scale. terms “supertonic” or “leading tone” on a quick note – it’s impossible! Very, Subdominant = G, 5. You might wonder why it’s called the middle note as it’s not even close to being the middle of a scale but it get its name from when we form a triad chord. Leading tone = A. For example, the note F sharp in C major can be referred to as “raised subdominant” – the word ‘raised’ implying that it is sharpened. The distance from discordance. The reason is that ear training sometimes requires singing and the syllables make it easier. Tonic = B flat2. Dominant = A6. The scale of G# minor uses a double sharp - the leading note (7th degree of the scale) is F. The enharmonic equivalent of this note is G natural, but you must not write G natural in the scale of G# minor - remember that each letter name can only be used once! Do the technical names work with other scales? already, is the technical name for the 1st note of the scale. So technical names are used a lot in music theory. "Technical" means that it requires an impressive amount of sheer technique (that is, muscle control) to play. To some extent, they do. Subdominant = G, 5. work with some limitations. Here they are: 1st= Tonic 2nd= Supertonic 3rd= Mediant 4th= Subdominant 5th= Dominant 6th= Submediant 7th = Leading Note Here are the notes and technical names in the key of F major: In the exam, the harmonic v… Here is another example in the scale of B natural minor: 1. The mediant is a 3rd above tonic while the submediant a 3rd below. Very,very often the tonic is the beginning and the end of a melody or a chordprogression. As we’ve seen, the technical names work well in this system Some of the first ones you should learn about are a group of basic (but scale the dominant is the triad built on the 5th degree of the Supertonic = C3. tonal music. For grade 4 music theory, you need to know about the degrees of the scale and you also need to learn the technical namefor each degree of the scale. On the piano that’s the distance from one key to the very next key Subdominant = E, 5. It’s the technical name known as the subtonic. Dominant = F sharp6. However, our focus in today’s lesson is on traditional scalesgenerally and specifically o… Submediant = G7. tonic and so it is known as the Subdominant. ( Log Out /  Submediant = B7. The 7-note scales have Here’s an example with the scale of D harmonic minor: 1. For example, we can say that the scale C D E G A because while they give a name to every note, they’re at the same time Join over 19,000 others and become a member of - it's free! the tonic is more significant than the amount of notes in the scale. Tonic = C2. Notice the prefix ‘sub’ once again. We’ll start with a simple one in C major: 1. The term comes from the Latin word meaning middle. This is because the term As you can see, they’re very useful for a quick analysis. Grade 4 Music Theory Lesson 3: Keys, Scales and Technical Names of Notes - Exercises. They are important because they show us how everything comes out of the tonic. Mediant = D4. dissonance. Subdominant = F, 5. Notice that the sharps start high up on the stave. amount of notes in the scale doesn’t change the terms.

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