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I got an opportunity for my first sous-chef job when I was 20. I remember a head chef coming to talk to us, and all the things he said were negative. Then, totally the opposite: a Montessori school for little kids so they can learn how to cook. What is staging?It can be anywhere up to 6 months of working for free in a kitchen, so you can learn and see different ways of working. Where are you originally from?Mexico City. Speaking of teaching, what is the best piece of advice you could give?Something I tell myself a lot is that everyone in the restaurant is the best at what they do. Her exact date of birth and zodiac sign are not known yet. 3,054 Likes, 63 Comments - Daniela Soto-Innes (@danielasotoinnes) on Instagram: “Behind the scenes! She seems to have an average height though her exact height and weight are not known. As a young teen, Soto-Innes landed her first culinary job in a hotel restaurant in Houston, chopping strawberries and washing lettuce. She’ll be bicoastal for the foreseeable future. Impact, They were all so excited. Speakers would always come to give talks. But eventually he said to just come to Pujol and they’d find somewhere for me. He said there was a dinner the following night with Enrique and suggested I stay an extra night and meet him. My first year in New York I didn’t really cook, but I learned about being a manager and a leader. All rights reserved. The way she tells it, Soto-Innes has an inborn desire to cook. Mexico City - At 28 years old, Mexico City-born Daniela Soto-Innes recently became the youngest woman ever to be named the best female chef in the world on The World's 50 Best Restaurants list.. At the age of 12 she moved to Houston, Texas, where she carried on the family traditions she learned from a line of strong Mexican women that love to cook. That’s an amazing thing to hear from your father.Gender should not even be a subject. Before she knew it, she was happily toiling in the depths of Olvera’s kitchen alongside chefs several years her senior. I ended up doing tasting menus for the chef’s table at Brennan’s. I told Chris that I would just be going to Mexico City for the weekend, as I thought I would go and stage there. We did charcuterie, and if you had some part of the pig or some part of the cow in your station, you had to know how to get it out of the animal. It taught me a lot about creativity, and a lot about speed. What are some of your favorite places in the city to eat?One of my favorite bars is The Nomad. On my last day, Enrique sent me a message that he needed a pastry chef for one of his restaurants. At that point, Soto-Innes had worked in restaurants for more than 10 years. Soto-Innes also encourages workers to rotate within the kitchen, learning new skills and techniques. That was always my favorite. I was meant to stay in Mexico for the weekend—and I stayed for six months. You talk a lot about pushing yourself, so what’s next?I’m sticking with Enrique for a while. I would just do everything so I could prove myself. Congratulations!It’s like a dream come true. My mom suggested I write to the restaurant, and they wrote back the next day! Sometimes I did, but it was good because it allowed me to really take advantage and learn faster. I would always remember something my dad told me all the time: talent should not be measured by gender. Daniela Soto-Innes’s mother’s name is unknown at this time and her father’s name is under review. He knew I had done pastries before. The chef there would take me to his TV show that he did once a week. It was such a huge job for me because it was an opening of a very, very beautiful restaurant. I admire the talent in New York so much. She showed up every day until they hired her (and lied about her age, of course). It was so much to build, though. It’s about what’s behind cooking. Then I realized that they really took me along because I would say banana “frosties” instead of banana “fosters”.… they made fun of my accent. We opened in October 2014. Copyright ©2020 James Beard Foundation. I worked from 5am to 1pm, class started at 1:30pm, and then I would work again afterwards. What does New York mean to you?Challenge. And how did you get into cooking?Cooking has always been part of my family. I knew I couldn’t come back for a while, and I also couldn’t afford it. I was so proud, and was telling my mom all about it. For eight months it was the Santiagos and myself here, and Enrique in Mexico. My great grandma went to Le Cordon Bleu culinary school just to learn how to cook. It was amazing at Chris’ restaurant.. We would literally get whole animals: cows, pigs, everything. When I was 16, I said I was 18,” Soto-Innes explained. My heart just dropped. I didn’t know how to be a boss, I didn’t know how to tell people what to do because I was so young. I didn’t want to leave my current job, but it’s kind of like when you have a good boyfriend but then you find a better one. We will continue to update information on Daniela Soto-Innes’s parents. There’s always a new restaurant. Of course, he laughed because I was only 14. I was able to enter a culinary program. I wanted to work there for free so I could learn more. They had so many creative classes, but also had a cooking class. It took me some time to learn that it doesn’t matter how many hours you work, what matters is the job you do. It was awesome going to different parts of the world and seeing how much you actually don’t know.

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