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Her new book takes a look back. I had come from an earlier era, of hand-lettering, of making paintings and sculptures and prints, classic fine arts. Susan Kare (née le 6 avril 1954) est une artiste et graphiste qui a créé de nombreux éléments d' interface et des polices de caractères pour la série d'ordinateurs Apple Macintosh dans les années 1980. Kare adapted iconography into the Mac’s interface. It was displayed along with a set of hexadecimal codes that indicated the type of problem. → Regarder : Susan Kare Macintosh Commercial | 1983 On this International Women’s Day, we wanted to honor a particular woman in tech who’s had an such immense impact on our lives, that we should thank her every day and not just on March 8th. Creads vous emmène découvrir les origines du graphisme avec les premiers croquis de Susan Kare ! I needed to make capital letters that could fit into a very small grid, seven squares wide, nine squares high. Kare created the font to be clear and legible, which it was even when the MacIntosh was on ‘grey mode’. N’hésitez pas à suivre l’actualité de Creads sur nos comptes Instagram, Facebook et LinkedIn. According to Susan Kare, good icons should be more efficient like road signs rather than mere illustrations. Saisissez votre adresse e-mail pour vous abonner à Index Grafik et recevoir une notification de chaque nouvel article par email. Here are some of her sketches and drafts for the original icons. A 63 ans, la graphiste américaine Susan Kare jouit d’un parcours exemplaire. A member of Apple’s original Macintosh team, she designed some of the most recognizable icons that we still use today. Happy Mac icon - Susan Kare The Happy Mac icon was designed by Kare in the early 1980s and literally gave computers a face. Susan Kare created these icons and fonts for Apple while she was creative director. Of the many women in tech who have helped shape the modern world, we often remember Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper or Mae Jemison. * Reaching out not just to the market of people who were adept at mastering command-line UI but to the artists, writers and the crazy ones who could imagine doing more with personal computing. She also designed this familiar gem for Windows: So where is Susan now? Shades of the Happy Mac are still visible in the Mac's current Finder icon. Susan’s work and the attention to the details are proof of the dedication in her craft. Diplômée d’art à l’université de New York, elle rejoint Apple en 1982. Some of the first Macintosh icons were designed by Kare in a $2.50 squared notebook. When the classic Mac OS crashed, the Bomb icon appeared inside the System Error alert box. I really hadn’t designed anything on a computer, and I wasn’t someone who worked in grids. These features were designed to fit in with the screen resolution which were extremely limiting at the time, especially in contrast to how far computer quality has become. A few of these fonts are very much so available on Apple Machines. Semiotics, when applied to Graphic Design, is that bridge where pictures and language meet. In her sketches, each square represented a single pixel. Cairo – was a fun font that played around with the idea of modern hieroglyphics. The Hare icon was a Control Panel illustration that denoted an increase in keystroke repeat speed. Susan … ». Later it got named Chicago — [the Apple programmer and designer] Andy Hertzfeld and I were from suburban Philadelphia, and we had named the fonts after stops on the Paoli commuter train, like Rosemont. Since then, Kare has developed a successful career of her own. Elle est aussi la créatrice du graphisme du solitaire de Microsoft, et du Dogcow, mascotte d’Apple extraite de la police Cairo. Lastly, our RSS Feeds is open for subscription, so that you can stay creative. A member of Apple’s original Macintosh team, she designed some of the most recognizable icons that we still use today. :), The Golden Ratio: How & Why to Use It in Design, Why Future Buildings Needs to Be Biophilic to Promote Our Mental Wellbeing, The 10 Skills to Learn to Shine in the Future, Reflections on “Probing into the perception of surveillance among residents of the gated community”, Gigs, Service-systems & Platforms, and Design. explique Steve Silberman dans le livre Susan Kare Icons […], Ses dessins originaux sur papier quadrillé et millimétré, où chaque carré représente un pixel, ont été présentés au musée d’art moderne de New York en 2015 dans le cadre de l’exposition This is for Everyone: Design Experiments For The Common Good. . Après la création d’icônes pour Apple, Susan était chargée de créer les polices de caractères. When the Watch icon appeared, the OS was saying, "Hold on a second, I'm working on it," as it computed your commands. These icons were specifically bitmapped for MacIntosh screens due to the strict restrictions technology brought at that time. This is about Susan Kare. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Subsequently I’ve been able to take advantage of more robust tools and higher screen resolution, and also design vector images in Illustrator. Elle a “donné à Mac OS un lexique visuel universellement intuitif et attrayant […] Son but a été de dessiner des icônes figurant des signes instantanément compréhensibles”. It’s how we interpret signs, icons and visual queues. This was my first time working with pixels, doing it on the screen. Kare adapted iconography into the Mac’s interface. On peut le dire, l’un des atouts de la réussite du Macintosh s’appelle Susan Kare. Icons were an important step in making computers accessible to mainstream users, instead of being limited to programmers with the know-how to work with code. Having a limited space of 32×32 pixels she had to craft some of the symbols that have stuck with us through everyday. Icons are a concept that we sometimes take for granted. Chicago lacks the typical features of a typeface that would usually be used on a computer in the early days of computer technology, it was san-serif which instantly gave it an overall modern look in comparison to other fonts. Apple’s first icon designer was artist and graphic designer Susan Kare. A lot of designers have a special place in their heart for Steve Jobs. → Une seconde conférence datant de 2015. « On peut le dire, l’un des atouts de la réussite du Macintosh s’appelle Susan Kare. ». At the time, Apple was already working with technology developed at Xerox called a Graphical User Interface (GUI) — technology that had also been developed in part thanks to a woman programmer, Adele Goldberg. Typefaces before then used to be exclusively Monospaced – each letter form having the same width and spacing as the next element. They gave a lifeless computer a warmth and personality that lives on in the modern Mac to this day. I went on to design icons which, unlike the font, had the element of symbolism, a different kind of problem to solve, because there was a concept along with the pixels. Kare adapted iconography into the Mac’s interface. Face à la polémique qui s’ensuivit, la guerre entre les deux géants devient très vivace. Not the image a user wanted to see, the Sad Mac icon indicated a severe hardware or software problem that prevented startup from occurring successfully. The Sketchbook of Susan Kare, the Artist Who Gave Computing a Human Face, 35 Free Big, Bold, and Beautiful Headline Fonts. A collection of fonts were created for the first MacIntosh computer which were all named after major cities, ‘Chicago’ was the most important and was made by Susan Kare. « I started at Apple in 1982. But design problems are solved by thinking about context and metaphor — not by tools.

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