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Alan Moore's Kid Supreme is merely a younger version of Supreme as an homage to Superboy.[10]. His history varied from story to story; at one point, he was an extremely religious angel of vengeance, who cited Scripture to justify his actions. The learned that the Supremacy was a city where everyone was an alternate reality version of himself, many representing different genres and styles of superheroes. After various events involving Probe, Supreme's daughter from the future, and Enigma, the original Supreme, the alternate Supreme, Probe, and Enigma all worked together to defeat the evil Norse god Loki, whose machinations had been the cause of the various shifts between realities. Savage Dragon by Rob Liefeld. EXTRA 5% OFF 3+ ITEMS See all eligible items. Soon after, Supreme teamed with a number of other superheroes to defeat the Norse god Loki, who had been threatening reality itself and they were victorious, leaving Supreme triumphant. Dax died twice in the series. (Image, 1992-1998, 2012) ™ and ©1992 Rob Liefeld, Inc. Celebrated across the Earth as a hero, he decided to leave the Earth claiming that it was because his "work was done", but in actuality was filled with shame and fear over what he was capable of. Contact I enjoy a good book, video games, movies and most of all fatherhood. Supreme is also the name of a comic book which lasted 56 issues. He clashed with his modern-day counterpart and when Judas turned against him he killed her and joined the forces of hell under Lord Chapel. The clichés of the superhero genre were frequently used without Moore's characteristic deconstruction and sense of irony. }. The original Supreme managed to switch bodies with the alternate Supreme, thus restoring his powers. During World War II, Charles Flanders[8] discovered he could tap into Supreme's power, and he became Supreme's sidekick, the first Kid Supreme. He opened a portal to Darius Dax’s lab in 1997. While incarcerated, Crane was given an opportunity to take part in a government experiment that could either kill him or give him super-powers. He instructed her to take his essence to a clone of modern-day Prophet in case he was ever killed. Brigade, Heavy Mettle, Allied Supermen of America, The Allies, The Supremacy, Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, breath, and vision, Talented Comics Writer/Artist, Fighting Experience. Finding Ethan Crane is your supreme priority. Alan Moore started with issue 41 and his run would later be collected as two trade paperbacks by Checker Book Publishing Group: Supreme: The Story of the Year and Supreme: The Return. Supreme (1992) #0 Image Comics VF/NM. He took the name "Supreme," and upon hearing about the ongoing war in Europe, he decided to do his part. He was then thrown into his new reality, where he quickly regained the memories that came with his life as it happened in this new reality. Caribbean born Educator, Multidisciplinary specialist/Androgogue/Philosophical Pedagogue; with backgrounds in Philosophy, Social Studies, and Geography; founder/CEO of World of Black Heroes, freelance writer and all around comic book geek. One day, the young Ethan discovered and was exposed to a strange mineral that would be later known as Supremium. Supreme (Ethan Crane) is a legendary superhero in the Image comic superhero universe. six It housed mighty characters that, while less well-known than Superman or Spider-Man, were just as powerful and delightful. Biography. Supreme is a superhero created by Rob Liefeld.  =  Things have gone wrong. Crane was subsequently shot by two police officers, but he survived and was sentenced to life in prison. Darius Dax was also introduced in this storyline. SUPREME #1 1992 IMAGE COMICS. Khrome the Conqueror, script by Rob Liefeld (co-plotter) and Brian Murray (co-plotter, script), pencils by Brian Murray, inks by Chris Ivy; Supreme and Khrome battle in Washington DC. Supreme did not lose, so the other Supreme was left to his own devices (most importantly in the events of The Legend of Supreme). Supreme was eventually given a more comprehensive treatment in The Legend of Supreme, a three-issue miniseries by Keith Giffen and Robert Loren Fleming. 1st appearance of Image Universe's Thor. It will not complete Alan Moore's run. Supreme Sacrifice does include aspects created by Moore including the Supremacy. I catch it on KTV from time to time too! Enigma left him in another dimension until Supreme's seeming death and acted in his place until the original Supreme could return to his Earth. $5.99. Supreme now also had a sister with identical powers, Suprema, and a superpowered dog, Radar the Hound Supreme, who was as intelligent as a human being, though he still very clearly had a canine mindset; these two characters were clear references to Superman's cousin Supergirl and his dog, Krypto, though it's worth noting that they were still distinctly different from the characters to whom they paid homage. When the day did come his essence changed the cloned prophet cyborg into his new body. Supreme became friends with other superheroes such as Professor Midnight and helped form the superhero team The Allied Supermen of America. Not much was revealed about Supreme's work in World War II, but it is known that he joined the Allies. He created a character named Omniman for Dazzling Comics, who became quite popular. As a result, Suprema spent 30 years there, in the blink of an eye. Supreme is a man of unbelievable power, and more than a few flaws. Supreme also gained a foe in the criminal super-genius Darius Dax, who resented Supreme for his power and was determined to prove himself the better man. Finding Ethan Crane is your supreme priority. Numbering starts at #63 based on the following previous issues: Supreme (Image, 1992 series) - 42 issues Supreme: The New Adventures (Maximum Press, 1996 series) - 6 issues Supreme (Awesome, 1997 series) - 8 issues Supreme the Return (Awesome, 1999 series) - 6 issues. I felt a long, peculiar life well up around me, and even if my life is a tale the Universe wrote only yesterday, it started right there, in that ditch." Crane died like the previous subjects, but, after his body was disposed of, he returned to life. During the fight, the two switched bodies and Supreme's powers were returned to him. After his return, he also made several references to being a god, though it is not sure whether this was a metaphor or if he truly believed he was an ancient god. 1 Origin 1.1 The First Reality 1.2 The Second Reality 2 Biography 2.1 The First Reality 2.2 The Next Reality The subject of an experiment that gave him superpowers, Ethan Crane accidentally killed an innocent, causing him to fight for America to pay for his sins as Supreme. With the power of hell enhancing his already formidable power he battled Supreme the image comics version of Superman and managed to both defeat and shatter his spine, leaving him for dead. In her place, Supreme's sister Sally Crane became Suprema. Cover price $1.95. The outside world was strange and new to him. He took on the name Supreme and became a hero. In 2006, Arcade Comics is publishing Supreme's return by Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld. When Supreme left Earth, Suprema took over duties in his absence. SUPREME: BLUE ROSE—A science fiction mystery take on the classic superhero. Grorrl brought her to the edge of a black hole where time passes differently than in normal space.

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