supergirl vs captain marvel death battle

Wiz: Not only does 18 harness sufficient combat, but she also harnesses energy and ki attacks at her disposal for long-ranged abilities. It's a stampede of energy blasts which are nearly impossible to avoid. She developed an extra Kree brain lobe, and gained most of Mar-Vell's powers, transforming her into a new dynamic superheroine. Captain Marvel slowly approached Android 18. Captain Marvel however quickly dodged it, and looked back at it. When both of Captain Marvel's arms got broken by Android 18 with one kick each, it's probably a reference to how the latter does the same to. Boomstick: I know what you're thinking, but it's not a magic gun with unlimited ammo. (*Cues: Senran Kagura: Deep Crimson - To Resist the Path of Evil Shinobi*). Boomstick: Until a tiny monkey child named Goku strolled through and wrecked their shit. Wiz: And thus, the Red Ribbon Army was a reality. ), (Power Girl blasts Carol with a gigantic amount of heat vision. Back to Marvel, she also has her Binary form which allows her to create power blasts of energy, control gravity, and destroy entire planets. Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set, lets end this debate once and for all. I'll just chalk it up to a classic case of revenge madness. Shit, Wiz why didn't they make her look like that in the movie? Captain Marvel broke free before Android 18 could get the advantage, and then got kicked in the stomach. And all of these energy abilities are more then just effective in combat, helping 18 keep her range she needs. Women of power is a very common thing. Check out the Death Battle Wiki's page for it here. Here we go again. Not to mention her--. That's a lot of ground to cover in less that two minutes. Not only has she tanked and traded blows with the likes of Thanos and the Hulk, but she can also survive in the vaccum of space, something that Android 18 has yet to prove. Boomstick: Oh...Eh, I still feel like the alternate reality is better. Binary punches the nearby mountain, blowing it up and sending the debris that knocks 18 down. This makes things a WHOLE lot easier. She threw Android 18 around and around, and around and around and around until finally launching her into the pile of big rocks. Boomstick: And then later, she met Colonel Michael Rossi, and the two quickly fell in love, but no one else knows what happens from there. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Carol appears right in front of 18 after the beam to punch her down. Once ended up in a deep coma after being attacked by, She was once kidnapped, hypnotized, and raped by the son of the villain, Immortus (No, am not joking) (The Avengers #200). Wiz: During the blast, Mar-vell tried to shield Carol from the blast, and traces of his genetic DNA transfered in her body, turning Carol in Ms. Marvel! Wiz: Yeah, Android 18 and her brother were pretty unruly and a force to be reckoned with. One of them hit Captain Marvel, and she was pushed back a little. Boomstick: Whoa, wait. Captain Marvel saw her robotic parts. "This is what you wanted" she said. Explore properties. Why don't more Dragon Ball characters use that thing? for the director for Cape Canaveral. And shes tough enough to tank energy blasts from the mighty Thanos, and the Phoenix Magik. Andddddd then later rebels, and joins the Z-Fighters. Boomstick: And who says blonds are featless? Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Damn, is there anything she can't do?! She then launches a large ki beam that Carol absorbs, transforming her into Binary. Android 18 panted, and slowly flew up to Captain Marvel's level. And Cell. "I don't plan on stopping. Wiz: And thus this was the beginning of Lazuli's new life as...Android 18. Captain Marvel Boomstick: She can't break Green Lantern constructs, take a beating from Superman and once sent Wonder Woman into CANADA!! Carol got caught in the middle of a massive battle between the Kree Aliens, and a Kree superhero named Mar-Vell, known to the world as Captain Marvel. Pressing her feet into the Moon, creating cracks when she jumps off as Binary flies right at her. This fight will be featuring Android 18 from DBZ/DBS, and Captain Marvel from Marvel. In fact, one of her favorite combat strategies is wasting time to make her enemy exhausted. And today, we've got two of them! Carol struggles to get up. Wiz: A question that I can't really answer, since I'm no Dragon Ball writer. As Android 18 scanned the sight, she saw nothing what she was looking for. Boomstick: But thankfully, Gero was different. Wiz: Well, she can handle magic to a point. Power Girl smiles as she uses her heat vision. Wiz: Yes, you heard that correctly. Boomstick: A perfect example, would be Ultron and Iron Man. However, when she fired the next few, she activated her Android Barrier, and reflected it back at Captain Marvel. Boomstick: Man, this ki stuff is seriously awesome. Boomstick: Carol has taken out characters like Vision, punched Iron Man out of his armor, and even survived two point-blank blasts from the Destructor's beam, which has enough power to punch holes through an Imperial Kree starship. The two were locked in a ferocious battle, was they were still flying in a certain direction. Carol decided to take up his mantle afterwards. Wonder if she could give me a recommendation? She fired energy blasts from her fingers, and hit Android 18. That's playing dirty! Wiz: She's stubborn to a fault, even rushing headlong into situations while ignoring advice from wiser, more experienced friends, like the time she started a Civil War between superheroes, or when she completely ignored her damaging addiction to alcohol. Here, her story is the same as Earth Prime's Supergirl. Marvel charges her energy and launches a large beam at 18, who dodges it. End of story.". In some instances, shes even absorbed energy from the likes of Galactus, a planet eater. She launches her most powerful beam attack right down at the android, laughing. *gasps* Could it be? Boomstick: But then again, shes WAY more powerful in this timeline. WARNING: The following tab will reveal the numbers of wins and losses for the following character. Boomstick: And shes got some special immunity to any gases or toxins, that I guess is helpful in some ways, but I can't think of any. Wiz: Sure... anyway, just like Vegeta, Android 18's ki allows her to survive serious blows. Android 18 flew up to her level, and sent her back down. Wiz: In just three years' time, two deadly androids would rise up and ravage the earth, all while wearing the mark of the long-forgotten Red Ribbon Army. God, that one was awful! 0. Death Battle Info (Android 18 VS Captain Marvel), Death Battle Info (Captain Marvel VS Shazam). Boomstick: And from Broadway, she flew outside the atmosphere at the speed of Mach +246, which is REALLY frickin fast. Wiz: And not just that, Carol also possesses incredible combat skills, as shown with her spar-match with Spider-man, and it made it hard for Spidey to keep up with her. "Look, I already told you I don't want to fight you. But it is what they do with that power that makes them heroines. Especially if you haven't met these two blond babes that harness energy to bring any threat to their knees! Okay Wiz, you win that one. Gero, even with his own cyborg body, didn't stand a chance. Thought so. They both are about to clash.). To make sure he didn't get destroyed in battle, so he made him..."gentle". She finally comes across what she was looking for, one of the seven Dragon Balls. Captain Marvel charges towards 18, who disappears in an afterimage and kicks Carol forward. _______________________________________________________________________________________. I could fire so many bazookas and never have to worry about falling down.

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