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She believes in tough love with her kids, and that you can be firm but sweet at the same time. Her abilities include being psychokinetically able to pick and throw objects around, creating psychic barriers, and even physically hurting people without even laying a finger on them. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. The problematic sexist undertones of anime cannot be denied. She doesn’t need a prince to save her — in fact, it’s her sister … It didn’t help that she was blind. This Is How He Looks Like Now! But I digress. 10 Reimagined Classic Female Fairy Tale Characters Who Are Absolutely Hardcore, Published on 30 August, 2018 at 8:30 am, An Innovative News Platform Is Gaining Its Momentum In Asia. Let’s create an origin story here. Tamina is willing to fight dirty to protect what she rightfully believes to be hers, and she isn’t afraid to tell Jake Gyllenhaal’s abs exactly where to go. Strong female fairy tale characters sound like a novelty. Granted, I’m mostly just mentioning this movie because I refuse to let Disney live down this utter trainwreck of what was clearly geared to be the shameless beginning to a potentially lucrative franchise, but poor Gemma Arterton really did try her best with pretty paltry material. And sure, it’s a little insulting to think that all the perennially-pretty Anne Hathaway needs to be geeky is some crimped hair, glasses, and an ill-fitting school uniform, but the girl’s love interest was Rooney’s frontman. In your heart, you know you shouldn’t be rooting for the bad guy, but Ursula really says it best: life’s full of tough choices, innit? Unlike the original one, where the girl gets is shown to be meek, Tilly is quite strong and independent. Right saves her from troubles. Despite her goofy behavior, Tooru is (in her own words) a powerful dragon who can easily trigger the Armageddon. I say Lady Kluck, who would most definitely be played by Melissa McCarthy in a live-action retelling of this mov… Disney, call me. Besides, there’s always that one conniving little girl who watches The Little Mermaid because she thinks Vanessa (Ursula’s alter ego) is somehow more alluring than the mostly passive Ariel. Well, Ash tells the original fairy tale where the lead female doesn’t wait for her Prince Charming but instead doesn’t even want one. Some were born with supernatural abilities, while others worked hard to become total badasses. The closest Disney will ever get to the whole “hooker with a heart of gold” theme is aptly featured in what is by and large the #darkest movie in the entire arsenal. Buy a Term Plan, These 15 Funny Memes Of Modi Meeting Trump Will Make Even Melania Laugh, 5 Films For Children Made By Satyajit Ray, 72-Year-Old Sikh Woman Delivers Baby Through IVF, Doctors Call It Unethical, Amartya Sen Calls Indian Caste System As ‘Anti-National’ Because It Divides India, Sachin Tendulkar Proved Why He Is God With This Hilarious Reply To Sehwag’s Tweet, Gorgeous Simple Mehndi Design Ideas For Any Occasion, 16 Intriguing Facts About NSA Ajit Doval, India’s Top Spy Master, 20 Evergreen Kishore Kumar Songs For Your Every Mood, 18 Facts About Aryabhatta That You Must Know. What little girl doesn’t want to wake up one morning and find out she’s inherited a royal title? […], […] Ceron, Ella. She controls the element of fire so much so that she can blow clouds away. January 12, 2012. We see Snow White as the warrior princess rather than as a damsel in distress. A whole freaking kingdom. She also knew exactly how much nonsense she ought to take from the man in her life, and while they were ultimately not meant to be, you could just tell that she and Bert had a really torrid history. Beyond the fact that Mary gave babysitters the world over the hope that they might one day get their wards to clean up their rooms, take their medicine and maybe — hopefully! Strong female fairy tale characters sound like a novelty. She may not always be the most well-mannered little girl, and she does seem to use her cuteness as an excuse for her tell-it-like-she-sees-it attitude, but she knows how to hold her own against her rough-and-tumble brothers. Maleficent is malevolent and malignant and single-minded in her quest to bring about the pretty little blonde princess’ downfall. Retrieved from… […], […] a b Ceron, Ella (February 24, 2014). Women can easily be broadly categorized into categories like the flat-chested tsundere, the big-bosomed seductress, the cute airhead, or the girl who always needs saving. In fact her sword skills outdo her elder brother’s skills, whom she can easily defeat. But through Aang and his friends, she’s able to pursue her dream of becoming a powerful earthbender. She’s an excellent swordswoman who killed several Bizarre Dolls to save Ciel’s life. (This is, I suppose, Disney’s equivalent to the Hogwarts letter.) This 2012 movie starring Julia Roberts is a spin-off of the classic fairy tale Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. In her regular state, she’s still far stronger than the average human being. The character of Gretel is portrayed as a strong lead female character, who is capable of taking care of herself and disposes off witches who kidnap children. There is no shame in this. On her journey she meets exceptionally difficult circumstances, which help her grow both emotionally and physically as a person, not to mention a blossoming romance with Hak. Originally released as a book it was later adapted into a TV show as well. She knows how to get her way by appealing to people’s most basic desires, and her sense of self and ambition almost makes you want to root for her more than you want to root for the adorkable, lovestruck girl with the fork in her hair. She is doing Zeus’ work. She has a no-nonsense attitude, but she cares deeply for her loved ones. A spin-off from the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland, Heartless tells us the story of the Queen of Hearts from the original story. Freaking. 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