strawberry muffins uk

I loved these! Followed recipe but did not spray muffin holders or pan and had no problems. Enjoy! Thanks for a great recipe! I wonder if there will be any left tomorrow. Hi Maria, thanks for the suggestion. Share on pinterest. I want to make them again and was wondering if I could use a jumbo muffin pan which makes 6 muffins. It’s super easy and I love how sweet even the plain batter is. Low carb breakfast muffins that can be whipped up in a hurry. Sure Paula, you could get away with making them two days ahead. Hi Sandy, The only way I know would be to use a gluten free baking mix, such as Pamela’s. Also, how long do you think these will last out and also last in the fridge? Thank you! Of Forsdick family? Haven’t made them yet but look delicious! My batter was quite thick too, but after baking the muffins turned out delicious! My husband was disappointed that I was making strawberry muffins until he tried one. I am making these muffins as we speak. Also it makes 15 muffins for me I think my muffin pan is smaller than the chef’s. I am curious — do you think the batter could also be baked in a 9×5 loaf pan or a 9 inch square pan? This is the best muffin recipe. Love the addition of almond extract – makes for an extra satisfying muffin! I was worried because I‘ve had trouble baking with strawberries before. I’ve made them several times, in both regular and mini sizes. Thanks for great recipe. These look absolutely fabulous and I would like to make them but… I am struggling to change cups to grams as all Websites I checked give me different values from cup to grams. I guess that’s what I get for trying to bake with three small children running around me. Thanks! Just made these lovely strawberry muffins for my daughter’s birthday. They are really easy to make. Any tips if using frozen strawberries? This is my favorite recipe!! Love your recipes! They tested “clean” with toothpick. Hope everyone enjoys them! I don’t like changing a recipe and then reviewing it but these were so good I had to post something. I’d love to hear how they turned out! Thank you. Due to the cautionary language about the muffin cups being very full, I did not overfill them and I ended up with 21 muffins instead of 12 which was fine by me! I added a dollop of strawberry jam to the center of the muffins instead of the chopped berries on top. Hi Anna, If you look in the top right corner of the recipe, you’ll see a button that allows you to toggle between metric and cup measures. The directions were so easy to follow. These strawberry muffins are a great way to use up your spring and summer strawberries. Thanks for the fantastic recipe. I baked for a couple extra minutes and could’ve made it to 35mins without issues. I was worried it would mess up because when I stirred the flour through the berries, my berries were wet from a rinse so they got all sticky and I ended up adding an extra tsp of flour which didn’t really make it less sticky. Due to my son’s egg allergy I literally couldn’t make “as is”. Multi-tasking in the kitchen is hard, especially with little ones! They were really bland. Thank you so much, this was the first time for me to make muffins. I made these today last minute because I had strawberries I needed to use or lose. The perfect strawberry muffin! When using frozen strawberries, should they be thawed first? I’d love to hear how they turn out! My daughter had one after dinner, with breakfast and for snack today. These were delicious! I would recommend adding slightly more than the stated amount of strawberries. These turned out AMAZING! But the flavor is wonderful! It turned out great. These are excellent. Thanks for such wonderful recipes. I really love this recipe thank you. These are really, really, good! That seems to be where I went wrong! I did make 2 changes. Hi Jennifer, if that was the only change you made, I suspect that the mixer did make the difference. Again just too much liquid from the amount of strawberries used. I’d lower the temp to 350 and start checking it for doneness at about 45 minutes. Do you think making ahead a freezing will work? I look forward to getting to know your website and trying other recipes. I made muffins and a 3×5” foil loaf pan. For the muffins, I do use a standard muffin pan, not a jumbo pan. I always keep a supply of an assortment of frozen berries on hand. Thank you for another great recipe! These were some of the best muffins I ever made! Just made these muffins and they turned out perfectly. Hi Ruth, frozen strawberries will work just fine. Husband loved them too! Strawberry and Cream Muffins. I didn’t have almond extract so added more vanilla. I like to make a batch and freeze them for mornings on the go. Thank you! Next time, I will use very cold strawberries and see what happens. Didn’t have almond extract and didn’t do the sugar topping. Awesome, awesome, Awesome. For my batch today I switched half the batch to a mix of peaches and honey mangoes instead of strawberries. My family and friends love them! (also very pretty, I wish I could upload a photo), Just made these today and they were a hit. The whole family enjoyed. Delicious and will definitely make again! So delicious! I got rave reviews and my children could pretend for a day that their mother was Martha Stewart and not Roseanne. Gifting some, freezing some. So good! These are incredible. SO amazing! These strawberry muffins were a big hit at our house. These muffins were awesome. Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you. I used a variety of flour to use up what I had on hand (a little bread flour, whole wheat, and then about half all-purpose}. Would you make any other changes? I usually freeze strawberries to be used for smoothies when they are on the verge of being over-ripe . These were absolutely delish!!! The only thing I changed was to only add 3/4 cup of sugar (I don’t like my muffins to be too sweet) The taste was awesome as well as the texture. Set. I panicked but continued and it looked worse and worse with each addition of ingredients. I added 1/2 teaspoon extra almond extract and added slivered almonds on top with this strawberries. I just made these muffins today, and they are absolutely delicious! They were moist, tasty, and sweet — but not too sweet. Sorry! A generous amount of full fat sour cream adds extra moisture to the batter, resulting in an extremely tender crumb. Also we sprinkled white sugar on the tops and they came out great. I did half the sugar though cause I dont like them too sweet. I just made a batch of your strawberry muffins using fine spelt four and coconut milk. I made these with the kids and everyone thought they were wonderful. Thanks so much for all the cooking and eating pleasure you’ve given to others over the years! They do go good with coffee in the morning! However, the consistency of the batter was EXTREMELY thick, almost like a dough. Any tips or ideas to help the muffins rise and not spread? My husband loved the taste of these better than the blueberry muffins I made. I used equal parts Pamelas all purpose GF flour, increased the baking powder by 1/2 tsp and added an extra egg. The best part were the strawberries but the batter was just fluffy white blah.

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