sticky rice in rice cooker

Its unique sticky, texture though has captivated the taste buds of people not only in Asia but also around the world. The stickiness of rice depends on the proportion of these two starches. This set includes a sticky rice bamboo basket and aluminum cooker pot for a more traditional way to steam sticky rice. Two things you need to bear in mind here. Japanese ohagi, or sweet rice balls, are favorites during spring and autumn festivities. So, if you are a grain shopper like me then don’t get confused with the name. Drain off the cloudy water and repeat the process several times until the water is reasonably clear. Check out my review of the best rice cooker for oatmeal! Leave to soak for 2 hours or 4-5 hours if using old crop glutinous rice. Compared to common white rice, sticky rice requires less water when cooked. You can prepare sticky rice for breakfast or eat it as a sweet snack in the afternoon – it’s not common for rice to be used for dessert so be adventurous and give it a go. So it is safe for the allergic people as well. Recipes you want to share? This will remove any dirt and impurities before use and condition the basket for use. Then you can gather the rice back together and serve in a bowl or little individual rice serving baskets which look cool. Do not use too much water (or too little) as the rice will end up either soggy (too much water touching the rice) or not cooked (too little water). and you can also use this , I have added notes on this further down.. For every two cups of rice, there should be about 2. Place the clean rice in the rice cooker’s pot and cover it with your already measured water then stir gently. Sticky rice has a hard outer shell that needs to soften in order for it to achieve the best texture. Place the washed sticky rice in a bowl and cover with water – enough to cover plus 1 inch. Make sure there is nothing covering the steam outlet and that there is no water residue outside the rice cooker. After exact 15 minutes, turn off the rice cooker and unplug it. The old-fashioned way of preparing sticky rice is through steaming, but it can also be cooked through boiling. Here are my top recommendations. Hope, you have found the blog enough informative and don’t forget to delight yourself with the sticky rice this season. If your rice cooker doesn’t offer the smart timing feature which automatically switches into the “warm” mode, then you need to wait for approximate 15 minutes. If there is still water, continue cooking. Leave them all below! If you usually eat porridge for breakfast, this simple dish can be a great alternative. Drain off that water and repeat with more water, more tickling and then drain. If the only settings are ‘white rice’ or ‘brown rice aka wholegrain’ then do not even bother trying to cook sticky rice in it. Even cooking regular rice in various rice cookers has given very variable results but the model we are using at the moment is the best yet. This is also a great example to show how you can use sticky rice. Its brushed steel finish and square shape will look good in a modern style kitchen, but it’s the great performance and value for money that sets this cooker apart from the rest. Sticky rice has a hard outer shell that needs to soften in order for it to achieve the best texture. Zojirushi 5-1/5 Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer at Amazon, Use the wine key favored by the professionals. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. But on the other hand, soaking makes the grain fluffier when it is cooked and shortens the cooking time also. If you have the time, let the rice soak for a few hours before cooking. You might wonder why bother with the rice cooker then and simply use the traditional method instead. Your sticky rice is finely done using your rice cooker. You are good for overnight with clean white rice though if you want. Why not go for a convenient electrical one?

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