steamed okra with soy sauce

● The amount of dressing used will vary depending on the quantity of vegetables you are using. Serve immediately. Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Saucepan with Steamer Insert, 4 1/2-quart, Cuisipro Stainless Steel Measuring Cup and Spoon Set. Deselect All. Steamed okra!!! Permalink A knife inserted should have very light resistance. 1/2 lime, juiced. FB.init("ea808497442c6dbff6ecc79cee2b6ebd"); at Pour 1 cup of water into a 3-quart saucepot and insert a metal steamer into the pot. Place in a steaming rack. return str; Log in for full access to Whisk together all the ingredients, taste and adjust to suit your taste by adding more soy, citrus juice, or pepper sauce. Log in for full access to Ingredients for steamed seabass in soy sauce For 3 people. full_body = encodeURIComponent(full_body); You can also post comments, and manage your email subscription. ADDITIONAL ADD ON NANDO 'S PERI PERI SPICY CHILI SAUCE FOR SPICY DISH LOVER, Bring a pot of water to a boil then add salt and okra for 10 minute then drain and set aside,once its,cooled slice up okra, In little oil saute onion with garlic and dice small chili then (additional add on peri peri sauce and brown sugar option 2)and light soy sauce and mix well, Add in the slice okra and gently coat well (DONT OVER STIRING OR ELSE THE OKRA WILL TURN SLIMMY)off heat and serve. title = encodeURIComponent(title); 1 1/2 pounds spinach, baby bok choy, Chinese broccoli, or a combination. ● If using other vegetables, you will have to cut them into chunks. If using tomatoes instead of corn for the salad – get firm, ripe tomatoes, wash and pat dry, cut, remove seeds, and cut further to small dice. When pierced with a fork, okra should be tender. title = title.replace(/\n/g,""); Deselect All. Taking Venezuela’s human-rights crisis seriously, Ram and McRae Budget Focus 2020 – Introduction, Ram and McRae Budget Focus 2020 – Highlights, Ram and McRae Budget Focus 2020 – 2020 Policy Issues and Targets, Steamed Chicken with Preserved Black Beans. var link = ;); Steamed Okra with Fried Shallots 蒸羊角豆(秋葵). The okra will finish cooking at it cools. Cut off the stalks and trim the ends. 1 (1-inch) piece ginger, sliced thick. Remove the pot from the heat and immediately transfer the okra(s) to a serving bowl. Add corn to bowl and toss gently to mix with okra. Do you like okra? The dressing for that salad and this one is the same and I also use this dressing when serving steamed okra by itself as a salad. After last week’s Tastes Like Home column, I received several emails asking for the recipe for the steamed okra and tomato salad with the soy sauce-lime dressing. Importantly, it is NOT SLIMY. Transfer steamed okra to a shallow bowl. The simple truth is that bland does not work on our palettes and the idea of eating a bowl of steamed vegetables alone, just seems, well, boring. While I have fried, sautéed, stuffed, curried and steamed it often, the other day I wanted to enjoy the steamed okra a different way, so I seasoned it. Mix well and set aside. You can also post comments, and manage your email subscription. Enjoy steamed seabass with soy sauce . blog_title = encodeURIComponent(blog_title); var full_body = document.getElementById("body_268245276022175088").innerHTML; Serve immediately. For the broccoli and cauliflower, divide them into florets and for the cabbage, cut them into semi-thick wedges. Steamed Okra with Fried Shallots 蒸羊角豆(秋葵) Add sweet soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar, and lime juice. 4. Recipe: Steamed Okra 1 pound of whole okra pods Kosher or sea salt, to taste 1/2 cup of butter, melted Place in a steaming rack. BuzzFeed - How to Cook Fish if You Hate Cooking, BuzzFeed Food - 21 Surprising Things You can Make in a Rice Cooker, Huffingtonpost - Turn A Cheap Packet Of Instant Ramen Into A Gourmet Meal, Basil Magazine (Archived) - Traditional Congee, Modern Interpretation. It is a vegetable I buy religiously, every week. and cook  okra. Seabass 130 gr Bell pepper 70 gr Cherry tomato 40 gr Ginger 60 gr Turmeric powder 1 little Less salty soy sauce 1 teaspoon Mushroom sauce 1 teaspoon Mirin water 1 teaspoon (1 Japanese rice wine) Implementation tools. Ingredients: 1 shallot, thinly sliced, fried to golden, set aside; 8-10 okra, sliced to halves set aside in a bowl to be steamed; 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1/2 tsp brown sugar Delivered every morning. Arrange the okra on top of the steamer; cover the pot and place on medium heat. 1 tablespoon peanut oil. I am combining one of most detested (by  many) vegetables with one of the most so-called "bland" ways of cooking. Add dried shrimp and cook for 1 to 2 minutes. full_body = escape_quotes(full_body); Only when the water comes to a boil then add okra to steamer, cover, and steam-cook for 4 minutes. The important thing is to not overcook the vegetables; they should retain some of their texture, firmness. The combination of a little soy sauce, apple cider vinegar and minced hot peppers made the steamed okra into an entrée for a vegetarian meal. var url = ''; 1. If they are overdone, they look limp, their natural colours faded. In other words, if you like it tarter, add more vinegar, if it needs more salt, add more soy sauce. To steam okra – Add 1½ cups of water to a saucepot and insert a metal steamer. What is your favorite okra dish? and sugar. Add minced garlic and continue to stir fry for another 30 seconds. Only one active session is allowed per subscriber. Place sambal belacan in a small bowl. With fried shallots, a dish such as fried bee hoon can become a different tasty entity. Mix together the soy sauce, vinegar and pepper. Therefore, for this recipe, do not use canned corn, get fresh corn, shuck it, remove the kernels and then steam them. 1 tablespoon sesame oil. Really easy and tasty! Rinse and drain okra. In a small saucepan, heat vegetable oil over low heat. Directions: After frying the shallots, reserve the oil in the heated pan, add the soy sauce (sizzles!) However, since I tried steaming Chinese okra recently, why not try keeping it simple again. If you have a question about this recipe, ask it here to get a reply from the cookpad community. So too will be the amount of water needed for steaming. A so-called plain vegetable soup can also turn one of the tastiest with fried shallots. Other vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach (callaloo), squash, christophene (chayote, cho-cho), and pumpkin can also be steamed and dressed with the dressing in this recipe.

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