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In the original draft script, Kirk traveled to the parallel universe alone and the parallel universe Federation was battling a race called the Tharn. Back in Kirk's quarters, Moreau reappears, wearing a much more seductive outfit. You can purchase the Hallmark Keepsake 2020, Star Trek U.S.S. Beamed up during an ion storm, which causes a transporter malfunction, the landing party of Kirk, McCoy, Scotty and Uhura find themselves in a mirror universe aboard a parallel Enterprise run by ruthless barbarians. In the turbolift, Kirk calls Uhura and tells her that Scott should be calling her soon. Scott begins to protest, even calling Kirk "Jim," but Kirk makes it an order and Scott reluctantly complies. ", "In every revolution, there's one man with a vision. A transporter malfunction sends Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, and Uhura into a parallel universe where the Federation is replaced by an evil Empire, Kirk is a despot, and Spock is a cunning henchman. I guess it’s a case of be careful what you wish for. Moreau replies that of course he'd think that, as it is what made him captain of the Enterprise. However, Spock will not permit Kirk's aberrations to jeopardize his position. Star Trek: The Next Generation Mirror Broken is a six-issue comic book miniseries from IDW Publishing. Spock says that it is regrettable that the Halkans have chosen suicide. Kirk tries to get Spock to let him go. Kirk then realizes what has happened. (06 Oct 1967). Use the HTML below. No Excelsior. Then he wants Scott to study the ship's technology as they're going to have to use it to get back home. Unfortunately, interference from the ion storm gives the transporter operator, Kyle, trouble as Spock enters the transporter room. Kirk wonders if they've perhaps gone too far with their conquest, stating that that part is easy, but controlling the masses are not. When the beep stops, she smiles, backs away and then backhands Sulu back into his seat, telling him she's changed her mind again. | Actually it was available on Hallmark’s site about 5 months ago. 6 of 8 people found this review helpful. | Enterprise officers to their own world. Spock comments on how he observed their counterparts also, calling them "...brutal, savage, unprincipled, uncivilized, treacherous; in every way splendid examples of Homo sapiens, the very flower of Humanity." Alone, Kirk calls Scott on his communicator and tells him they have to get out of there inside of three hours as Spock has orders to kill him unless he completes their military mission. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Kirk threatens to have Spock and the security guards executed. "Be the captain of this Enterprise, Mr. Spock! Spock tells him that's not likely as his authority is extremely limited in that regard. Kirk tells her he was preoccupied. Hallmark 2020 USS Enterprise Musical Tree Topper (with included remote and support rod). I trust that you are aware of the reverse. Just at that moment, Kirk's henchmen appears out of the turbolift; Wilson tells one of them that he helped Kirk, which Kirk confirms. Is this the end of the yearly Hallmark ship ornament series, or is the tree topper the most recent entry? Kirk and Moreau mutually agree then that if one does not take advantage of one's opportunities, one does not rise to command a starship or even higher. Enterprise. In fact, one of the series leads, Michelle Yeoh’s Philippa Georgiou, hails from the malevolent Mirror Universe. The 2020 collection is available at Hallmark stores and online at While these discussions are going on, an ion storm is passing through the Halkan system, causing strong thunder and lightning bolts. He then shows a bit of impatience when neither man moves to leave the transporter room. Power?" Spock then asks Kirk if they've suffered any ill effects, to which Kirk says that he does and tells McCoy to give them an examination. Kirk tells Spock he'll make the reasons clear to him in his own good time. Mirror, Mirror Caught in the beginnings of an ion storm, Kirk , McCoy and Uhura interrupt their negotiations with the Halkans for dilithium crystals, to return to the U.S.S. Jake Angell did a fine job designing the trio of “Mirror, Mirror” characters. Beamed up during an ion storm, which causes a transporter malfunction, the landing party of Kirk, McCoy, Scotty and Uhura find themselves in a mirror universe aboard a parallel Enterprise run by ruthless barbarians. Was this review helpful to you? Reassured, Uhura leaves for the bridge. Just as the doors open and Kirk prepares to walk out, he is hit forcefully in the mouth by a crewman, and held against the wall by two others. He then gets one of the crewmen off of Kirk and shoots him dead, vaporizing him with his own phaser. Kirk and the others must find a way home before they are discovered and exposed by their parallel crew members, who use treachery, back-stabbing and seduction to get what they want. You can also get the entire set together retails for $254.96. Kirk says he does not intend to kill him. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Kirk tells everyone to get back to their posts and keep him appraised. The following video shows you the sound features of the 2020 Hallmark Star Trek ornaments. Mirror, Mirror Kirk quickly cuts off the record, having heard more than enough. After Scott leaves, McCoy and Kirk ponder what their counterparts are doing back in their universe and on their Enterprise. So Kirk asks the computer for a readout of the current commander. So thank you for that too Star Trek! When Sulu reports the secondary target rotating out of phaser lock, Kirk orders Sulu to put phasers on standby, which Spock notes is a serious breach of orders. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. She wonders just how much power is Kirk expecting to accumulate and then wonders how she'll fit into the circumstances. An email will not be created automatically. Beamed up during an ion storm, which causes a transporter malfunction, the landing party of Kirk, McCoy, Scotty and Uhura find themselves in a mirror universe aboard a parallel Enterprise run by ruthless barbarians. Why is there an ornament of Conan O’Brien dressed as Mirror Kirk? As the landing party stop to leave the transporter room, Kirk turns back to Spock and tells him to have the transporter circuits examined. He then leaves their quarters. Kirk says that he'll make certain the circumstance of Spock's failure will clear him. Scott tells Kirk that Sulu is security chief and compares him to the ancient Gestapo. When Kirk asks about star readings, Scott tells him everything is exactly as it should be, except for them. He had the four imprisoned until the transporter could be checked and repaired.

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