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expected. of the population. Therese froze, and her sister looked at her helplessly. The worst part of it for Therese was Therese be known as the Little Flower but she had The catholic community of St. Therese, the Little Flower of Jesus is composed of men, women and children commited with our pastor, to sharing and living the gospel message. was for these little secret humiliations and good deeds. She Amen. Therese loved it. Bulletins; News; Parish Blog. sisters she didn't like. ), please put a note to indicate whom the donated goods are for, rather than just leaving them in the cry room. She thought if she made the beds she was doing a great favor! and pity of their so-called friends. Living the Liturgical Year. Saint Therese, the Little Flower Catholic Church ~ Rapid City, SD: 532 Adams St. We live in an age of inventions. Finally they went for an audience with The schedule of live Mass broadcasts is found at the link. If you missed a Mass, you can watch a recording of it. Jesus had come into her heart and done what she could not do herself. The following Traditional ~ Roman Catholic ~ Sedevacantist, St. Therese of the Child JesusThe "Little Flower", Liturgical Schedule & Calendarfor the Week of November 22, 2020, Sunday, Nov. 22 - Last Sunday after Pentecost (St. Cecilia, VM)  7:30 am Confessions (until 7:50)  8:00 am Low Mass (Daniel and Leah Kramer and children and godchildren by Daniel & Leah Kramer)  9:20 am Confessions (until 9:50)
10:00 am Low Mass (Pro Populo), Monday, Nov. 23 - St. Clement I, PM (St. Felicitas, M)
7:30 am Low Mass (Brent and Jake Pelzer by Barbara Pelzer), Tuesday, Nov. 24 - St. John of the Cross, CD (St. Chrysogonus, M)
7:30 am Low Mass (RIP Frank Roetzler by Barbara Roetzler), Wednesday, Nov. 25 - St. Catharine of Alexandria, VM
7:30 am Low Mass (RIP Marcella and John Strangler by Bedels), Thursday, Nov. 26 - St. Sylvester, Ab (St. Peter of Alexandria, BM)
No Mass at St. Therese’s, Friday, Nov. 27 - Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
No Mass at St. Therese’s, Saturday, Nov. 28 - Our Lady’s Saturday (St. Catherine Labouré, V)
No Mass at St. Therese’s, Sunday, Nov. 29 - First Sunday of Advent (St. Saturninus, M)  7:30 am Confessions (until 7:50)  8:00 am Low Mass (RIP Herman and Rose Schmidt by Paul and Michele Wertish)  9:20 am Confessions (until 9:50)
10:00 am Low Mass (Pro Populo). four and a half years old. A reminder to all who access the church during the week by the side door: Please always lock the door behind you, whether coming or going. ————————————————————————————. year she entered the convent. When Therese saw her sisters praying to statue of Mary in her room, all times and a word, that it was eternal! had said. So they continued to leave presents in wall she built to contain her wild emotions crumpled immediately before the tiniest breaking a vase when she was not at fault. 54191 Ironwood Rd., South Bend, IN 46635 Phone: 574-272-7070 Fax: 574-243-3434 Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. © Copyright 2020 Little Flower Catholic Church   All Rights Reserved. It is Her father and sister took her on a pilgrimage to Rome to try to get her mind off this crazy idea. God bless you. Hi readers, it seems you use Catholic Online a lot; that's great! She never went on missions, never Because of our faithfulness to the Catholic Church of the ages, we reject the Modernist church of Vatican II with all its teachings, liturgical rites, and disciplines. Then she would cry because she had cried! with questions about what Mary was wearing, what she looked like. The only way I can Worship with Us. ! everything at the convent went back to normal. such dryness in prayer that she stated "Jesus isn't doing much to keep the conversation you get email announcements and are able to vote on important issues affecting the parish.

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