squash game rules

�T�L8��"��4��7$p� dCx�d��t�ٲ��\�Bc3��ש�L�R(�X�x�й� �f+�_ő��. �^�xwם���c����q��v�au. A service box is in each section and a player is required to have at least one foot in whilst they serve or are waiting to receive the serve. Every time you do so you will receive a point. Upon returning a serve you may hit the ball on the volley or after it bounces. The back of the court is split into two rectangular sections where a player must start from before each point. After being struck by the racket, the ball must strike the front wall above the service line and below the out line and land in the opposite back quarter court. Mostly, a player, being struck by his own return, would lose the point. As a member of the World Squash Federation, US Squash matches follow the international rules of the game of squash: Rules of Squash – PDF; International Doubles Squash Rules; Rules of Hardball Squash Doubles To download the full doubles rules click here. 2941 0 obj <>stream 1.3. The first line is out line that runs across the top of the back wall and down the sides of the side wall. The object of the game. In order to win the game you need to reach the required amounts of sets determined before the start of the match. If the striker shapes to hit the ball, and then changes their mind, and the ball hits the opponent, a let may also be allowed. endstream endobj startxref One player serves to start a rally which proceeds until one player hits the ball out or down or fails to hit the ball before it has bounced twice. To download the appendix 1 guidelines click here. Except, if due to the position of his opponent, the player was unable to clear the ball, a let may be allowed. The first is called ‘PAR’ where you play first to 11 points and you can score a point from either yours or your opponents serve. The object of the game is hit the ball off the back wall until you manage to make your opponent fail in returning the ball. The speed of balls are determined by number and colours of small spots on the ball: Double Yellow = Extra Super slow for competitions. US Squash is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which serves as the only national governing body and membership organization for the sport in the United States. Every time you do so you will receive a point. Singles Squash is played in a court between two players, each holding a racket to strike the ball. Scoring a point can come one of 4 ways: the ball bounces twice before your opponent hits the ball, the ball hits the back board (or net), the ball goes outside the outline or a player causes interference purposely to prevent their opponents from getting the ball. Each rally starts with a serve, and the players then return the ball alternately until the rally ends (see Rule 6: The Play). A squash match is awarded to the player who wins the best of 3 or 5 games. You cannot hit the ball twice and you cannot carry the ball. �g:��2y�N�1M��p� ��x�aRwj3odp?��� If a player reaches 11 points but the other player has 10 points, for instance, then the game continues until one player gets ahead by two points. All that is needed is a squash racket (similar to a tennis racket but smaller head size) and a squash ball. %%EOF 3 feet above the board is the service line. As a member of the World Squash Federation, US Squash matches follow the international rules of the game of squash: As a member of the World Squash Federation, US Squash follows the international WSF court specifications of the game of squash for singles, doubles and hardball doubles courts. Most sets are best of 5 games, so the first to that number wins. All serves must hit above this line for it to be a legitimate serve. The receiving player can choose to volleya serve after it has hit the front w… You must hit the ball with your racket within the boundaries on the back wall. Any ball hitting outside this area is deemed out and a point is awarded to your opponent. The game dates back to 19th century with variations of the game (then called racquets) evolving into the modern game as we now know it. When serving one foot must be within the service box; the same goes for your opponent. 0 For a legal serve, one of the server's feet must be in the service box, not touching any part of the service box lines, as the player strikes the ball. h�b```f``�`�223 �0+�X� �:et�t������`4�s��9)g��D��4l��Ƽꀏ�Q&M� |��{(���pn�HK~���{�W ,��wX�b�!kF� �EgL_pd]zE�H �}a���p4v)�D �ƶ��S-�8 2904 0 obj <> endobj A beginner's guide on playing squash, the tactics, the technique , the rules and how to play squash safely. © US SQUASH and US SQUASH CHAMPIONSHIPS are registered trademarks of the United States Squash Racquets Association (USSRA), Incorporated - All rights reserved. ;-�X��At����nm2M�W�#�'��K1��Wt {9�n``���Ġ� a�ŒH���U# 3a�Y��^�&�a6"�Xá,es�*00q/�n��k���,i30�na��Z d3h�� � ����{���#�eb���t�3u7>����(?�A"�6��9��G��.�����@r�� �+xs؞0{1.k�p ��I��>v5��P?��`:� d0� �4�ЅY>�@� �I/ A let is called when a player accidently gets in their opponents way and is unable to get out the way. The ball is generally pretty low bouncing, especially the super slow balls, which make it tough to return the ball. The ball can hit the side wall at any time as long as at some point it hits the back wall. The object of squash is relatively simple; you must hit the ball off the front … If the ball hits into the board then it is deemed a foul. Points make up sets, which in turn determine the winner of the match. Founded in 1904 and headquartered in New York City, it is a member of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, the Pan American Squash Federation and the World Squash Federation. h�bbd```b``)�� ��,2D2�L`�0Y"w��L��$=�zC���i ��$k�$�\6e`bd���������� d_ The court, ball, and racket must meet WSF specifications (see Appendices 7, 8 and 9). There are 5 different speeds of squash ball ranging from super slow (competition standard) to fast (more beginner standard). Each game goes to 11 points, with the first player to reach 11, by at least two points, winning. Games can be played by either two (singles) or four (doubles) players at one time. This player starts the first rally by electing to serve from either the left or right service box. The 11 point PAR scoring system is now the official scoring system in professional ranks and the majority of amateur games. If a game gets to 10-10 then a player must win by two clear points to win that game. 2926 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<10329B52D75CDE4CAD7167B24C99AD5F>]/Index[2904 38]/Info 2903 0 R/Length 110/Prev 950950/Root 2905 0 R/Size 2942/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Singles Rules 2019 Effective January 2019 – Version 2019-01 Changes as follows: Time period allowed for the Warm up in Rule 4 .1: changed to 4 minutes with half time to be called at 2 minutes… Squash is played between two individuals (singles) or two teams of two (doubles) on a Squash Court. The squash ball is around 2 and a half inches in diameter and made from rubber. h޼VmO9�+��q뷱�R)�B#�\9i��� 9%�(�����3v��Ғ�t��xlόg��3^]j/�ХB[�B)�c��2����-LH��X�6 $J���PZ:��P�%)�!�K����;����b�.��h�L"O�.G#�&!G�'e� 1.2. %PDF-1.5 %���� The object of the game is hit the ball off the back wall until you manage to make your opponent fail in returning the ball. There are many lines on a squash court. endstream endobj 2905 0 obj <> endobj 2906 0 obj <> endobj 2907 0 obj <>stream The second is a more traditional style where you play first to 9 points but can only score points off your own serve. Squash is played between two people in a box like room. A board runs along the bottom of the back wall which is technically the ‘net’. Points make up sets, which in turn determine the winner of the match. A foul is called if the player purposely tries to get in the way of their opponent. Note that the specifications for a converted racketball court are the same as for international singles, with the exception of the width of the court. Whilst squash isn’t currently an Olympic sport, its pinnacle comes in the form of the Squash World Championships where the best players from around the world compete to be the ultimate squash champion. The players spin a racket to decide who serves first. Copyright © 2019 RulesOfSport.com | Privacy Policy. There are two methods of scoring Squash. Squash is a game played around the world and has as big a following professionally as it does in amateur ranks. Click here to view the official specifications.

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