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This person was a house-steward who was in charge of the buttery or spence. He married Isabel Robbins and had several issue with her: John, Susannah, Michael Jr, and William. 3. They had five children, including the 2nd Earl Spencer, who later became Home Secretary from 1806 to 1807 and a Knight of the Garter. Motto—Dieu défend le droit. 10) Spencer, Captain, Royal Navy, C.B., of Lyme Regis, county Dorset, Honourable distinctions, 1818 Thomas Spencer was recorded as living in Virginia (at Warwick Squeake) in February 1623. Cross W[eston]-S[mith] del. Crest: out of a ducal coronet a griffin’s head gorged bet 2 wings spread or Supporters: A griffin and a dragon. This is an occupational surname denoting a person who was employed in the kitchen or pantry of a great house (of nobles, royals, or artistorcrats) or a religious monastery during medieval times or the Middle Ages in Europe, deriving from the Middle English word spense, meaning larder, a word that referrers to a cool area where good is stored prior to use, the predecessor of the modern refrigerator. The Spencers’ administration of their Northamptonshire and Warwickshire estates was admired and often emulated by gentlemen all over England. William Spencer, age 16, came to Virginia aboard the Merchant’s Hope in July 1635. It is also found in the insignia of the Schottenkloster in Regensburg, where the major seminary of that diocese is located, and a place where Benedict taught as a professor of theology. He married Isabel Robbins and had several issue with her: John, Susannah, Michael Jr, and William. The English aristocratic Spencer family has resided at their ancestral home at Althorp, Northamptonshire, since the early 16th century. Links to other Coat of Arms His son Christopher was born in Rhode Island in 1710. The Crusades continue today in the form a leading a live that is reflective of biblical battles. The price of the product changes after adding at least one to the cart. The family surname history of Spencer is of Welsh origins. John Spencer was born in 1737 and died in 1824 at the age of 87. He married Anna Focke Smyth and Ann Empson and had two sons: John and Henry. In traditional heraldry the cross is set atop three bars, the cross on the Spencer armorial stands alone. The rose stands for hope and joy. In 1919, he married Lady Cynthia Ellinor Beatrix Hamilton, daughter of the Duke of Abercorn, and had issue with her as follows: Edward John (Viscount Althorp, Captain of The Royal Scots Greys, served in World War II, Governor of South Australia) and Anne (married Lieutenant Christopher Baldwin Hughes Wake-Walker, had issue). Horne: "The Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Great Brington. He was also named Robert d’Abbetot. He was the son of Samuel Selden Spencer and Eliza D. Palmer. 11) Spencer, late Shield, Henry, of county Durham, England, 1842 Sir John Spencer's grandson Sir John Spencer (d. 1586) was a Knight of the Shire for Northamptonshire. We have 42 coats of arms for the Spencer surname depicted here. Medieval Christians making the pilgrimage to his shrine often wore a scallop shell symbol on their hat or clothes. 1972), American, Percy LeBaron Spencer (1894-1970), American engineer and inventor of the microwave oven, Joel Spencer (b. 1) Horatio Nelson Spencer who was born at Port Gibson, Mississipi in 1842. His son, the 8th Earl Spencer, succeeded to the earldom and estates in 1975. In Northern Ireland, it ranks highest in county Down. In New Zealand, a one J. Spencer came to Bluff Harbour in 1824. He married the Honourable Frances Ruth Roche in 1954 and had a daughter, Diana, who later married Prince Charles in 1981. He had five issue: Selden (1873), Horatio N. (1875), Laura (married Bernard C. Edmund), alandina (married Reverend William H. DuBose), and Anna (married W.S. Joseph Spencer, English convict from Lancaster, who was transported aboard the "Albion" on May 29, 1828, settling in New South Wales, Mr. Henry Spencer, English convict who was convicted in, J Spencer, who landed in Bluff Harbour, New Zealand in 1824, J Spencer, who landed in Old Bluff, New Zealand in 1834, J Spencer, who landed in Taranaki, New Zealand in 1840, S Spencer, who landed in Taranaki, New Zealand in 1840, Abel Spencer, aged 27, who arrived in Port Nicholson aboard the ship "Oriental" in 1840, Andre Devell Spencer (b. He was a Captain of the Life Guards and served in World War I where he was wounded. Henry del Spens was documented in 1292 AD according to the History of Northumberland by Reverend John Hodgson. Avery/B. 1) Nicholas Spencer, Westmoreland, Virginia, 1659, from London. A one William Spencer, along with his wife Allice and daughter Allice came aboard the Sarah to Virginia areound 1624. Several passages in the Bible suggest that family crest or standards are symbols as ancient as the Book of Numbers. W[eston]-S[mith] del. 2) Quarterly argent and gules on 2 and 3 a fret or. The authority of the Lion is unmistakable. Other Spencer Pedigree & Family Trees Henry del Spens was documented in 1292 AD according to the History of Northumberland by Reverend John Hodgson. Nicholas de la Despense was recorded in the Close Rolls in 1330 AD. The famous Sir Hugh le Despencer (born 1256 AD) fought in the Battle of Falkirk (in Scotland) in 1308 AD.

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