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Fold in chocolate chips. Be careful not to overbake. Be sure to use ripe bananas; their peels should be bright yellow, with no green showing at all, and beginning to turn brown. Remove the bread from the oven; a long toothpick or thin paring knife inserted into the center should come out clean, with a few wet crumbs clinging to it. No, you don’t need to add yeast or let the banana bread sit for hours. For a reduced-sugar version of this bread, cut the brown sugar in half, to 1/3 cup. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Because of the natural yeast that lives around us every day, with some patience and daily nurturing, you can basically turn flour + water in to a vibrant sourdough mixture that can — eventually — leaven bread all on its own. Any suggestions on baking time if I use a mini muffin tin? No one flavor overpowers the other either…its the perfect blend!!!! ~Regan. Sourdough banana bread is a huge hit in my house and one of the most loved recipes on my site. Bake for 55 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in center comes out mostly clean. Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Instagram using the hashtag #nutmegnanny. It contains some of my favorite easy, everyday baking recipes I know you will enjoy! Add the mashed bananas, jam, honey, and eggs, again beating until smooth. My newest thought…..I bet this stuff would be amazing as French toast, served with slice bananas and your buttermilk or caramel syrup maybe…hmmmmm. Super moist and a little more bread-like then most banana breads (which I prefer!). When family comes next week, I’m ready for snacking. It is also risen almost 2” above the bread pan. In a separate … I used what I had on hand: regular eggs and coconut sugar. No need to throw away your discard when you can make this super delicious and flavor-packed quick bread. No need to throw away your discard when you can make this super delicious and flavor-packed quick bread. Yum, That substitution sounds delicious!! Bake for an additional 25 minutes (20 minutes if you're baking in a tea loaf pan). With the mixer on low, slowly add in the flour mixture. Get 8 Weeks of Dinners Planned For You - Instantly. King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour - 3 lb. Homemade sourdough banana bread is a simple classic banana bread recipe with a twist. This banana bread could easily become zucchini bread by swapping out the bananas (or you can keep them) with grated and pressed zucchini1. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, yummy ideas for sourdough discard recipes, dry sourdough starter available on Amazon, breadtopia has a dry sourdough starter in stock, please tag me on Instagram @thisunmillenniallife, Subscribe to This Unmillennial Life via email, Amazon Affiliate, Disclosure and Privacy Policy. I added some walnuts, my only recipe modification. Perfect way to use sourdough discard! It’s easy for them to hold and great at mashing. For an even greater reduction, use just 2 tablespoons brown sugar. Add the flour then the nuts, stirring just until smooth. I’ll be honest…..I could easily eat a whole loaf myself in one sitting! Please go to the Instagram Feed settings page to connect an account. ★☆ This sourdough discard banana bread is the perfect way to use up all that extra sourdough discard AND those brown bananas. 2020 And it doubles great too if you’d like to make a double batch specifically to put one in the freezer! Sometimes if people don’t know what they’re eating, they’ll ask if there’s lemon in the bread. Like this recipe? Learn how your comment data is processed. A keeper! Get my newsletter or a new recipe every day! Do that before baking the whole batch , I too discovered King Arthur Flour website this spring, but I went the experimental way and tried their ‘making sourdough starter by graping the flour’ route (with domestic unwashed grapes) and bam, now I’m fridge-deep in starter. Thanks for rating and leaving a comment. ★☆ I encourage anyone who’s considering making banana bread – this recipe is the best! Preheat oven to 350 degrees F and spray a 9x5 loaf pan with non-stick spray, set aside. Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter YouTube LinkedIn. I followed the recipe and I ended up with a brick. Cinnamon Raisin Sourdough Bread - tasty way to use sourdough discard! I love how the sourdough balances the banana! This is the first recipe I’m sharing but be on the lookout because I went baking crazy and have lots of fun sourdough discard recipes coming up. The sourdough starter adds extra flavor, but doesn’t actually make the banana bread taste like sourdough bread. Lightly grease a 9" x 5" loaf pan; or a 12" x 4" tea loaf pan. Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. ~Regan. with her no-fuss approach to cooking. Add the flour to the bowl and then sprinkle the baking powder and salt on top of the flour. You *might* be able to snag the one I used by purchasing this Sourdough Cookbook (they include a packet of the same starter I used with every purchase of the cookbook). Baking Parchment Paper - Set of 100 Half-Sheets, 8 tablespoons (113g) unsalted butter, at cool room temperature, 1 3/4 cups (397g) mashed ripe banana (from about 1 3/4 pounds unpeeled bananas), 1/2 cup (113g) sourdough starter, unfed/discard*. The garden overfloweth! Be sure to bake thoroughly; gluten-free baked goods often need a bit more time in the oven. Get my FREE Dinner Made Easy meal plan, exclusive recipes, giveaways, and behind-the-scenes updates! My gang loved it. I find it a little dry. Copyright © They thaw just in time for lunch! Hi Amit, I don't think it will really rise at all in an hour. If you use sourdough starter you’ll end up with a more tart bread than if you use the active bubbly starter. If there is one thing I have learned these past few months it’s that sourdough has really had a glow up. So glad you’re enjoying the recipe. Add up to 3/4 cup chopped nuts – pecans and walnuts do best in banana bread. Banana bread is oh-so-simple... yet like many simple recipes, requires a few out of the ordinary ingredients to bring it from potentially boring to memorable. For the most precise nutritional data use your preferred nutrition calculator based on the actual ingredients you used in the recipe. It makes a great addition to easy baking recipes, including this banana bread recipe. Not familiar with sourdough making? I only use affiliate links for products I believe in. | NutmegNanny - Trellis on Trellis Framework by Mediavine. 1-1/2 cups (170 grams) white whole wheat flour, 1/2 cup (113 grams) unsalted butter, room temperature, 1 cup (227 grams) unfed sourdough starter. If you have ever made banana bread and thought it was fully cooked to only get to the center and realize it was undercooked I have a tip for you! This recipe freezes just great. Just don’t forget to buy extra bananas! So glad you and your family are enjoying this recipe ~Regan, Rate this recipe Soooooooo now I give you one of the best ways to use all that discard – sourdough banana bread! Hence the reason I started searching for sourdough discard recipes.

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