sorinex belt squat attachment

Great review. It would be hard to get good ROM. I've thought the same exact thing. An industry first. Had the same idea. 2x36" Titan Crossmembers and a Titan fat pullup bar which I sawed in half to use as weight posts. I was almost thinking of getting one of these for my T-3 and taking a spar j hook I have and buying this leg curl attachment and taking it somewhere to bascially change the bracket where it attaches to the rack j-hoook style so you could attach it out front, and then easily remove it when done and be able to adjust the height of attachment just right depending on your blocks your using etc... not high on priority list, but if titan had something like this I would buy right away, and the leg curl attachment is soooo close lol. Has anyone done something similar? Doesn't it feel like you are being pulled forward when squatting? Or maybe I don't understand how you use this. The one thing that the RM6 has the belt squat attachment that fits inside the cage. Isn't the section where you would put the weights too close to the pivot point, giving you a significant mechanical advantage? Also it'll be hard to get into position. Cookies help us deliver our Services. You will also note that the Squatmax is the third-to-smallest unit, only behind the Rogue Fitness rack-mounted Rhino and the Sorinex J Squat attachment. I also love in Canada so I’m sure that the shipping won’t be cheap. How'd ya make it and what was total cost? Seems worth a shot. I'm feeling about 80% of the load. What is this wizardry? The weight posts will be too far back so you'll feel less of the actual load. drill a eyelet in the end and remove the pads and put your weights there. With the weights in front of you. I also need to figure out a better solution for the lever. I mean isn't belt squat pull supposed to come straight underneath you? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. That Rogue unit is ~$600 (60%) more expensive and the Sorinex attachment requires a Jammer arm, which costs $699+ for the pair. The further the weights are from you, the lesser is the total load that you will feel. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Press J to jump to the feed. Had some stuff laying around. Similar to your DIY, I saw someone trying to sell this DIY on Craigslist as a Rogue belt squat (lol). By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This contraption was modeled after the sorinex j squat which has the weights even further away from the body. Introducing the Sorinex JˣSquat™ attachment. Having weight suspended directly below you is the best option but it's hard to get in and out of position with 300+ pounds. I thought about making the same using Titan Jammer arms but I wanted something super compact. I'm going to buy the 2x3 wall strip and attach it to that instead of the rack. The sale price is reflected in this chart. Feels great. This contraption was modeled after the sorinex j squat which has the weights even further away from the body. I’m in the process of deciding between those 2 exact builds and everything that you gave Sorinex the nod for I can agree with. Man I wish someone would make a project out of doing this. We've made the most versatile belt squat on the market giving you the most training … Has anyone tried it yet? That's hilarious. Though, admittedly, it is a pretty neat set up using jammer arms and a cross member. Sorinex claims 70% of the felt load so my DIY should be higher than that. Cost is 0. Also, the further away the pins are from where you attach the belt, the less you will feel the load. Especially since the rack is going in my basement. Attach your JˣSquat to fixed or Adjustable Jammer Arms and replace your big clunky belt squat machines. whats funny is look at this they made a perfect belt squat off the rack and don't even know it. A subreddit devoted to working out at home. I mean isn't belt squat pull supposed to come straight underneath you?

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