sony rx100 vi reviews

All of the sample photos here are Extra Fine JPEGs taken straight from the camera with no post processing (except for the depth of field comparison shots, which were captured in RAW and processed lightly in Adobe Lightroom). Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. Impressive lens gives sharp images all through its really useful zoom range, Very good image quality with reliable exposure, Remarkably fast autofocus and continuous shooting means you should never miss a shot, Pop-up viewfinder and tilting screen give flexible composing options, Small, slippery body is far too easy to drop without an accessory grip, Far too expensive compared to its competitors, Tiny buttons can make operation frustrating, Successive generations have introduced new features to maintain its lead, with the adoption of a tilting screen in the, All of those models remain on sale, which makes sense as the new RX100 VI is a different beast. As such vloggers will prefer the older Mark V (see my Sony RX100 V review), but anyone wanting a capable pocket camera for travel will appreciate the longer zoom range not to mention its ability to track and capture action. Sensor: 20.1 MP 1-inch type stacked CMOS image sensor 2. After all, why bother buying one when your next smartphone could very well outperform it? The NFC then instructs the camera and phone to connect (automatically taking care of network names and passwords), before then transferring the image and finally disconnecting. If there’s no room for a physical socket, I wonder if it’s possible for Sony to fit one on the optional grip accessory or perhaps exploit Bluetooth for a wireless solution? It's fair to say that Sony has been one of the slowest brands to embrace touchscreen functionality on cameras, but the good news is that the RX100 VI is the first camera in the RX100 series to get this feature. We never, ever accept money to review a product. In fact, if you turn off the various operational beeps and fake shutter sounds and engage the electronic shutter, the camera is completely silent. This means that while the RX100 VI can match the staggering 24fps burst shooting speed of the RX100 V, the buffer has been extended even further to 233 (JPEG) images, compared to 150 shots on the RX100 V – and it'll manage this while shooting with continuous AF and auto exposure. Sony was one of the first companies to deploy in-camera Panoramas and it remains a highlight of their cameras. Like most zoom and super-zoom point-and-shoot cameras, the lens collapses into the body when not in use, making the entire camera itty bitty. Sony has managed to achieve this without impacting on the overall size of the camera – so does this make the RX100 VI the ultimate compact camera? The Lumix TZ100 / ZS100 has a 25-250mm f2.8-5.9 zoom with a 5cm closest focusing distance at 25mm. In this respect it’s the same as most of the competition, but in a critical upgrade over earlier Sony cameras including the RX100 V, you no longer need to sign into PlayMemories and update the remote control app within the camera itself to unlock all of the manual control. Video, as is so often the case with Sony cameras, is another strong point. Sony’s achieved this by making the lens slower – the maximum aperture now runs from f/2.8-4.5, rather than the f/1.8-2.8 of the previous model. We’ll always tell you what we find. A good camera should get out of your way and make it easy for you to change all the key settings, but with the RX100 VI, I usually felt like I was fighting against it instead. The RX100 VI is a brilliant camera and more accomplished than the Panasonic TZ200 in several key areas. Sony typically refreshes this series every 12 to 18 months, so we imagine a new one will arrive by early 2020, but Sony product launches can be unpredictable. Kent ME18 6AL While the Mark VI aperture is impressively bright for a pocket superzoom with a 1in sensor, it’s still approximately one stop slower than the RX100 III, IV and V in the 24-70mm range – which in turn will require a slower shutter speed or higher ISO to compensate under the same conditions. On the whole, the wireless capabilities of the RX100 VI are very good. Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. The standout feature of the mark VI is that 8x zoom lens, offering a full-frame equivalent focal length range of 24-200mm. But in truth, this is hardly the case. The RX100 VI is the latest premium compact camera from Sony. Far from it. At a staggering £1150, it’s £300 more than the TZ200, which we already considered very expensive for this kind of camera, and over twice the price of the TZ100. When Sony released the original RX100 back in 2012, it revolutionized the pocket camera at a stroke.

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