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Key Benefits & Features: 2.1 Mpx Sony CMOS Rolling Shutter sensor module, ready to embed! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); @ | Privacy Policy | Contact Us | Sitemap, Comcast: Symmetrical Cable Broadband Coming in Next 24 Months –, XFX rolls out the Radeon RX 480 Crimson Edition graphics card, D1547 Datasheet PDF – NPN Power Transistor, LTC6078 Datasheet – Low Noise Operational Amplifier, SRD-05VDC-SL-C Datasheet PDF – 5V RELAY – SONGLE, IRFZ44N Pinout and Datasheet – 55V, 49A, Power MOSFET, IRLB4132 Datasheet – HEXFET Power MOSFET – IRF, F12C20C Datasheet – 12A, 200V, Recovery Rectifier, C5929 Datasheet – Vcbo=1550V, NPN Transistor – Panasonic. endobj Fields marked with * are required. 2 0 obj Enabling the SME-HDR mode, the camera can support 60fps, while it supports 30fps if enabling the DOL-HDR mode. Both IMX477 and IMX377 can support 4K resolution 60 fps video shooting with the MIPI interface which reduces development cycles and simplify overall design complexity. stream <>/Metadata 3107 0 R/ViewerPreferences 3108 0 R>> 10-bit/12-bit A/D converter on-chip %PDF-1.7 Sony IMX175 Exmor R List of gadgets (3) Summary. All FSMs are part of a rapid prototyping ecosystem, consisting of: 4. Function : CMOS Image Sensor with Square Pixel for Color Cameras, The IMX322LQJ-C is a diagonal 6.23 mm (Type 1/2.9) CMOS active pixel type image sensor with a square pixel  array and approximately 2.12 M active pixels. Variable-speed shutter function (Minimum unit: One horizontal sync signal period (1XHS)) 5.87 Day light. 44 Jefryn Boulevard, Suite Y, Deer Park, New York 11729 Our experienced sales representatives will help you find the best solution for your application. 5.93 Day light. The new sensor features 48 effective megapixels *2, the industry’s highest pixel count. This new CMOS image sensor features SME-HDR (Spatially Multiplexed Exposure HDR) and DOL-HDR (Digital Overlap HDR), supports dual sensor synchronization operation, IMX477 also adopts the back-illuminated technology can achieve better image quality under low light illumination condition. Click Here To Call Or Dial: (631) 254-2600. Para el español, hablas con Xavier. %PDF-1.7 R, G, B primary color pigment mosaic filters on chip Sony IMX174 Sensor - Resolution: -, FPS: 2.35M, Scan: 5.86µm 3.53. stream This site uses cookies. - Telephone: (631) 254-2600, Copyright © 2020 Phase 1 Technology Corp. - Website Design and Development by AIMG. 2 0 obj Need Help Finding the Best Sensor for Your Solution? <> Datasheet: Electronics Description: Sony Corporation: IMX291LQR Diagonal 6.46 mm (Type 1/2.8) Square Pixel Array Color CMOS Image Sensor: Search Partnumber : Start with "IMX291"-Total : 24 ( 1/2 Page) Rohm: IMX25: General purpose transistor (isolated dual transistors) IMX25: General purpose transistor (isolated dual transistors) <> ���Y��"��iM^*�#�_W^������O�v����O4�����\�WE�*X����]�R��왔27�Lpu>>/�[��J�be^:�?���z&�\���m����)�|{���^�.�����\���$�j�N��82U�Z���1.��T��k�-P�``��D�I� {�M^?R_%LͼЃ�Z무E�g���õ���(�- 3 0 obj 8. Global Machine Vision Interface Standards. A matrix with compatible Sensor Adapters (FSA) and Processor Board Adapters (FPA) for single- and multi-sensor setups can be found separately at the end of this document. Sony imx sensor datasheet. 7.14 Low light. x��}[o9����{P�3J%oy4��v�gGӞ�����}(˲�=��Jn���}[,��o#��,f&�y���.�`�G7�����������7�����?\�K�v���ӿ�����������nu{s|��v���b����ٳ������O�di��ʲI��ʤJ&�i%����O�����O��y����H�L�. This chip features an electronic shutter with variable integration time. Download Datasheet Request Quote Note: Your Quotation Request will be directed to Sony Corporation . Please fill out the form below to request a quote. �#&�W�\u�Sz@i8[Y�Y�~�)f���*Su�O�k�rnY���n� Sony always keeps innovating on the image sensor after Sony has put CCD out into the world. %PDF-1.6 %���� <> IMX322 Datasheet - CMOS Image Sensor - Sony, IMX322LQJ-C datasheet, IMX322 pdf, IMX322 pinout, IMX322 manual, IMX322 schematic, IMX322 equivalent, IMX322 data. Subscribe to our news. Readout mode : HD1080 p mode, HD720 p mode ]��_�=�}��E�_=+��UU)�"3�ɕ�*-�Zfw�_=���n�z��_=;}%2!��f?|��R�E�\�&72����x^f����G�����g�d��~��W�� O�篞����U^ɬ�l^:���3{u~�2;�SY�����j�`���Gm�j#�e*��+�1]Yz��ye8f/w[���'js��%t�r�. A matrix with compatible Sensor Adapters (FSA) and Processor Board Adapters (FPA) for single- and multi-sensor setups can be found separately at the end of this document. More details #100 from 97$ Toshiba T4KA7 List of gadgets (4) Summary. Diagonal 13.4mm (Type 1/1.2) 2.35M-Effective Pixel Monochrome and Color CMOS Image Sensors, Phase 1 Technology Corp. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 9 0 R 10 0 R 16 0 R 21 0 R 22 0 R 36 0 R 42 0 R 43 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 1 0 obj The IMX179 from Sony is a diagonal 5.7 mm (Type 1/3.2), 8.8 MP CMOS Image Sensor … Sony IMX174 Sensor - Resolution: -, FPS: 2.35M, Scan: 5.86µm (2) 24.3 dB to 42 dB: Analog Gain 24 dB + Digital Gain 0.3 to 18 dB (step pitch 0.3 dB) Product Category Datasheet for 1 product: View. H driver, V driver and serial communication circuit on chip The Triton TRI016S-C camera features Sony's IMX273 MP global shutter, 1/2.9", 3.45µm, up to 77 FPS over GigE.

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