solo xt jamman

The JamMan Solo XT is the perfect stereo looper/phrase sampler for practicing, composing, and performing. • Slow down or speed up the tempo of any loop without changing pitch. • Sync multiple JamSync compatible JamMan… Digitech has been on the market of effects pedals for a while now. The pedal features 99 separate memory spaces capable of saving up to 35 minutes of … When you need an extra player for your gig, the JamMan Solo XT's powerful looping capabilities are there to back you up. They have acquired their name due to renowned stompboxes such as Whammy, different overdrive and distortion boxes, as well as multi … Use the JamMan Solo XT to: • Record rhythm loops then solo over them on the fly, completely Hands-Free™. The JamMan Solo XT gives your musical performance a rich, full sound while staying true to the sound you compose. "The JamMan Solo XT provides the ability to store 35 minutes of CD-quality loops in 200 internal memories" The JamMan Solo XT provides the ability to store 35 minutes of CD-quality loops in … Store over 35 minutes of stereo, CD-Quality loops in 200 internal memories; … Features.

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