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We’ve all been on that awkward date where said date leans in WAY too close to ask you questions and talk to you during dinner. Another way you can calculate the right size light is by using the room size. Selection may vary by store. RULE: Place wall sconces between 5′ to 6′ up from the floor. You want to have the light enhance your living room time not make it uncomfortable with harsh light in your eyes. Your books and “shelfies” will thank you. § If you find a lower price, we will match it. Yep, that coffee table is not functional! Your eyes will be very happy, and you won’t feel like you are either in the front or back row of the movie theater. Valid only at time of purchase on competitors’ identical product advertised at a lower price. Available in several different sofa and loveseat sizes and sectionals, Charlotte – The shallowest seat at 21″. RULE: An optimal height for the center of the screen is 30 inches above the lowest seat height in the room. We have apartment sized 79″ sofas facing each other floated in the middle of the room. Today we are talking living room layout, planning rules and all the basics so that you and your living room feel pulled together. Thanks for the great tips. I understand there are always exceptions to rules but it might be helpful to acknowledge when the rules were broken and explain why or make sure to only use photos that comply with your rules. This is a lot to take in but thanks so much for the guide. One question regarding keeping 24″ or 10-18″ of space between walls and rug: What if there’s so much furniture stuffed into the space (tiny Brooklyn apartment here), that you can only really see an inch or two of floor between the bottom of the furniture and the rug? Thank you from a very novice DIY home decorator, from the bottom of my heart. A TV viewing area (the seating is arranged such that it’s at the end of the room. But it’s actually the unsung hero of furniture comfort. Currently, we have five teens and two 12 year olds but come June one leaves the teen years behind. For TV’s, how high should they be (when on a console)? These rules are all hugely helpful and I was mentally scanning my room, saying “check, check, check”. Ordering the wrong size is the worst and very annoying so hopefully this will take the guesswork out of light shopping and will help you in the process. I am disabled and need a loveseat that is high enough for me to get up and off the loveseat without much effort. Great post! I’m seriously struggling with this in my own living room where I have two chairs across from a sofa and the coffee table is about 17″ from my sofa but waaaaay too far away from the chairs to use. *Sale offer expires 11/29/20. Available in several different sofa and loveseat sizes and sectionals, Savannah – Inside seat depth of 24″. Feel free to email us at, […] or lumbar support, but seat depth is still an important factor in finding the perfect office chair. Drives me crazy. Since a comfortable place to sit is the most important function of sofas, the seat height needs to accommodate people of all sizes. Now what room should we tackle next? This isn’t the TV room, but we have huge windows and wonderful views and a beautiful fireplace with builtins as a focus on another wall. AND LEARN ABOUT OUR COMMUNITY - WE PROMISE IT’S SUPER COOL. I’m going to be measuring the distances between all of my furniture…. sofas up against walls, coffee table out of scale and placed out of reach of the sofa, side tables that are deeper than the chair they reside next to (just to name a few). We just moved into a new house and I thought it’d be “so much fun” to design it all at once with all new furnishings, but turns out I’m just completely overwhelmed. The JP two painting with the dove is great. We all have different preferences when it comes to how close we like to be to our beloved televisions but a good rule of thumb is 7′. The short answer is YES pants and YES to your rug. It’s open in the middle which is not ideal but works for now for play. I understand wanting to be true to the style and period of the house, but you’ve always seemed so unsettled with the decor (and of this room in particular). Emily, most of your ideas are great, but really, listen to the people who give these opinions with love and try some out. In case you need more design rules, check out: Bedroom Design Rules | Dining Room Rules. I often wonder how I could change it up to be more functional most days but still have my big table for those special occasions. Your other living room was beautiful and successful because it reflected YOU not a projection of a different style. Plus it just visually looks better in the room. Agreed! Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. It’s a conundrum. Minimum monthly payments required. Your math is correct based on the formula she provided. The resting height is always lower that the sitting height. Or a second, smaller rug for the smaller area? 42″ is a great standard to give you the right amount of space between your side chairs. I’d like to believe coffee table is much closer to couch in real life and is just centered for photo. Check out the rest of our design rules: Bedroom Design Rules | Dining Room Rules, So ” is inches and ‘ is feet. We have companies that make custom upholstery, so let us know if you’d like us to help with that! Ohmygosh more wonderful RULES!!! Visit to shop our collection of made-in-America furnishings. Thank you, Tess, that is a lovely idea that I’ve actually done before in a rental. These cookies do not store any personal information. Having so much trouble sourcing one for our living room. I’d love the source as well, please. Now that you’ve decided what seat depth is best for your comfort and space, here are some sofa styles for each depth: Comfortable for lounging with your feet up, but only the really tall would be able to sit upright with their feet on the ground. If it put it in the center, no one will be able to reach the coffee table, but my eye, which prefers symmetry, will be happy. The older ones do, but not the newer ones. doorframe with the height of your sofa allowing some wiggle room either side. Would it be best to pull the rug back a bit? The most favorite seat depth because it’s plenty big for tall people and for lounging. RULE: You want around 42” (size of your room willing) between a set of living room accent chairs to be able to fit a small table (or vintage trunk in this case) in the middle. It’s an awesome print….I want it. The room has come along so nicely, but that coffee table has never worked. please do a similar post! This is why seat height is so important for the most comfortable couch. I’ve been struggling with the rug rule as our formal living room is long, but narrow (13 x 20) and open concept to the kitchen, so only 3 walls. These fairly standard dimensions are a classic for good reason, as they fall right in the middle of the range of sizes and shapes available for most couches. this is so helpful! We warn people NOT to sit on it. We have a lot of local family and friends and many have large families. How do you style something like that? Personal preferences aren’t the only factors—you also want to take a look at your room. Premium contender for best post ever. I have a long narrow living room with long narrow windows also. This rule (unless you live with a VERY tall person) will keep you and your loved ones safe from hitting your heads on a ceiling light. The height of the recliner in the resting position, also known as the seat height, is computed by measuring the distance between the chair's bottom to the reclined head. I’m at my wits end trying to figure out what to do about our long living room/entrance (12×17) in our small ranch style home. I love all the beautiful photos, but in instances like these I do wish there were “do” AND “don’t” photos to go with the descriptions. Sometimes, one can get too close to things to see them as they actually are. And if you don’t have a bookshelf that is that deep than try to steer clear of displaying any books or items that will hang out from the shelves. Any thoughts on how to deal with a TV when the only option is to mount it above the fireplace? But I have it in sorta zones. Looooooongtime every day reader and this may be my favorite post of all time. Awesome, useful post. ». I feel a whole new sense of respect for you designing and furnishing (and fixturing?)

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