smoked beef cheeks

Here’s detailed instructions for firing it up and other tips and tricks. If you’ve ever enjoyed great beef cheeks you will already be familiar with the stickiness that is their signature; this is a result of a thick seam of collagen that runs through the middle of the cheek. When it reaches a tenderness you are happy with (normally with a probe entering and leaving with no resistance), remove the beef cheeks and let rest for 15 minutes. No lie. Rub the cheeks with a thin layer of Kozlik’s Dijon Classique Mustard. They are ready not at a certain temp, but when they probe like butter. Place the cheeks in the smoker indirect, running at around 275f – variance in temps with barbecues is to be expected so don’t freak out, I would be happy with anything from 250f to 300f as a standard range, and even a little further outside of that would not cause concern for alarm. With a bit of preparation they could easily become your new favorite cut. Place the beef cheeks in a tray then cover them with liquid by 0.4 inches (1cm). Serve them however you please but for me tacos is by far the best application for these sticky nuggets of deliciousness. They are also highly grained and somewhat stringy, which makes them perfect for pulling after cooking, to add to tacos and tortillas, or you can slice/cube them to add to stews or a chili. Make sure you trim away ALL sinew and silverskin. I don’t tend to trim a great deal from the cheeks, as given their size an aggressive trim will rid you of most of your meat; however I do like to get rid of any larger pieces of silver skin as pictured above as they can be chewy. For my cook, I used a ‘mocha rub’ from quiet water farms containing cocoa, coffee, cumin, chipotle peppers, and other spices. For sure, I think you should at least give them a go once – hopefully by following my method below. Required fields are marked *. Add a light dusting, so you can still see the meat through the rub all over. Season generously with Killer Hogs TX Brisket Rub. The seam of collagen running through the middle of the cheek is what makes it amazing, however if you’re not careful it can also be its downfall. If you need help setting up your barbecue for low and slow for this cook don’t forget our other articles: With low and slow barbecue, the key is to not rely heavily on specific timeframes as smoked meats can vary substantially from one cook to the next due to anything from: ambient temperatures, fat content, shape, type of smoker and all manner of other reasons. My goal with this site is to help as many people as possible enjoy and be good at doing the same. Add 2x chunks of oak or hickory smoking wood to your smoker, then add the beef cheeks directly … If you like barbecue brisket, you’re going to love the smoked AngusPure beef cheeks. Required fields are marked *. You can see how much I apply in the image below. This is how the Big Green Egg works, a great kamado style grill. 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Your email address will not be published. Because the ox cheeks are quite small, you do not want a ton of rub, or it will overpower the taste of the beef. Log In to your account to view and add notes to this recipe.Don't have an account? If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Every person I’ve ever fed these to has loved them. If you enjoy incredibly moist, melt-in-your-mouth, low n slow-cooked meats such as brisket and ribs, where connective tissues and collagens melt down into gelatinous juices over hours of cooking, you will LOVE beef cheeks. I have also smoked them 3 hours, then wrapped (texas crutch) until finished and they were also a little too dry for my liking, but still nice and far better than not wrapping. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Cook until they reach 203f, then start to probe checking for doneness. Preheat your Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill to 275ºF. Barbecue, Fire and Smoke. Pour the concentrated beef stock on top, and add the butter, distributed evenly. ). You can use any liquid you like for the boat – stout beer is my go-to for boating along with a bit of sweetness like treacle, honey or brown sugar. The average beef cheek weighs in at around 200 grams which for a low and slow smoking […] Start with untrimmed beef cheeks, straight out the of wrapping. Today I’ll take you through my process for amazing cheeks: the 3-3-1 method, smoke/boat/wrap. Your email address will not be published. Smoked Lamb Shoulder is slow-cooked to perfection in a smoker before being pulled creating moist and flavourful meat finished with a subtle BBQ mint sauce. Share a photo and tag us — we can't wait to see what you've made! Now place the beef cheeks in a disposable aluminum pan. For the rub, you can use anything you would typically use on a brisket or beef ribs, from a simple salt and pepper mix to a commercial rub bought specially for beef. Use simple techniques to get good barbecue on a gasser. You can slice or cube them if you so desire, and it goes well in stews, casseroles, and chilis, but that’s not the aim of my cook where I want to serve them in tacos and tortillas. Set up your smoker/barbecue for around 275f (135c) – variance in smoker temp is fine. Smoked Beef Cheeks. Using a sharp knife, remove all the fat and silver-skin from the beef cheeks. They come with a ton of sinew and silver skin, so do need a lot of trimming. Often used in braises, stews, and the classic taco filling Barbacoa, beef cheeks are a definite low’n’slow cut, requiring a good long cook over a low heat. You can use any liquid you like, with beef stock or dark beer being my preferred choices and what I recommend. When it comes to beef I am typically a big fan of savoury – salt and pepper heavy with not much else. Then we will apply the following method: After trimming, rub your cheeks with your choice of barbecue rub. Apply rub all over the cheeks, on both sides. Because of that collagen seam I have found the final internal temperature for beef cheeks can often be quite high, around 205f-210f. Learn how to make a proper smoker out of yours. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. A huge slab of beef, cooked whole, then sliced will wow guests and tantalize their taste buds. How to smoke a Pork Belly in an Offset Smoker | Hank's True BBQ™, How to Build a Fire in the Big Green Egg | How to Light the Big Green Egg, How to trim and smoke St Louis Style Cut Ribs | The Bend Test, How to smoke Dr Pepper Ribs | Hank's True BBQ™. Preheat your smoker/grill with indirect heat from 275 to 325 degrees F (135 to 163 degrees C). Chef Tom fires up the Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill for these insanely delicious, incredibly simple Texas Style Smoked Beef Cheeks, and turns it all into a fantastic chopped beef barbecue sandwich! Posted in Recipes, Videos, Entrées and Beef. © 2020 Food Fire Friends, All rights reserved. Remove from grill and place the cheeks in a small rimmed baking dish. Privacy Policy, Look forward to seeing you next time you are looking for an outdoor cooking recipe. Keywords: Smoked beef cheeks, smoked ox cheeks, beef cheek tacos, beef cheeks. Be wary when probing for tenderness as often the meat can feel quite tender before that collagen has fully broken down. Simply cover your tray with foil to capture that steam and leave for an hour. Beef cheeks are just made for barbecue. 3 hours after placing the cheeks in the smoker, it’s time to boat them. Make sure you keep all that buttery sauce. All rights reserved. Continue to cook the beef cheeks until they reach an internal temperature of 200 to 210 degrees F (93 to 99 degrees C), flipping them every hour. Beef cheeks are easily one of my favourite cuts to smoke – when treated right they are delicious, sticky, gooey, gelatinous nuggets of beef. Add a water-pan below where the beef cheeks will cook. Combine the beer, honey, and brown sugar. Now place the beef cheeks in a disposable aluminum pan. The liquid in the tray can be used as a jus or thickened as a sauce or gravy. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website.

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