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“For me,” he says, “the abiding emotion is always gratitude. COVID-19 may have thwarted their desire to travel, but it certainly hasn’t stopped their need to work. Sister Moon is a rock project launched in early 2017 by Atlanta singer-songwriter Ashley Rivera. more », Sheet Music  Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. So, like any other couple, they have their rules. Have you?,” Sting asks his wife. Let us know what you think of the website. It’s quite structured.”. That’s Trudie and Sting time together.” [They officially wed by registrar on August 20th, though their church service and reception was August 22nd at their home in Wiltshire, hence the three-day observance]. Though she was supposed to be in Manhattan for the summer, appearing in the Off-Broadway play Perry Street, she certainly hasn’t been idle. “No, I’ve never gone to bed angry,” she agrees. Lyrics to Sister Moon by Sting from the KKSF 103.7 FM Sampler for AIDS Relief, Vol. “Having a career that you’re passionate about, that helps with the feeling that your day has been well spent. All the musicians set the mood for the perfect light night album that you can listen to over and over again. With an alcohol content of 14.9% it is aged for 24 months in new French barriques. When we do leave the studio, we get to be somewhere astonishingly beautiful, which in turn inspires you all over again. He has included elements ofrock,jazz,reggae,classical,new-ageandworldbeatin his music. The inebriated man liked the answer and stumbled away into the night. Web. “Ugly” doesn’t appear to come into their lives very often, especially here. “We have breakfast together. It's a collection of songs Hancock produced with musicians from many different corners of the music world. It’s an ideal working environment.”. So in between those dates, we have our work. Needless to say, after 28 years of marriage, Sting and his wife see eye to eye on nearly everything. He was the principal songwriter, lead singer, and bassist for thenew waverock bandthe Policefrom 1977 to 1984, and launched a solo career in 1985. “[My business partner and I thought] let’s be productive and not waste our time just waiting for the world to open up. All the musicians set the mood for the perfect light night album that you can listen to over and over again. 9. Herbert Jeffrey Hancock (born April 12, 1940) is a jazz pianist and composer from Chicago, Illinois, United States. [1]As a solo musician and a … SISTER MOON FEATURED IN ATLANTA MUSIC GRAPEVINE'S LATEST ARTICLE. The couple has fallen into a natural routine on their 16th century estate, which seems quite easy considering it seems to have everything one could dream of, including an organic farm, vineyard, pool, tennis court, olive groves, yoga center, recording studio and even a life-size chessboard. Guests are treated to the same activities and experiences offered to friends, such as horseback riding, yoga, massages, traditional and modern Tuscan cooking lessons, vineyard tours, wine tastings and more. “I’m concerned with what’s happening in the world, even though we are living in this idyllic situation,” says Sting. ], “I’ve made about four albums here,” shares Sting, who has released dozens of records — including five studio albums with his new wave rock band, The Police, and 13 studio albums as a solo artist., KKSF 103.7 FM Sampler for AIDS Relief, Vol. Songs include: Sting's 'Sister Moon', Cole Porter's 'I Concentrate On You,' Buddy Johnson's 'Save Your Love For Me' and the poignant Manilow/Mercer tune, 'When October Goes. But gradually, and for Styler in particular, who had grown up on a farm, its full renovation became a welcome challenge. Test your MusicIQ here! “I don’t like conflict and neither does Sting. The CD shows a passion and dedication in molding contemporary and classic songs from The Great American Songbook with jazz sensibilities. “[Il Palagio] has all these beats of how Sting and I were raised and how we like to live, how we like to extend our hospitality,” shares Styler.

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