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When I grind paints, my formulas are always written on the tubes. Current price: Designed to dry faster and resist yellowing better, Sennelier Rive Gauche Oil Colors are a great addition to your palette. Prachtige olieverf ∙ op basis van saffloerolie > 50% minder vergelend dan lijnzaadolie ∙ droogtijd voor alle kleuren 5 dagen (bij normaal gebruik) ∙ zeer goede lichtechtheid ∙ sterk gepigmenteerd 10 tubes 21ml ∙… € 29, 95. SENNELIER RIVE GAUCHE fijne olieverven in houten kist - bestaande uit 12 tubesá 40 m. palet, penseel en mediums. Complete formula : pigment, extender, additives, binding medium, etc. This Rive Gauche Fine Oil Color set by Sennelier includes eight 40ml tubes of paint that feature high pigment content and facilitate color mixing for an intense finish. Sennelier Rive Gauche oil paint black two level wooden box set. You’ve already mentioned that Rive gauche is being marketed as “fine.” Secondly, you’ll find that if you download the color chart for RG, ALL colors are listed as being OPAQUE. The Rive Gauche Modern Fine Oil Set includes 8 tubes of oil paint from Sennelier's innovative color line imported from France. The fact that they say they dry twice as fast makes me wonder if they are Alkyd paints or are loaded with driers. € 29, 95 (inclusief 21% btw) Aantal. They do tend to quickly jump into using new materials before other companies though, and make those available to artists though, which is good because far too many companies are so conservative as to completely avoid pigments and products with an already known quality. But I thought there might be times when a faster drying time might prove useful, as for an underpainting in oils or for a one-shot figure painting session, and anyway, I suppose by using walnut oil the dry time might be extended. informatie over nieuwe producten, actuele trends, speciale acties en aanbiedingen. – Sennelier not forthcoming on what’s in their new Cad Substitutes. I assume they are under NDA of some kind with the manufacturer of the pigments, solvents, or oils they are including though.,sennelier-rive-gauche-a-new-class-of-oil-paint-with-max-hale_1luminous. – The line also offers a bigger variety of blues that you don’t often see at these prices, (like genuine Prussian, Anthraquinone, and 2 kinds of Ultramarine). ∙ zeer…, Rive Gauche olieverf Sennelier - gevulde kistezel, Rive Gauche olieverf Sennelier - gevulde zwarte kist, Rive Gauche olieverf Sennelier - Test Pack, Rive Gauche olieverf Sennelier - set 10x 21ml, Rive Gauche olieverf Sennelier - 40 ml - wit en geeltinten, Rive Gauche olieverf Sennelier - 40 ml - oranje roodtinten, Rive Gauche olieverf Sennelier - 40 ml - roze paarstinten, Rive Gauche olieverf Sennelier - 40 ml - blauwtinten, Rive Gauche olieverf Sennelier - 40 ml -groentinten, Rive Gauche olieverf Sennelier - 40 ml - aardetinten, Rive Gauche olieverf Sennelier - 40 ml - grijs zwart tinten, Rive Gauche olieverf Sennelier - 40 ml metallics, Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colour, acryl- en olieverfpenselen natuurlijk haar. – At these prices, no real cadmiums, cobalts or ceruleans offered. They’re ground in safflower- at least that’s what the review linked below says; the Sennelier site is less clear. ∙ droogtijd voor alle kleuren 5 dagen (bij normaal gebruik) Don, from what you say, you’re probably right about these being a replacement for the Etudes. ∙ medium schaaltje I did some digging into the Rive gauche line shorly after they were introduced and two important points stuck out for me. I almost purchased several tubes but held off until I have more info. As is usually the case, categories are limiting and don’t necessarily tell the story. droog in slechts 5 dagen (bij normaal gebruik). Currently displaying items 41 - 60 of 118. Thoughts? I’m new to this forum, which I’ve found to be a very useful source of information. – Dries fast, brilliant and satin, as advertised (T. White and B Umber seem slower to me, so far) My hypothesis is that discoloration and cracking are not unlikely (safflower dries sloooow naturally, so there’s a pretty powerful effect occurring here!). The price I saw was very low but as I mentioned may have been an introductory price. Home › Forums › Explore Media › Oil Painting › The Technical Forum › Anybody tried the newish Sennelier Rive Gauche oils? ∙ 14 tubes 40ml At least Sennelier is ahead of the curve though, but I do wish they would release more information on their products. Zoom Sennelier Rive Gauche Artists Oil Color - Set of 10 Tubes, 21 ml. ∙ doekje met…, Prachtige olieverf / fijne kwaliteit voor beginners én beroepskunstenaars ! ∙ 10 tubes 21ml Compare with an off the shelf white and a hand-ground white with similar applications. Can you tell me what paints that you requested were manufactured and by which company? Dan schrijf u nu in voor onze gratis nieuwsbrief met Just throwing the idea out there…. It seems like Sennelier no longer makes Etude oils and when I search for Etude oils I get the Sennelier page for the new Rive Gauche oils: Thanks to all of you for the excellent feedback…. – Some paints will come separated out of tube – (No problem for me, as I usually squeeze most oils out on cardboard first.) (Such agreements are not unheard of, and I have myself been asked to apply such agreements for work produced in the past). Sounds interesting…. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Of heeft u hulp nodig bij het uitzoeken van But without specific details from the company, I guess we can’t know for sure. BTW verzenden wij zonder verzendkosten! and paint out a set of test strips, including a particularly thick application. ∙ gemaakt op rondzeefmachine in volgorde van stevigheid: ∙ semi-absorberend oppervlak maakt snelle droging mogelijk And avoiding the use of cadmium may keep the price lower anyway. I wish Sennelier would be more transparent. China Maries are one of them. ∙ zeer goede…, Prachtige olieverf Why would I want to use an Ultramarine blue that isn’t transparent? Don, from what you say, you’re probably right about these being a replacement for the Etudes. U kunt de cookies in de online winkel deactiveren door de instellingen van uw internetbrowser te wijzigen, dit brengt echter wel beperkingen voor de functies teweeg. Doel: ophalen van ingeschoten (matte) plekken en tijdelijke bescherming (voorlopig slotvernis) van een niet volledig droog olieverfschilderij Since Artist Grade and Student Grade are purely marketing terms and there is no official distinction that separates the two. op basis van saffloerolie > 50% minder vergelend dan lijnzaadolie ! I can’t imagine much competition at these prices. That is how the chemistry works…. ∙ op basis van saffloerolie > 50% minder vergelend dan lijnzaadolie Retoucheervernis (004) SENNELIER RIVE GAUCHE fijne olieverf, assortiment in houten kist, 12 tubes.

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