season 2 recap of once upon a time

So Hook, the Charmings, and Regina work together to save the town. However, did this destruction really occur? And are we to infer that Rumple actually met Regina once before…? Tonight's Once Upon a Time season 2 finale, the destruction of Storybrooke began. “I am both. On tonight’s Once Upon a Time season 2 finale, the destruction of Storybrooke began. WARNING: Once Upon a Time SPOILERS AHEAD! You are both. Bae tries to kill Hook, but Hook reveals the truth. Hook is not ready to die. Get Your Answers Here, Stunted Sex Drive? This article contains episode summaries for the second season of Once Upon a Time. While sailing the boat into the portal, they discover Henry is being taken to Neverland, and that Greg and Tamara may work for Peter –freaking–Pan, at least that’s what we’re left to infer. Meanwhile, the Blue Fairy finds the solution to restore  lost memories, and Grumpy has her make one for Belle and Sneezy. However, Greg and Tamara really wanted Henry, and kidnap him when Mary Margaret, David and him hide from the explosion. Yes, she admits — and then she notes with a wry smile, “I can see I just launched you on a heroic quest.”. 2013 * Storybrooke Regina saying she’ll do whatever it takes to get her mojo back “even if it means turning green” (which I fancied as a nod to Elphaba). By Rumpel uses it to restore Belle’s memory. All Rights reserved. 4 Golf Attire Tips to Look Appropriate and Stylish, 4 Wellness Topics That Will Dominate 2020, Straighten Your Smile: The Benefits of Invisalign, 5 Pieces of Equipment Every Respiratory Therapist Needs to Have, 5 Best (And Medically Proven) Supplements to Lower Blood Pressure, Best Athletic Wear: Why Wearing the Right Athletic Wear is Important. Later, Bae finds a picture of Milah and realizes that Hook is the pirate his father claimed killed his mother. S2, Ep18 24 Mar. The destruction of Storybrooke starts. At episode’s end, thanks to a tip from Henry, Geppetto went to reunite with his boy, but saw that he had left — and based on the left-behind hat, apparently had reanimated fully. However, Hook comes to the Charmings and wants to help them save Storybrooke. As Bae is being taken by the Lost Boys, he calls Hook selfish, and claims he is just like Bae’s father. I want you to be here because you want to be here… I want to redeem myself.” Before leaving with Henry, David asks Regina one last time: Does the Enchanted Forest still exist? Mike Bloom October 3, 2016. She tells Emma this, and Emma must tell Henry of Regina’s wishes. Required fields are marked *. Celebrity Apprentice 2013 Live Recap: Episode 11 – Who Gets Fired? * “Are the nuns still nuns, or are they free to date…?”, * “I will not take childcare lessons from a man who put his daughter into a box and shipped her to Maine.”, * “Oh, right. Mike Bloom June 1, 2016. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Jefferson, though, was of little help, instead overcome with anxiety about how everyone is now doubly cursed. a visit to the fairytale land that is, where Mulan and Aurora are dragging Snow and Emma to their “save haven.” There, Snow tries to make a break for it, only to get KO’d by Mulan. They manage to get one bean from Greg. Once Upon a Time season 2 may have had a lot of bumps along the way to the finale, but the very exciting conclusion made those bumps a lot more smoother. Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 2, Episode 9 of ABC's "Once Upon a Time," titled "Queen of Hearts." Once Upon a Time | Season 5 Feedback Show. I participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Mike Bloom September 27, 2016. Cora and Captain Hook face off with Mary Margaret and Emma in a race to secure the compass, which will point its holder to the portal into Storybrooke. WOODN’T YOU KNOW IT | Early in the episode, just as Geppetto was posting a “Lost” sign looking for his son, we got a glimpse of Pinocchio/August where we last saw him — in bed, and all wood. Once Upon a Time, Season 5 Finale Recap | Only You & An Untold Story. Just as the townsfolk panic and decide en masse to go for broke and leave Storybrooke, Charming blockades their convoy and delivers a pep talk about how having both identities makes them better people. Hope seems lost, especially, because, after learning about the death of Neal, Rumpel is too distraught to help. Aurora, Mulan, and Prince Philip  find Neal on the beach. Are you looking forward to Once Upon a Time season 3 in Neverland? Your email address will not be published. Hook gets Bae to reveal his identity, and once he hears his name he knows he’s “the Dark One’s son.” Therefore, Hook devises a plan to save Bae from the Lost Boys, and the shadow creature, so he can use Bae later to get his revenge on Rumpel. Once Upon a Time Season 2 Finale Recap: Neverland. Is Riverdale Bringing Back the Dead? Games of Thrones 2013 Recap: Episode 7-The Bear and the Maiden Fair, Well That’s Not Right…12 Things Medical TV Shows Get Wrong, The Hottest Male Celebrities and TV Stars to Spice Up Your Screen, 13 Must Watch TV Series You’ll Want to Binge Right Now, who got eliminated on dancing with the stars, Zach Sobiech Dies: Amazing Person and Amazing Story (VIDEO), Survivor Worlds Apart 2015 Live Recap: Week 2 – It Will Be My Revenge, Keeping Up with the Kardashians 2013 Episode 7 Recap- Kim Needs A House, American Idol 2013 Live Recap: Top 10 Performances (VIDEOS), The Ranch 2016 Recap: Episode 2 – Some People Change. They must act quick to save him. But back on the other side, Regina and Mr. Gold, desperate to keep Cora out, put a plan into action that would kill anyone entering the portal, placing Mary Margaret's and Emma's lives in danger as well. How Can I Find an Affordable Lawyer Near Me? This week on ABC's Once Upon a Time, burning questions were answered -- including the matter of crossing the Storybrooke town line, and Pinocchio's fate -- … VIDEO | Once Upon a Time‘s Jennifer Morrison Teases Emma’s Fairytale Nightmare. Then Bae trusts Hook enough to tell him his father’s identity. **********************************************************************************************************************. So, they devise a new plan to throw the trigger to another world, therefore, saving Storybrooke. The truth brings Bae more pain.

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