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Seriously, I thought his videos were specifically made as entertainment for pre-teens. Sargon of Akkad’s comment with over 1800 likes just vanished!”. Press J to jump to the feed. I don't understand why he can't just say "you're right. There's several posts just today about Sargon of Akkad being revealed as the next guest when joe mentioned it days ago. General Discussion Thread. All Rights Reserved. John Mackey is the CEO and co-founder of Whole Foods Market, co-founder of the nonprofit... #1568. Close. Our website relies on internet advertisements to pay the bills. Devastating Damage from the Pandemic Is a Long Line of Bad News, They Are Developing A “Digital Passport” For International Travel That Will Show If You Have Been Vaccinated, Our Frustrations Run Far Deeper Than Covid Lockdowns. Those guests were mostly on the right, including Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Mikhaila Peterson, Jordan Peterson’s daughter. Mark Dice’s deleted comment”, “Kempyx He has been putting a lot of focus on straight politics this year; no surprise seeing as this is probably the most entertaining year for politics in history. Sargon of Akkad and Joe Rogan talk "bida" on the Joe Rogan Experience. Stefan Molyneux on Abusive Relationships, Atheism, Race and IQ black, white, gay, straight, trans, Asian, etc.) it wasn't in the youtube video but it was in the itunes one at the end. This video was an absolute disgrace. – He’s still got a long way to go. Tony Hinchcliffe is a stand-up comedian, writer, and actor. And since he sources his news from international sources there's simply no end to the shenanigans that modern progressives get themselves into. Daily Stormer To find out more, see here: Is Chocolate Next To Disappear In A Massive Wave Of Panic Buying, Just Like Toilet Paper? He's a youtuber. Tbh I got a little bit bored and didn’t make it through the whole thing, but it’s a pretty landmark development. Posted by u/[deleted] 1 year ago. So this begs the question, who's this imposter? I dunno, most of his content comes from simply pointing out social justice warriors acting soooo dumb over the course of the past 7 days. He’s also the co-host, along with... #1562. A portal to discuss Joe Rogan, comedy, MMA, psychedelics, mind-expanding revelations, conspiracies, insights, fitness & health and whatever else you want to discuss. nice, another pseudo-intellectual youtuber who can't stop talking about SJWs and the world-destroying leftists. 276. User-created playlists and collections; Download episodes while on WiFi to listen without using mobile data I think it's important to first define what each person means when they say "advanced" before they begin the discussion. Email This BlogThis! Granted I've only watched a few minutes total over a couple years but it was all just the incoherent spastic jump-cut style that the kids are into these days. This Week in Stupid - Regressive Professors Are Attempting to Unionise, Sargon of Akkad explains Kekistan to The Amazing Atheist #FreeKekistan, Kat Blaque Accidentally Destroys Anita Sarkeesian's Victim Narrative, Marxist Group Disbands for being Bourgeois, Redneck Revolt: Weaponising Working Class Identity, Joe Rogan talks to Sargon of Akkad about Anita Sarkeesian and VidCon. Carl Benjamin (born 1979) is a British anti-feminist YouTuber who is better known by his online pseudonym Sargon of Akkad . Sargon cannot be wrong on anything. 80% Upvoted. It’s his first time in America even. Related Blogs. Tbh I got a little bit bored and didn’t make it through the whole thing, but it’s a pretty landmark development. share. We here at the Daily Stormer are opposed to violence. Tell Women You are Only Interested in Talking to Virgins, UAE Leader’s Wife had Affair with British Bodyguard, Destroying Both Their Marriages. Press J to jump to the feed.

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